• Hoosierfan323

    Does anyone else with an iPhone have trouble watching these videos? It acts like it’s loading but then doesn’t play…

  • Scott13

    Yes, it’s struggling for me too.

  • Watford seems like he’s just a cool azz dude… a straight shooter and a really laid back guy.

  • Bradherring12

    Also having trouble on iPad.

  • Anonymous

    also watford is a future pro all the way. what a player 

  • Anonymous

    this is still a young team. cody is an important part of this team, he is still learning how to play in a physical league and adjusting to the speed and talent at this level. Michigan  State is good, even better at home. We will get better… much better

  • Bobby

    No excuse but that tripping foul was one of the worst homer calls I have ever seen!

  • Anonymous

    The down loads start and stop much like the hoosiers did last night. Everyone on this site pleaded with this team to feed the post, look for pick and roll. Do you think they understand now?