• JohnFromBeyond

    Trivia question: anyone know why Zeller wears that big pad on his upper arm? If he was injured, that’s an odd place, and he’s had it along time…

  • Anonymous

    Crean says it was an injury from practice and the wrap is just a precaution. Says it’s no big deal.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I believe he said that in the Stetson postgame conference.

  • N71

    Heard it was a new tatoo that says “gangsta love”.  There’s a chance I’m wrong but that’s what I heard from a source on the inside.

  • Anonymous

    No it says “Banner Bound.”

  • What he should get is a big tattoo of his own face on his right bicep that says “The Big Handsome” and on his left bicep, a picture of Tyler Zeller’s face that says “The Big Ugly.” 

  • Mister Slippery

    Hulls looks so much like Schwarzenegger. Say to Kentucky “If it bleeds, you can kill it!”

  • Anonymous

    haha, that is what I tell people when they ask to see if they believe it.  I say he got a tattoo like Elston’s but the Zeller family makes him cover it up for games…