Tom Crean comments on 2012 recruiting class

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We’ll have more on this later, but here’s a comment from Tom Crean on the 2012 recruiting class as a whole and each of the signees via

IU Coach Tom Crean on the class

“We believe this is a class that has an opportunity to develop into a very special group. They are dynamic competitors who bring explosiveness and energy immediately to the program. It will be exciting to help them develop and mesh over time.

“These young men are being coached and raised the right way. They have outstanding people helping them grow and when they get here, we will surround them with a group of coaches, staff and players that will hold them accountable to their respective talents.

“Even though our teams haven’t been where we want them to be yet, this shows again, our program is in a great place.”

Crean on Yogi Ferrell

“Yogi is a great floor leader who has the ability to make others better and get his own shot. He has outstanding quickness, court vision and has great range and can drive with the best of them. More than anything, he is a proven year-round winner. His change of speed and his change of direction are unique for his age. ”

Crean on Jeremy Hollowell

“Jeremy is an extremely versatile player who can score in a variety of ways. He can catch and shoot, take you off the dribble or post you up. He can matchup up defensively with a multitude of players and will give us a number of options when he is on the floor. He loves to be in the gym and his feel for the game is special.”

Crean on Peter Jurkin

“Peter can be a game-changer with his length defensively and he has great timing which is essential for someone who blocks shots. His offense is continuing to evolve and he can play with his back to the basket and is getting more and more comfortable stepping out on the floor to shoot the ball. His progress has been somewhat stalled due to injury, but the potential is there for him to take a big jump this year.”

Crean on Hanner Mosquera-Perea

“Hanner is one of the premiere athletes in the nation and his explosiveness is off the charts. His offensive game is continuing to develop and he is a strong rebounder who also can intimidate with his length on the defensive end. His work ethic is allowing him to become an effective inside/outside player. He plays with an edge that will be very welcome to the program.”

Crean on Ron Patterson

“Ron is a high-energy, defensive-minded player who also can really score. He can stretch the defense and beat you off the dribble. He has a +12 wingspan which gives him a tremendous advantage when it comes to his ability to defense a number of positions. He is working hard to build his range and we feel he will be a very good shooter as well as scorer.”

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  • Gustin

    Great job coach…  You make us proud and you’re a great ambassador for our university

  • I am so fired up for Hoosier basketball it isn’t funny. I want this year’s team in the tournament so they better bust some @!!. Next year’s team should be pushing sweet 16 or better and pushing for championships every year after that.

  • Ksloan34

    I agree coach TheMovement has begun

  • eph521

    Did Hanner jump off the roof in this picture?

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    We need to soak up every single Hanner Perea moment we can during his career at Indiana.  Athletes depicted in the picture above do not come around very often.  He possibly might be the most advanced athletically and physically gifted player ever to set foot on the floor at Assembly Hall wearing an Indiana uniform.  Sorry Steve Hart, Hanner can soar for miles.  Soak it up guys and enjoy every single moment. It will be special.

  • JerryCT

    I would be tempted to platoon this group next year , substituting them into the game all at once …………. at least for the first rotation. This keeps the identity of “the movement” in tact, creates some intra-team competition, probably will not hurt us on the floor and most of them are unlikely to beat anybody out anyway in their first year …………….. unless its Yogi.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like someone photoshopped Hanner into a picture of NC’s gym.

    Anyways, as always, Crean hit it spot on.  

    I am really excited about this group.  Firstly, because I think they are very good independently.  Secondly, because I think that the group together has the potential to be great.  Lastly, because as other players commit, they are actually being underrated in my opinion.  For instance, I think IU’s class is better than UM and MSU as a class.  

    Ron gets beat up b/c of taking off half the summer and switching teams.  He can play.  Jurkin is off the charts b/c he hasn’t played in a year and a half.  He too can be special.  He is not nearly the project some fear.  Yogi get’s knocked for being undersized.  Mark my words, he will make Kalin Lucas look slow by his Sophomore year.  Hollowell gets knocked for appearing to not care.  That’s garbage if you have watched him play and talk to those who coach and play with him.  Tim Duncan looks like he is asleep half the time, and he is one of the best players in the game over the last decade.  Looks can be deceiving.  Everyone seems to forget about Hanner’s freakish athleticism.  Again, mark my words, he will destroy people on the glass, on the break, off screens and anywhere within 5 feet of the basket.  

    Furthermore, I don’t think any of these guys leave before 3 years.  Yes, that even includes Yogi, Hanner and Hollowell.  Check out how many players 6’0″ and under are in the NBA.  You won’t see many.  For those you do see, check thier college stats.  Typically they were 4 year guys who were some of the best players in the nation.  Yogi will be one of them.  Hanner, although with NBA athleticism, still needs to polish his game and show a year of solid #s and consistency at that level.  It will take at least 2 years for that to happen.  Hollowell probably has the best chance.  But, we shall see.

    All and all.  This class is awesome.  You add a 4 year Cody Zeller in front, 2 top 15 players and 2014 and it looks great.  All that we have missing now is a top 10-15 guy for 2013.  I would actually like Crean to play the Izzo, Calipari, Coach K angle and wait to nab a guy towards the end.  B/c now we can afford it and after we hopefully go to the tournament this year and in 2012, we should be able to land one. 

    Go Hoosiers!     

  • Joe

    These guys plus Zeller, and Vic and Sheehey in their senior year…2014 National Champions

  • Anonymous

    Every one of these kids has unbelieveable potential that is evident every time the step on the floor.  We’ve watched them grow and get better over the last year and they still have another year to grow and develop their games…’s going to be fun to watch and scary for anybody we step on the floor with….these guys have swagger (Will and Vic have it as well) and they know they are going to beat you….I Love it!!!!  Good job Coach Crean and the whole staff

  • Anonymous

    Never been more proud of being a Hoosier. I get goosebumps just thinking of HH 2012.. anyone wanna see a fresh/soph vs jun/senior scrimmage?? Get the new group on the court together, get them acclimated to B12 style of play, and getting the upperclassman to play with a tenacity that only comes when your playing time is in jeopardy bc of a freshman. GO HOOSIERS!! I’m actually looking forward to all the trash talk from purdue fans who are completely unaware of “THE MOVEMENT.” I’ll just say “wait till next year,” like always, except this time I’ll have a grin from ear to ear. Oh and thank you Gary Harris for not choosing PU or KY. We know you would have joined the movement if we weren’t absolutely loaded already. God bless and good luck. Im sure you won’t get hit by a train like coach painter’s daughter wishes but you are going to get ran over by a “BUSS!”

  • MitchellBMitch

    Agreed with most of what you have said. However, I don’t believe anyone, for a moment, forgets about Hanner’s freakish athleticism, on the contrary, I think thats all people really know and/or focus on with Hanner, even though, as of late, he has been working on and rounding out his game in other aspects (one or two go to post move, mid-range jumper and ball handling /passing).

    Your words are marked, but I think most people would believe/agree/expect Hanner to destroy on the glass, be deadly on a fast break and finish around the rim. These are what he is being brought in for and what he will be expected to contribute and not above and beyond of what his is currently capable of and does on the court.

    My interest with Hanner is regarding the development of those post moves and if he can develop a consistent jump shot. If he can, I believe, and still do regardless of these development points, will be a special player at IU and a type of player we haven’t seen in a while…

    Go Hoosiers… 

  • Anonymous

    Well said

  • Anonymous

    Painters daughter actually said that? WOW!

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Thanks to all of the newly sign Hoosier who are dubbed as the “Movement”.  Two questions:
    Do we know who started this…reminds me of the Mich Fab 5.
    Secondly, Can anyone remember the last time the B1G has a class as such “at every position?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah she tweeted it earlier this morning. I think a spanking is in order.

  • A base of players who started as average, run of the mill players but developed into scrappy, outstanding talent… A team leader in Jordy Hulls that is a good, traditional, midwestern boy with good, traditional, midwestern values… A group of young bucks who are considered the best in the nation and all have different and distinct skill sets?

    Guys, we’ve seen this before.

    Hoosiers 2012-13 is just The Mighty Ducks 2.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    A frosh/soph vs. junior/senior scrimmage would be very entertaining!

  • Ron started the “movement” deal on twitter awhile back. While this is a great collection of recruits, it’s not close to the Fab 5. Heck we just dropped to #3 in the nation now that UK has moved in front of us. The Fab 5 truly had 5 (actually I think it was 4) top 10 recruits who were all true one-and-done talents.

    Not sure on point #2……Actually I think PU would have done this too for ’12 if they had landed GH. Not sure on their SF or SG though. I know they have the 4,5, and 1 in the class.

  • Anonymous

    Dont the man, but doesnt look well on his parenting. Thats funny, a spanking.

  • Anonymous

    Except the Fab 5 were “paid” as we found out

  • stonaroni

    You are forgetting Brian Evans.  That guy was the most athletically gifted player IU has had and the way he soared to the rim…….breath taking!

    And, I am not being serious.

  • Anonymous

    I need someone to check the facts and the dates, but back in the early 60’s, when freshmen could not play, there was a varsity vs freshman scrimmage and I think that the frosh won. The only name I can now remember for certain was a freshman named Bender from KY who was awesome. But he never played for IU and only lasted part of his freshman year. Any old guys or archive guys out there to help me out?

  • stonaroni

    Easy, easy.  Don’t forget AE and Remy and a transfer or two in to Bloomington.  It will only get better.

  • HoosierDadE

    It is my new Desktop Background Image on my work computer…it replaced my Alex Bozich photo!

  • Anonymous

    Someone should photoshop Alex’s face on there.

  • Anonymous

    Lew Alcindor’s freshman class at UCLA beat the varsity in a scrimmage.  A varsity that was the defending (and would-be,) national champions.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know that I agree with the “all true one-and-done” aspect of your post.  It ended up being the “Big 3” of Howard, Webber, and Rose.  King and Jackson weren’t quite as good as they were as evidenced by their NBA careers.

  • IU1972

    There was a year (1969?) when the IU varsity hoop squad was the third best team on campus.  The best team was the freshman team.  Frosh couldn’t play varsity then.  

    2nd best was an intramural team with Larry Highbaugh (kick return man on the FB team and state champ in the 100/220 sprints and George McGinnis & Steve Downing, who were freshmen but couldn’t play on the frosh team because they were ‘academic non-predictors’. 

    Or, maybe that intramural team was the best team…not the freshman team.  In any case, the Hurryin Hoosiers coached by Lou Watson were No. 3 on campus. 

  • Anonymous lists it at #8, lists it at #1, lists it at #2

  • Anonymous

    The early ’60s was before even my time, but the ’69-’70 varsity team was said to be only the third-best team on campus, after the freshman team and the McGinnis-Downing intramural team (both were nonpredictors, so they couldn’t be on the freshman team).  Not sure whether the varsity and freshmen played a scrimmage that year.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t know Highbaugh was on that intramural team.  Makes sense, though; if memory serves, he also was from Washington High School (Indy), like McGinnis and Downing.

  • temperedexpecations

    Come on “Timmy Hickle” clearly the comparison between the Hoosiers and The Mighty Ducks 2 is laughable at best. First of all, we all know that in the Mighty Ducks 2, the Ducks that joined the American all-stars formulated by Team USA Inc. were already winners; Coach Bombay had taken these Minneapolis ruffians and made them into a [pee-wee] championship team in the first movie (we all know that they won on an epic shootout goal by Charlie Conway when he was tripped on a breakaway goal as time expired in regulation…duh). I love Crean as much as the next guy, but if Bombay had finished at the bottom of the pee-wee hockey standings like the Hoosiers have in the Big Ten the last few years, I doubt he would have been asked by Team USA to coach the Junior Olympics team in D2. Not only that, but the Hoosiers will lose only three scholarship players at the end of this year, while the young and gunning Ducks lost 5 players in the sequel (Peter Mark, Tammy Duncan, Tommy Duncan, Terry Hall and Dave Karp). This obviously put the Ducks at a much greater disadvantage when they faced juggernaut Iceland, led by sharpshooter and future NHL all-star Gunner Stahl. Finally, I haven’t seen any of the Hoosier players skate, but they can’t be the Mighty Ducks because they’re playing BASKETBALL not HOCKEY!

    All I’m saying is that before we start comparing our Hoosiers to such legendary teams as the Junior Olympic Champion Mighty Ducks, let’s temper our expectations. Until I see Adam Banks suiting up in the candy stripes, I’m not gonna start putting those unneeded expectations of Olympic gold on our Hoosiers. 


    Interesting argument.  You claim that the Ducks were facing longer odds than our Hoosiers yet you still claim that the Ducks of the first movie are a better team than the 2010-11 Hoosiers?  Get your facts straight.  Because the Hoosiers are returning more players, they are facing a very similar challenge to the Ducks of the second movie.  Also, don’t discount the fact that Jared Sullinger is a future pro very reminiscent of Gunner Stahl.

    Furthermore, you’re forgetting the comedic value of our new recruits.  Much like in D2, all of our newcomers have a quirky attribute that seems to be disadvantageous, but turns out to help us in the end.

  • Anonymous

    As I was reading your comment I thought a “like” was probably in order, then read the last part about GH not getting ran over by a train but rather a “BUSS” and clicking the like button was automatic.

  • Anonymous

    That is pretty amazing but not hard believe for those of us that actually seen him play in college and the pros.l

  • temperedexpecations

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that you’re trying to compare a contemporary college basketball team to the team, nay, the BRETHREN that was the BROTHERHOOD that called themselves The Mighty Ducks. The Mighty Ducks were always counted out, no matter how many championships they won, international or otherwise, yet they met their naysayers head on. They didn’t always have the most talent, they faced constant adversity, and they had a kid who never actually learned how to stop (but still found his way onto a Team USA all-star group). But no matter the odds, they ALWAYS won at the end. Whether it was the Hawks, the entire country of Iceland, or the varsity hockey team at their high school, they found a way to not only meet their enemy on the field of battle, but also to send their enemy back to his mother crying for a juice box. They have a name for those kinds of people, Mr. Hickle, they’re called heroes. Theirs is an inspiring story, one that I will tell my grandchildren in my waning days of life. I plan on my last words being “Ducks Fly Together.” You sully their saga, the very saga that’s carried on the winds of the North as Minnesota’s children sleep at night. You’re going to compare these players to the Bash Brothers? THE BASH BROTHERS?! How can we put such unreasonable expectations on mere youths fresh out of high school? And yes, I’m aware that the Bash Brothers were supposed to be like 14, but anyone could see that they had wisdom beyond their years, wisdom that came in the form of heavy metal music and sweet bandanas. I merely ask you, for the love of all that is good, don’t attempt to pressure this “Movement” coming to IU into becoming what The Mighty Ducks became for America, and the world: icons…and legends. I live for the Cream and Crimson, and I am just as excited for these young men to get to Bloomington as you are, but I’m sorry, sir, I cannot sit idly by as you attempt to prematurely weave a tale that you consider on par with the epic trilogy that was The Mighty Ducks. Maybe one day our Hoosiers can look back at their journey and say that they too flew together high in the sky along with great fictional teams like the Ducks, The Cleveland Indians from Major League and The Bad News Bears. Until they prove that they belong there, however, I say hold your tongue. Now watch this video, and think about what you’ve said here today.

  • JerryCT

    G McGinnis, Ed Daniels, Bootsy White, Steve Downing beat the varsity

  • Kfdchev

    Final Four 2015 Indianapolis! I started my savings account specifically for this event last weekend. I will have tickets to the 2015 Final Four and cheer on these HOOSIERS as they play for the NCAA Championship in their hometown.

  • Anonymous

    ive always considered scout and rivals better and more accurate when projecting class strengths.. when you put our 2012 class next to others who are higher up on espn, you see that our class has very good talent at every single position. i dont see this with other classes. add this talent wit CZ, Will, and VO. i believe that this class will be ranked higher by the time next season approaches bc the hype for signing day causes a constant teeter totter effect in rankings. michigan state is ahead of us solely bc gary harris is ranked so high. our class is clearly better than the one theyve collected. i see espn having us back in the top 5 by march. after our boys win state championships and dominate league play… NOTE: word is that on FEBRUARY 4TH there will be whats called the “IU Showcase” at lawrence central high school. it will feature teams of the 2012 and 2014 recruiting classes FACING OFF AAINST EACH OTHER!!!! If this is true then i hope i see many of you there… they may need to move this to hinkle or conseco… G.I.D.D.Y. !!!

  • Anonymous

    Best. Exchange. Ever.

  • Andrew

    Highbaugh is Tre Roberson’s grandpa.

  • SHEEHEYisApimp

    I gotta feeling…that this is the beginning of something BEAUTIFUL!

  • phil ross

    “Where are all the people criticizing Coach Crean.  Great job coach and thanks for bringing integrity back to IU.  The next 10 days should help us see what we really have.  Truthfully I would be happy with a over 500 finish in the big ten.  Go hoosiers 

  • Bill

    I won’t get excited, I won’t get excited…….. too late I’m excited, This 12 class is going to be studs. Great job coach.

  • Bill

    I won’t get excited, I won’t get excited…….. too late I’m excited, This 12 class is going to be studs. Great job coach.

  • Bill

    I won’t get excited, I won’t get excited…….. too late I’m excited, This 12 class is going to be studs. Great job coach.