• Egreeniu

    Is the exhibition game viewable on http://www.btn.com?

  • BrianS

    I’m sure Coach knows what he is doing, but it makes me a bit nervous that we have a REAL game in a week, and the team isn’t putting in much in the way of offensive sets.  Running the court might be fine in the pre-Big 10 season, but once we get to playing in the conference an effective half court set is going to be necessary.  Let’s not get so excited about 2012 recruits (none of which have actually signed yet) that we let this season get away.  It’s time to put up or shut up!  I’m tired of the beating I’m taking from fans of other Big 10 schools about how the team I’ve rooted for for almost 40 years has seen the last of it’s glory days.  Let’s get back to winning like Indiana is supposed too, and I don’t mean next year…

  • hoosierBob

    You are right! I think we have all heard  this tune before!!!

  • IUball

    I don’t worry one bit about the offensive talk. I am very glad that Crean is so focused on defense. 

    I am especially glad to see how little the coach is satisfied at this point. All good competitors are never really happy because they are always focused on getting better. Crean needs to keep the hammer down on these guys to keep improving defensively.

    Butler proved a team can just about win a championship with absolutely no offensive whatsoever. Are team will go as far as are defense takes us.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. I am very glad that Crean is not making the same old excuses anymore. He sees where the team needs to get better, and he is trying to achieve it. The offense will come. We have oft lamented the defensive woes of this team. Now that they are actually devoting time to it, we are lamenting the offense? Good defense will lead to easy offense. Let’s start being realistic.

  • JerryCT

    To me it would not be the worst thing if CW and TP did not play in the game. We would get a heavy dose of DE, CZ, WS,VO as a result and that might be revealing…………..positive and negative