Crean, Elston and Zeller talk Butler

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Indiana media relations issued the following quotes earlier today from Tom Crean, Derek Elston and Cody Zeller as the Hoosiers prepare for a Sunday night meeting with Butler at Assembly Hall:


On the tournament (Hoosier Invitational) and scheduling:

“We saw this as an opportunity to get four home games. We have to play so many home games every year because the department is dependant on the revenue.

“We really look at scheduling on a year to year basis and we already have the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, the Kentucky series, and the Crossroads Classic for next year, so we have to look for an exempt tournament and home games each year moving forward.”

On whether Andrew Smith will be the best post player Cody has had to face thus far:

“Andrew Smith presents a number of challenges and as a team we have to do a good job of not letting him get comfortable.”

On what concerns he has about Butler:

“Their veteran guys have experienced winning at the highest level and have done a great job of transferring their experiences to their younger players. They play very well together. They execute their offense and they cut hard. Defensively, they will get into you and make you work for everything you get.”

On whether this stretch of games begins a new segment of the season:

“We haven’t looked beyond the next practice or next game. We have done some good things thus far, but we are far from a finished product. We have to stay humble and hungry and look to improve individually and as a group each day.”

On what is the next step in development for the team:

“We have to continue to make sure we remember that our defense will make it easier on our offense. We have to always play with that mindset and that has to become our identity. We have to continue to move the basketball on offense and be relentless on defense.”


On what impresses him the most with watching Butler on film:

“I think what impresses me the most is their willingness to have three guys go to the board every time. Each time we have watched film on them, no matter what shot goes up, even if it’s on a fastbreak, there are always three people trailing the play and three people ready to rebound. I think what we have to do is keep Andrew Smith off the boards and keep a couple of their more physical players off the boards.”

On what strides the team needs to make:

“Right now, we are pretty set on taking it one game at a time. Our steady flow has been good. We take each game seriously and we are not going to try to do anything differently. We are going to get out and play our game and I think that’s what we need to keep doing – play our game. We need to let the game come to us and not force anything and I think we will be OK.”


On what impresses him with watching Butler on film:

“They play hard, that is the best thing they do. They have a bunch of Indiana guys that know how to play. Obviously, the last two years they have made it to the national championship game so this is going to be a tough game for us.”

On viewing this game as a new segment of the season:

“We just try to take it one game at a time and we are going to prepare for Butler just like we have the first five games.”

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  • “We just try to take it one game at a time.” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard an athlete say that..

  • Anonymous

    “Each time we have watched film on them, no matter what shot goes up, even if it’s on a fastbreak, there are always three people trailing the play and three people ready to rebound.”

    Is Derek implying that Butler plays with six men on the court?

  • True, but what i liked is that they all gave the same answer. The team just seems more unified and together this season, whether it’s on the court or in the media. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed this season that the guys seems to be on the same page in the media, which is a good thing. 

  • Anonymous

    Its good to see that the coaching staff is emphasizing rebounding. When your team wins the rebounding percentages, they usually win a majority of games and it is the sign of a legit team. Sounds like Crean is also able to get that idea into the heads of his players since Elston is talking about it during interviews. If we can continue to focus on fundamental aspects of being a good team, this could be a very nice year for our Hoosiers.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I would not mind seeing Indiana going down and playing in the Old Spice Classic at Disney World in 2013. We usually go to Disney every 18 months or so. I know we would make the trip for that. I have two young step daughters that I am slowly converting to Indiana fans from Louisville fans, lol. The girls get to make their first trip to Assembly Hall on New Years Eve when we take on Ohio State. Should be fun, but a Disney Tourney would seal the deal!

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree and have been saying the same thing.  Teams that over-exceed expectations always have a sense of team unity that transcends play on the court.  Since this summer this team has appeared to have that.  It comes through in what they say, their attitude towards each other and what they are focusing on as a team.  You don’t hear a lot of “I’s” or people worried about their stats.  You see a lot of respect among one another and a willingness to do the hard things as a team.  Besides the play on the court this is what has made me so optimistic.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to go ahead and take a shot in the dark that math isn’t Derek’s strong suit…

  • Anonymous

    It’s been the only phase of the game where IU hasn’t been fairly dominant so far this year and you’re always going to bust your guys chops to get them to improve where there’s a deficiency.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get this game started. Hoosier Nation is eager with anticipation!!!

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I think he means that the “team” has a collective effort to get every rebound…whether it be two plus the shooter following the shot of every attempt.  Meaning they box out and go after every rebound.  No math involved.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why IU has not played in the Maui Invitational since 2008.  Since the Tournament started back in 1984 IU has played…1990, 94, 98, 2002 (won the tournament), then 2008 was the last time.  It was every four years then went to six.  We are not slated for 2011 or 2012 which put us out four years.  I understand the last few years but this tournament has always had several top 25 teams with other stiff competition.  This seems like a Duh to me for us to be back into this every four years.   I assume CTC just thought we are not ready yet but next year and beyond…..
    Can anyone explain to me do you have to be invited or put your name in the hat a year in advance?

  • Bleeding Crimson

    OK, this might be my longest post ever and I hope it post in but I’ve ran some numbers and just thought I would share and was curious as to what your thoughts maybe.  I’ll try and make this for an easy read.
    This next stretch of games is going to define our beloved Hoosiers.  All of this info was taken the day before Thanksgiving so some teams have played another game.

    Butler:  We know the roster and stats and I predict we when by 18.
    15 guys on roster and 7 guys from Indiana.  (2-2)
    @ Evansville  Lost 80-77
    Chattanooga Won 57-46
    @Louisville [email protected]:disqus ost 69-53
    Svannah St Won 57-42
    Pts/Gm 61    FG% 42    3 pt 28%    Ft% 61   Reb-30T    Asst-12    Blk-13     TO-56T
    Smith-Jr C 13pt
    Marshall-So F 10 pts
    Hopkins-So G 9.5 pts
    Stigall-Jr G 8.0 Pts
    Nored-Sr G 6.0
    We match up well and can penetrate the D and Reb we’ll be fine.

    NC State:  This is our first real test.  Road game, Hostile Env.
    15 guys on roster and 1 from Indiana.
    UNCA-Won 84-75
    More-Won 91-61
    Prin-Won 60-58
    Vandy-Lost 86-79
    Tex-Won 77-74
    Pts/gm 78 (66th)    FG% .59 (37th)     3 pt- .315    FT%-.71   Reb 37 (132nd)     Ast 18.4 (17th) 
    Leslie-So F 18.5 pts 6’8
    Howell-Jr F 14 pts 6’8
    Brown-So G 11 pts 6’5
    Painter Jr C 11 pts 6’9
    Wood Jr  F 10 pts 6’6 (50% 3pt)
    William Sr G 10pts 6’5
    Match up well but this will be our first real test.

    N.D.  Second real test.  Neutral court.  Should be close game.
    12 guys on Roster and 1 from Indiana.
    Miss V St-Won 80-67
    Detroit-Won 59-53
    Sam H St-Won 74-41
    Delaware St-W 93-69
    Missouri-Lost 87-51
    Geogia-Lost 61-57
    Pts/gm 70    FG%.435    3 pt% .36    FT%  .69
    Atkin- So G 14.8 pts 6’1
    Abromitis S F 14 pts 6’8
    Grant-So G 13 pts 6’5
    Martin-Sr G 11.7 pts 6’8
    Connaughton- Fr G/F 6’5
    I think we have a better chance due to it’s still in our backyard and the zebra’s have been very friendly so far this year.  Match up well and not as deep as NC St. 

    pUKe:  Toughest test.  Home court advantage, National TV, and fans will be fired up.  If we can play with them the 1st half like last year we will give them a run for the money.  No blow out.
    Roster of 15 and 1 from Indiana.
    Transv-Won 97-53
    Morehouse-Won 125-40
    Marist – Won 108-58
    Kansas in NY – Won 75-65
    Penn St in Conn – Won 85-47
    Old Dominion in Conn – Won 62-52.  OD gave team all they could handle and I think they played Zone.
    Pts/gm 82.5 oppt 55    FG%.53      3 pt% .431      FT% .63      Ast 16.8      Blk 10    TO 14.8
    Lamb-So G 16.5 pts 6’4
    Davis Fr F 12.8 pts 6’10
    Kidd/G – Fr F 12.3 pts 6’7
    Jones-So F 11 pts 6’9
    @#[email protected]#$Teague -Fr G 10.8 pts 6’2
    Wiltjer – Fr F 9.0 6’[email protected]:disqus 
    Miller – Sr G 6.5 pts 6’8
    pUKe will be by far our toughest oppt.  Deep at the post and guards.  Advantage is that we are at Home and we are not the team of last year.  They are young for the most part but are very talented at every position.  I think if we can do as O.D. did and play zone this will put us in a better position than man to man.  Mix it up half court press, zone and rotate.  VO/VJ may be able to shut Teauge down but Lamb can flat out play…same as Miller and Jones.  
    Go Hoosiers.   Just thought I would enlighten you for this very important stretch of games.

  • Abro is out for the season for ND, which should be a big blow. I think he would have caused big match-up problems for IU with his three point shooting ability.