Minnesota loses Trevor Mbakwe for season with ACL tear

  • 11/28/2011 3:25 pm in

StarTribune.com: Mbakwe out for season with torn ACL

University of Minnesota Medical Director Dr. Brad Nelson confirmed that Trevor Mbakwe suffered an ACL tear and added that surgery to repair the injury will take place in several weeks.

In a news release, coach Tubby Smith said: “He had a knee surgery before (at Marquette) and for it to happen a second time, you hurt for him, but you know he’s a guy that has the willpower and has been through it before and can recover again. We are certainly going to miss him. He’s having a great year.

“He’s our leader. He’s been a big emotional leader for us. Our players look up to Trevor, not just because of his talent, but because of his work ethic, and the type of person he’s been.”

Mbakwe injured his knee during Sunday night’s championship game of the Old Spice Classic in Orlando.

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  • InTheMtns

    Man, I hate hearing that.

  • iujunebug

    Terrible news for Trevor and Minnesota. I never like to see this happen to any player.

  • Anonymous

    I believe his eligibility is through as of the end of this year, since he had the transfer year, so he can’t redshirt.  He should still be drafted, though.  Still a really tough break, and potentially disastrous for Minny this year.      

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that…go to class athletes..it only takes one injury to make the education really important. Good luck to Trevor M.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I can remember several games saying’ we need to take so-and-so out by the knees” during games when someone was dominating the game.  Never really meaing I wish that they get hurt just slow him down so we could win.  But what after we have been throught these past few years, I would never wish harm on anyone.  This is tragic and I wish him well.  But you know you will have guys happy for a better chance at Minny.   Just like last year when we continue to take our hits, you know they teams that were scheduled to play us we happy due to the fact we would be down.  Last year could have been like this year if…….

  • Bryan

    Tough break for the kid.  I know he transferred to Minnesota, but isn’t there a medical redshirt that is separate from the transfer related one?  If so, I can’t imagine that he’s played enough games this season to be disqualified from being eligible to apply for it (which of course is different from the bad luck Maurice Creek has had with that rule). 

  • Anonymous

    So many Big Ten schools are hurt by ACL tears in recent years.  Something we are all too familiar with of course.  Mbakwe is a force in the middle and it’s a shame we couldn’t see Cody go against him.  It would have been a very good test for him.  I hope he has a full recovery and solid years in the league to follow.

  • Anonymous

    No but….

    There is a possibility he could petition for a 6th year of eligibility

  • MillaRed

    I dunno. This is #2 and if he has NBA aspirations I’m thinking the draft before something else affects his stock.

    This guy is a beast. We know how they feel, don’t we Mo?