• IUfanPurduePhD

    They need smaller water bottles.

  • Casey B.

    Who is the guy who keeps asking questions in that overly animated voice? Seems like Crean really loves his questions.

  • N71

    Our player’s awareness of priorities, problem areas, other player’s games etc. is very high versus some other schools I’ve seen where a player has a canned answer to most questions like, “I just try to give 100% everytime I’m out there and do what the coaches ask”.  I imagine by next year the collective basketball knowledge of the team will be extremely high where you have a collection of Indiana kids that love the game and have studied it their entire lives.  It will be similar to sitting in on a mathmatics theory discussion at MIT where literally the very best young basketball minds are there together at Cook Hall debating help defense or other details of the game.  If you are a gym rat recruit, that alone of your future teamates would be highly appealling let alone their physical talents.  That type of education in basketball will allow them to move on into coaching after their playing days are over.  Sure wish we could get Bob Knight to visit and share basketball wisdom periodically, that would add to Cook Hall being the center of the universe for basketball education (for college age kids that is).