• IU_Fan_99

    I love hearing about Hanner having “Grit”… what does a +12 wingpan mean? does that mean the length of his arms is 12 inches more than his height?

  • Anonymous


  • InTheMtns

    This video is a great stuff. CTC’s enthusiasm and appreciation for this class is very evident and adds to the excitement for the future. I liked hearing him talk about the attributes the coaches see in each player – that fleshes out the more subjective, numerical rankings for me.  His belief that each of these guys has a chance to be a complete player is such good news. Also loved the the distinction he made between some things being challenging or being exciting. And he’s excited about this class.

  • InTheMtns

    Alex, can you tell us what Calbert’s role is and what interactions he can have with the players? I was under the impression that as head of basketball operations he couldn’t coach players or provide instruction but that he could help a player IF the player requested his advice. From what CTC said in this video, it seemed he was saying Calbert could have a role that does/will provide instruction/coaching. Can you shed any light?

  • Kelin Blab

    Very good description of Hanner…playing with a grit and an edge. He plays nasty if you ask me.

  • Derbus

    I am in AWE of the recruiting classes CTC has put together!  THE only fish I think he should have chased was Mitch McGary, whom I think, would have taken the 2012 class over the top and IU to a Final Four in 2012.  Go HOOSIERS!

  • IUJeff

    He was either not a good fit with his style of play or was not a good fit with the type of kids we are bringing in IMO. Trust in CTC. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  • IUJeff

    You would think with a title like that, he could do whatever he wanted. You are not much of a head of anything if you cannot provide input to your team.