• JohnFromBeyond

    God I hate watching this on my PC. No DVR. Can’t pause or go back and look at plays in slow motion. Of course the network glitched when the best dunk happened so I missed it. Please tell me this won’t happen every year…

  • randy

    I miss the days of Indiana basketball played on local stations. I now hate the BTN. I also hate BW3, after calling ahead to see if they would be playing it on ESPN3. They said they would have it. After driving clear across town the manager greeted me. I asked about the game and she said, “We don’t have it”. I told her someone told me on the phone they did and I just drove twenty minutes across town. She said, “No, we don’t have it”. There was no apology…nothing. I hate BTN and BW3. THE END.

  • randy

    I’m glad UMBC has Chandler Thompson and not Chandler Thomas.

  • Anonymous

    Another fun and entertaining game.  Zeller threw down his dunks hard tonight.