What To Expect: Chattanooga

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The Hoosiers return to the floor less than 48 hours after the season opener to host Chattanooga on Sunday evening.

Here’s a look at what to expect out of the Mocs, who are expected to contend for the top spot in the North division of the Southern Conference:


John Shulman returns four starters from a team that finished 16-16 a season ago, but managed to post just two wins against teams in the top 100 of the Pomeroy ratings. On paper, Chattanooga is considered the second toughest opponent of the eight “guarantee” games on the IU schedule.

Omar Wattad, a 6-foot-5 senior forward, is the top returnee for the Mocs. Wattad, who began his career at Georgetown, averaged 14.3 points per game as a junior and made 88 shots from behind the 3-point line. Ricky Taylor, a 6-foot-5 senior guard, brings back 13 points per contest and shot close to 50 percent on 2-point field goals last season. Senior point guard Keegan Bell ranked 45th nationally in assist rate as a junior and Drazen Zlovaric, a 6-foot-9 transfer from Georgia, could see significant minutes up front.


Unlike Stony Brook, one of the slowest adjusted tempo teams in the country, the Mocs could look to try and run with the Hoosiers tomorrow night in Assembly Hall. Chattnooga ranked 42nd in Division I in adjusted tempo a season ago at 69.8 possessions per contest. Indiana’s depth should allow them to take control of this contest early if Chattanooga chooses to engage the Hoosiers with a frantic pace.


Chattanooga was one of the worst defensive teams in the country last winter and was outscored by 0.04 points per possession in conference games. A quick run through some of their numbers from the 2010-2011 campaign: 53.5 effective field goal percentage allowed, a block percentage of just 3.9 percent (341st in the country) and a steal percentage of just 6.7 percent (331st in the country).

The effective field goal percentage mark should be of particular concern for Chattanooga considering the Hoosiers just shot over 70 percent in that category against a much better defensive team in Stony Brook.


46.2 (!) percent of Chattanooga’s field goal attempts last season came from beyond the 3-point line. That was the fourth highest mark in the country. And while they only connected on 32.1 percent of their 3’s, Indiana’s difficulty in defending the 3-point shot is a potential cause for concern if Wattad or Taylor come out making shots.

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  • IU_Fan_90

    If they can limit the turnovers and make sure there is always a hand in the shooters face this should be a similar outcome as last night imo  

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    That logo is a little too Boiler-y for me.  Yuck. (I think that’s a real-life photo of Matt Painter driving the BoilerWanker Express.)

  • Jm23

    I know its way early in the season but one observation I took away from last night’s game is that Watford’s game hasn’t seemed to develop all that much from last season. My frustration with his game lays in the fact that he insists on playing on the perimeter but lacks the quickness, handles, explosiveness, or moves to blow past a defender. I think he and our team would be better served if he played 10-15 feet in. I am not saying that he has to play with his back to the basket. (Though he has to realize sometimes he needs to take his man down to the block when he has the advantage) He can still make moves facing the basket within that range and be effective. There are very few guys in NCAA at “6 8” that can take people one on one 30 feet away from the basket.  Just a thought. Will and Vic look great.
    Go Hoosiers.  

  • Bleeding Crimson

    If we can defend the 3 we should be OK.  I think we should start: CZ, Sheehey,VO, Remy and VJ or CW. Who is better to defend the 3?

  • MillaRed

    He is not 100%. Watford is the least of my worries.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like it could be a tough game if they were especially hot from 3, considering how often they’ll shoot from there.  But as long they hit their averages, we should be alright.

  • InTheMtns

    Ha! I thought the same thing.  Looked Boiler-y to me, too.  My next thought was, “Why do they have a chicken driving the locomotive?  Chickens aren’t usually thought of as legends of sports toughness.”  Went to their website and learned that that is a mockingbird (mockingbirds are tough-minded and defensive little rascals) driving the train.  Good to know.  Now, I think I’ll manage to confuse this all into a nice little mess so that from now on when I see the Purdue Pete, I’ll be able to see a chicken sitting on his shoulder.

  • Anonymous

    Hence the name Mocs.

  • defendtherock

    Easy now with the lineup changes.  In a game that is up and down, Jordan Hulls is our best option at the point.  Definitely over a true freshman.  If this team runs up and down, and they shoot threes on the run, Hulls can handle that more than a team that runs a lot of offensive sets. 
    It was only one game, so I’m trying to hold back excitement.  We seem a lot better offensively.  We played really good defense in stretches last night.  There were three times in the second half I can remember when VJIII lost his man on block outs, but we were solid in pretty much all areas. 
    The Mocs are projeceted in the field according to Sports Illustrated, so I’m ready to see how this team does against the next challenge.
    Attention all haters… As this team continues to improve, your glass half empty mentality is going to make you sound really pathetic.  Get on this bandwagon now!

  • InTheMtns

    Got it.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think for this 2nd game I am looking for:

    + Can IU blow out teams they should blow out?
    + Who is consistent and who bounces back.
    + Can they establish Cody and whomever else inside early
    + Last game IU got to the line early, will this happen in this game
    + Does Etherington get more time early
    + Any new defensive wrinkles…press full and half, match up zones anything
    + How is watford playing on the wing?
    + Will Butler lose again tomorrow? (Had to take a swipe at them, team may be rebuilding this year)

  • I appreciate your honest and well researched analysis. Too many times journalists attempt to pump up the opponents in order to sell  tickets or create excitement that just isn’t there. Hoosier Fans will watch the game anyway.

  • Agreed, Wat will be fine!  No worries there at all!

  • I like either VO or will coming off the bench for that extra spark.  I see the thought of them both starting though.  I think Will will come off the bench though, I cant see his flu symptoms clearing up so fast though.

  • Remy isnt ready to start right yet, I think you have to start Jordy, he has the mindset that we need!

  • Hell yeah we will watch the game, and im betting 15-16000 people will be in the stands too.  I know Ill be there!

  • Anonymous

    I, for one, am glad that we are playing a team that shoots a lot of 3’s cause that is what we need to work on defensively the most. Besides being able to bump up the total win column this type of game is scheduled to be able to work on specific things before you get into conference play. It gives us a chance to work on one, if not our biggest weakness in a real game setting. Since they are returning 4 starters and prefer an up tempo game they probably go to their bench a decent amount. It will be good for us to get a chance to see if we have enough depth to wear them down, if so how soon we can, and when we do is it to the point that it becomes something that gives us scoring opportunities and can we successfully take advantage of those opportunities.

  • Anonymous

    If we want to defend the three, Hulls needs to be on the bench.  Not a legit big ten defender.

  • Anonymous

    Disagree.  Hulls can’t defend.  

  • Anonymous

    I think VJ is the clear choice for starting PG.  How can people be calling for his head after a 7 asst, 1 TO game?  

  • HoosierSmitty

    I think after one game too many people are too quick to judge what these guys can and can’t do.

  • Anonymous

    Chattanooga does have a 6’9″ forward named Drazen Zlovaric.  He is a redshirt junior from Georgia.  This is his first year on the court with the Mocs.  I don not expect Cody to have any struggles though.  Should be an easy one for the big guy.

  • MillaRed

    I think you’re right. But some of the things we saw are old news.

    Quite simply Jordy and VJ need to play better defense. Let’s see how they do tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I say they just kick him off the team. Come on man, you play these games to make your team better. Hulls needs to be out there to work on his D against a team that can shoot the 3 well, but IU should still beat pretty easily. Give Hulls a break. We are ONE GAME into the season. Let the kid improve.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are way oversimplifying Hulls’ game. He’s the best passer/facilitator on this team, not to mention the leader of the team.

  • Anonymous

    on the bench does not equal off the team.  We need to win games like these if we want to go to the NIT.  The time to improve is practice.  Hulls has been around for a while now, and while has has some strengths, his d just isn’t there. 

    I’m not basing my opinion on Hulls on last night.  He couldn’t defend last year or the year before either.  Remember every small guard in the big ten raining 3s on him last winter?

  • Anonymous

    Him and the rest of the team. You don’t bench your best facilitator because VJ III had a slightly better game. His D is just as bad. Not a knock on VJ, just looking at the big picture.

  • Southport65

    We should be talking about team defense not bashing players. Our team held Stoney Brook to 5 for 25 from 3 land for 25% compared to last years average of 36.4%. If we hold our opponents to under 30 % that is a big improvement vs last year. The other teams are going to hit some shots. As a TEAM we defended the 3 well. Enough of bashing players after just 1 game! As an old coach I want everyone playing team defense,weak side defense and on/off the ball defense and if we do that with our TEAM we win a lot of games but remember
    we will get burned when some player get on a roll just like we will burn them with our shooters.

  • Anonymous

    We’ll have to disagree on that one.  I def. think VJ is a better distributor.  

  • Anonymous

    And VJ can ? Improved D on his part ? The jury is still out of that one. 3 fouls in 28 minutes ? More fouls per minute played than last year does not equal improved D plus he has had one year to work on his than Hulls has. We finally have someone that will be that vocal leader that we have needed ever since CTC got here and will hold others accountable and you can’t, for the most part, take that person off the floor for extended amounts of time. Hulls may not have had the best game but even with his not so good game it was just as good (IMHO) as the game that VJ had and VJ’s performance in this game was an upgrade over last year in a lot of people’s eyes, including mine. VJ was 2 for 6 from the field (0 for 2 from 3, looks like that career 29 % from 3 may go down) and some of those, not all & less than last year, but some of those were the same ole put my head down and get off a shot no matter what, rather than seeing if someone might be open. You can’t make a determination on how a player is going to play this year after the first game of the season. Hulls playing like he did in this game (and it was subpar I’ll agree) may or may not be how he is going to play this year but then again the improved play of VJ may or may not be how his game is going to be this year. Think we have to wait for a longer amount of games to be able to pronounce that either situation is how they are going to play overall this year.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry he’s too slow with the ball..and prone to TO’s I didn’t like Jordy’s D the other night..but he still makes the offense go..and does it at the pace Iu needs. VJ.I thought made a good effort last game.. Perimeter defense is going to be an issue..other than VO.

  • Anonymous

    Then we will certainly disagree. How could you say that VJ is a better distributor when he had basically as many TO as AST last year? (he had 89 AST and 83 TO)


    I wouldnt mind seeing Remy run the point a few times , just to see if there is potential . He was point gaurd in High school.