Video: Jalen Coleman, Collin Hartman in loss to Tech

  • 12/13/2011 11:55 am in

Collin Hartman and Jalen Coleman both turned in solid efforts, but it wasn’t enough on Friday night as No. 10 Cathedral fell 59-58 to Trey Lyles and host Arsenal Tech.

Hartman, a 6-foot-6 junior who is verbally committed to Indiana, finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Coleman, a 6-foot-2 freshman guard, added 13 points. He’s already got scholarship offers from Indiana and Notre Dame and interest from most of the Big Ten.

Watch highlights of both Coleman (jersey No. 5) and Hartman (jersey No. 33) in the embedded media players below:

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  • MillaRed

    So are Hartman and Etherington basically the same player? I see similarities in their games. And it works with Collin being two years behind.

    I am also wondering if Devin Davis and Zeigler are the same players. It just seems that small forward position will have quite a log jam.

    Sheehey and Hollowell will still be on the roster.

  • I could be wrong, most likely I am, but I am just not that excited about Hartman.

  • I could be wrong, most likely I am, but I am just not that excited about Hartman.

  • Shime

    I think you are wrong Hartman has game. The kid does it all.

  • Davis and Hartman aren’t top tier prospects like our 2012 class and 2014 class, but they are nice wings who will be nice contributors.

  • Anonymous

    Very impressed with Coleman’s game as a freshman.  His jumper, his pull-up, his step-back,  and ability to go to the rack.  Very solid.

    Collin…he has a good stroke.  Reminds me a bit of Korver in that regard.  But otherwise, coordination doesn’t look real great, highlighted on his moves to the bucket, which looked awkward and forced.  

  • IUVoice

    Sometimes a smart coach has to recruit for positions 6-10 on the team. MANY other factors go into it. Class balance, the chance to have Indiana natives, academics, character all factor into team needs. Also, players like Hartman by going to I.U. help set up future recruits from the area. Recruiting is a lot more complex than just going after 5 star guys at every position every year.

  • Anonymous

    People wouldn’t have been all that impressed by Robbie Hummel his JR year, but look at him now.  Colin and Devin really hurt their rankings by commiting as early as they did, but they will be very good college players.  Both will add strength and the ball handling will improve.  I have complete faith in our coach and his ability to recruit.  I have said that since day one. Not every player will come in day one ready to start as a freshman.

  • Anonymous

    Some were saying the same about Sheehey, and to a lesser extent, Oladipo. 

  • Anonymous

    Goes to both you and IUVoice…

    I was not questioning IU’s recruitment of Hartman.  I think the recruitment makes sense from various perspectives.  Furthermore, yes, I do see the upside.

    I was just commenting on what I saw in the video and have seen live.  It may not be a glowing review, but my opinion nonetheless.  I think he is a great catch and shoot, on-the-move, and pull-up shooter.  Which, can take you rather far if you are his size and can shoot at that level (ala the Korver reference).  However, his dribbling and penetration skills lack polish in my opinion and don’t instill a ton of confidence.  That isn’t to say those skills don’t improve.

    On the whole, I think he fits into the program nicely, has little downside, and plenty of upside.  Good kid, good player, good haul by Crean.

  • N71

    Hartman gets labeled a shooter because he has a beautiful shot but he can do more.  If he continues to develop I see a Dunleavey-like player that is kind of good at everything and then can really shoot.

    Coleman is maybe the second best player on the court (Trey #1) and he’s freshman, shocking really.  He is smart, fast, clever, etc.  He may end up better than Yogi or Teague at this rate. 

    Davis although not in the video is still developing at a fast rate versus Hartman who seems to be leveling off a little.  I would be curious to see what Davis weighs at this point versus Hartman, CWat, Elston, and others.  The Warren Central jerseys are so large you can’t tell but he’s a wrecking ball for his size.  Warren has a big 6′ 8″ dude that’s thick but Davis is the one who likes to mix things up but still very skilled as well.  I would love to see him develop into another Brandon Dawson type.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with both of you, I just think that sometimes we get in the groove of comparing these guys at a young age to where they will be at IU.  I was making a general statement as much as I was replying to you.  I think we all fall into that category some.  I would bet that either Davis or Hartman, or both for that matter, will end up all big ten by their senior year.

  • Anonymous

    That looked more like the flow of an exhibition all-star game than a decently coached high school team.   Zero ball movement, lots of opportunities for missed passes, out of control shots, etc.  Kind of disappointing.  Also, between the two clips there were several possessions covered – so it wasn’t like we were seeing limited clips.  Call me old fashioned, but I had a hard time watching this.   Anyone been to a Cathedral game?  Are they exhibiting good fundamentals with screening, boxing out, etc? or is it just more of what we saw in these clips.

  • David902

    Cathedral is a disciplined team. In their first two games they had four players in double figures. The question in this situation is who do you guard? Cathedral will be a team to watch going forward. This team will go as far as Hartman takes them.

  • David902

    Cathedral is a disciplined team. In their first two games they had four players in double figures. The question in this situation is who do you guard? Cathedral will be a team to watch going forward. This team will go as far as Hartman takes them.

  • SeattleHoosier

    Wow – Hartman is pretty versatile for 6′ 6″.  Three pointers, taking it up the court, blocked shots.  Impressive!

  • Rynefulton

    I’m actually really excited about hartman and Patterson in the same sense…based on ALL of the videos I’ve seen from hartman he seems to always be in the right place at the right time. It.also seems like he does all of the little things that are important to team and give it unity. He will be a player with an “edge” who.wants to give it his all to get better and help the team out in anyway he can. I’ve also seen him make the smart play or high percentage play more times than going for the showstopper. I think that Buss will bring this same mindset only at a different position and with a different skill set. My only concern there is that he can make the adjustment to being a limited role player for the first yr or two. Also, that he won’t be the primary option or go to guy in the offense. He will be utlized more for his defensive prowess…which is kinda what was happening in the aau circuit before he left for his old team due to how he was being used. I want his swagger and attitude on the court, but only if he can harness it and realize this is another level and its not my show anymore. Well see…

  • Q95

    i have become partial to forwards that can step out and drill a three…thanks cw.