• Kevin

    YES! I like this way so much better.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Horribly officiated 1st half. Both teams are getting screwed. In theory, is that possible?

  • Derbus

    reading the espn play by play on this game and do NOT see the value of CW . . .

  • 888

    These arent great teams they are beating but theyre not slouches either. chattanooga is in the tournament alot. Kind of surprised the uptempo is workong so well. Just dont see it working in the BIG. Could be wrong though. Thought with a legit big man like Cody and alot of pure shooters theyd play more half court style, but if it isntg broke dont fix it.

  • InTheMtns

    Probably is possible. Officials meet with teams before the season to explain new rules and I think they officiate the first few games pretty tightly to make a point. Plus, as it takes teams a few games to get into their flow, it takes officials a few games, too.

  • Derbus

    CW stats in 2 games against ‘epic’ competition:
    45 minutes/3-12 FG/3-4 FT/1 OR, 5 RB
    must be the ankle, man up CW or hit the pine

  • Anonymous

    He wasn’t a factor in the game on either end really. I’m hoping the reason for this is because he isn’t 100% yet, but I think he’s still trying to figure out what his role is on this team. Hopefully he figures it out soon and gets acclimated to the offense. He’s too talented to not have a big role on this team.