• Casey B.

    Puzzles me a bit that he thinks Jones is playing so well. I respect and like Jones, but I’ve always felt the following were true about his play and effect on the team:

    – He never has, and still does not look extremely comfortable handling the ball
    – His ability to recognize an open scorer is a half second too slow, and the gap often closes before he’s able to make an effective pass
    – The offense slows and is often stagnant when he’s running point

    I do think his defensive effort has improved, but I’d love to see how the team looks with him on the bench for a more extended period of time. I feel like he’s the lone player who is almost always on the court. Seems like Crean just favors him for some reason.

  • InTheMtns

    I, too, was struck by how he said that he thought VJIII was playing excellent. And he reiterated that he was playing excellent. Not just good, or better, or really good, but excellent. CTC apparently measures things differently or measures different things. For example, your list are all true statements; but CTC must not care as much about those things as whatever the list he has for what he wants Jones to do. Playing excellent. Must say, it puzzles me a bit, too.

  • Anonymous

    What you & Casey B. said. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like a large percentage of his TO’s seem to come at the most inopportune time too.

    Put me into the puzzled column too.

  • Brianritchie

    I agree with everyone’s comments about Verdell, hoever, Crean realizes the importance of having that Senior leadership on the floor.   A young team like I.U. needs that Senior leadership, even though he may not be the best shooter,  nor the most gifted athlete on the floor. 
    The biggest difference I see with this year;s team is,  there aren’t so many stupid turnovers, their  free throw shooting, and confidence taking the ball to the basket.  I can remember so many times in the past when we would drive to the basket and end up getting the shot blocked,  or just plain out couldn’t finish!!!  That’s just not the case this year..

    So many people say, well  that haven’t played anybody this year…Well they didn’t last and either and those games were brutal to watch even though they won the game.  This team is fun to watch now, and I think Crean has really got them playing with confidence.  He is stressing the little things that will win you games in a close battle …like pass deflections, charges, and free throw shooting!!     All I can say is, I can’t wait to see the I.U. Kentucky game on Dec. 10th!!     Hoosier Hysteria is back!!!!!!!!!
    Oh yeah,  it doesn’t hurt to have a 6’11’ freshman that can run the floor as well as Zeller.  I am so impressed with the way he plays the game.  He lets the game come to him and doesn’t try to do too much.  I really like his attitude on the court, he is the type of player IU has always try to bring into the program. 
    Thanks GOD we don’t have the Kelvin Sampson  type players anymore.   That was pure HELL to watch.