• The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    It is great to see this as well. I think they should bring back every living member of any past Indiana Final Four, National Finalist, and National Championship a d honor them by name and as a member of some of the best Hoosiers teams of all time.

  • Wow!!! That was sweet.

  • BFowler

    Wow, great to see them on Branch McCracken court. One question though, I understand Coach Knight not coming (it’s who he is), but c’mon Magnus Pelkowski, Todd Jadlow, where you at?

  • Ots

    Brought tears to my eyes!!!!  Shame on Knight who dishonored the players on this team.

  • DJWhite3

    One thing that really bothers me about the Crean era is that they took away this “intro” music and replaced it with U2(!).  One of my favorite parts of a game at AH was during the player intros, the band would do the building drum roll and after the player is announced, they burst into a snipit of “Indiana, Our Indiana”.  Then right back into the drum roll, so cool!  It got me soooo pumped up!  Now it’s just U2.  Lame.

  • IUisBack

    Awesome.  Goose bumps all over.  I agree with DJ completely about “Indiana, Our Indiana” vs. U2….

  • tetkalee

    I hate that Bobby Knight wasn’t there for this — he is such a huge part of IU basketball.  Both the university & Knight need to put it all aside for stuff like this.  

    I loved this, I was 6 years old, I have no memory of the game, though I’ve been told that I ran around the house cheering when Smart hit it.  (Smart should have carried that trophy out!)  This was such a great way to honor the team, the history and the fans, but c’mon…against Stetson with so many empty seats?  Not against a UK or some Big Ten foe?  Stetson?

  • Anonymous

    I could not agree more.  BK is holding grudges against a bunch of people who don;t even work there anymore. 

    I wish he would realize that life is too damn short.  Those players deserve to have him there.  Won’t he be sad at the end of his life that he made decisions like this?  

    How cool would it be if he would just come back to the fold and allow us all to love him again?  Imagine having him sit courtside in a red sweater this Saturday.  He should be our version of John Wooden.  We could put a statue of him outside and stuff.

    I used to be angry at him for being so petty, but now it just makes me sad.  He needs to rise above whatever he thinks IU did to him and just come back to the fold. The fans would repay him tenfold for the gesture   

  • Anonymous

    If you remember that game, post your memories.  Here’s mine:

    I was 17, on Spring break in Florida with my family.  My grandfather couldn’t be in the same room he was so nervous.  He was sitting in the bedroom, and every once in a while, my brother and I would go in to give him score updates.  

    When Smart hit that shot, my brother, my Dad and I all jumped up in the air, and I hit my fists on the popcorn ceiling of the condo we were staying in.  We were all going crazy, jumping around like idiots.  

    Then I remember running down to the beach (my hands were bleeding from hitting the ceiling) with my brother, and running toward the condo where our buddy was staying with his family.  This was long be fore cell phones or anything, but sure enough, he was running down the beach toward us, and we all were jumping around on the sand like insane people.  I’m sure the random beach walkers wondered what the hell was wrong with us.  

    Dad died in 1999, and my brother and I mentioned that night at his funeral.  And now, here I am 24+ years later, crying.  

    Please, please, please beat the KYs  

  • Anonymous

    Might have been too far a trip from Germany for Magnus.

  • Anonymous

    This was the 1st season that I remember following IU basketball.  I was 9 years old and my parents had just purchased the family’s 1st VCR.  This dinosaur had a wired remote (Phillips I think). 
    Anyway, I would have my Mom record every game.  I had one tape that was nothing but shows/games that I enjoyed watching and I asked my Mom for another blank tape before the championship game because I didn’t want to record over my shows and was afraid that there wasn’t enough tape for the whole game.  She told me that I couldn’t have another (because the blank tapes were so expensive) so I would have to decide what I wanted on “my tape”.  I chose the IU/Syracuse game and am glad I did all these years later. 

  • Ricky Calloway, Garret, Smart, Steve, and Darryl Thomas who Knight seemed to ride pretty hard.  Great team and chemistry.  Don’t think there is another coach who could have taken this team to a national title.  Agree that it would have been nice to have Knight there.  He will come around.  He is a bit stubborn – which simply stated means he has a lot of what we call up north – yankee pride….this team stands for everything people on this blog hope for.  You can see the tradition of IU hoops everywhere.  You also see the tradition personified by Buckner with BIG telecasts.  Dakich on espn and doing great IMHO.  Alford – succesful and hungry for more. Great athletes and also great people.  But RMK should have been there – and I am sure it hurts him to miss meeting these players who meant so much to him. 

    Can’t wait to see them bring back ’75, ’76 and 2002.  I bet you RMK will come around in the next 5 yrs otherwise his stubborness will be his only legacy at IU.

  • unclekerfuffle

    I was in New Orleans in 1987 and I was in the Hall Sunday night.  I wore the same shirt I wore it ’87–my wife must have shrunk it in the laundry.

    Anyways, it was obvious the ’87 Hoosiers were really enjoying the whole experience.  I wasn’t going to stand in the rain for an hour to get an autograph but if I could have talked to any or all of them I would have thanked them for creating one of the greatest memories and experiences in my life outside of marrying my wife and having my kids.

    It was a proud moment to be a Hoosier.

    The good times are coming again.

  • unclekerfuffle

    I have a couple of stories from that weekend. 

    As we were standing outside the SuperDome getting ready to enter, I noticed a woman behind me who was wearing a tee shirt with “Ricky’s Momma” on it.  I asked her if she was Ricky Calloway’s mom and she confirmed it.  

    Ricky had just got a cast off his arm a short time before the Final Four and I asked her how he was doing.  I’ll never forget her reply.  She screamed with excitement, “My Ricky Is Ready!”  Every IU fan within earshot exploded with a cheer and sang the fight song.

    The second story was a little scary.  As Smart hit “The Shot” I got light-headed and could not catch my breath as I collapsed into my seat.  I honestly thought I was having a heart attack.  I grabbed my buddy’s arm and tried to tell him what was going on but in the den of noise he couldn’t hear my whispers.

    Long story short–I just hyperventilated and had to breath into a popcorn bag I found on the floor.

  • MPmike

    Awesome!!!!!  It brought back great memories. These guys will always be remembered for what they have accomplished.

  • Anonymous

    The Betamx with the wired remote.  That was cutting edge.