Patterson talks about the meaning of “The Movement”

  • 11/09/2011 7:24 pm in

The Hoosier Scoop: Ron Patterson makes it four

Patterson was asked the words “The Movement” have come to mean to him.

“It means hang banners and win championships,” Patterson said.

Though Patterson is rated fourth of the five players in the Class, checking in at 131 in’s Top 150 rankings for the class, his unique skill set could make him the piece of the puzzle that makes that possible. The 6-foot-3, 195-pounder has a 6-10 wingspan and unlike most top prospects, is better known for his abilities as a defender than for his offensive skills.

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  • JohnFromBeyond

    “It means hang banners and win championships,” Patterson said.
    Got it!

  • HoosierFromCt

    this day will forever be overshadowed by his mom’s hair. literally. 

  • Anonymous

    remember Tony Delk? That dude also had a 6″10 wingspan, and caused people fits with the deflections he would generate. His jumper was pretty bad his first couple years, but eventually became pretty consistent. Ron has a better looking shot, and just as much athleticism.    He could end up being VERY good

  • Anonymous

    Patterson has all the tools to be as good as or better than Gary Harris, and I love Harris’ game.  Ron could end up being the best player of the class, and it will be fun to watch all this talent grow over the next few years.  Congrats to RP, one of the founding members of “The Movement”….many banners to follow.

  • Anonymous

    RP reminds me of Ron Artest when he was a younger player.  Artest was and still is, a great defender who turned into somebody that can score.  I think Patterson also has his killer instinct about defense as well and takes pride in frustrating as well as shutting down.  I also think at this stage, Ron is a better scorer than Artest was.

  • Anonymous

    Best goal Patterson can set is to shut down Gary Harris whenever they play in the future.

  • Hoosier_IU_Fan

     I wont be sitting behind her at any games…now thats some gigantic hair geesh it gave me a headache…its totally never ending!!!