2013 Intro: Luke Fischer

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In the coming weeks, we’ll be profiling some of the prospects on Indiana’s 2013 recruiting radar.

We kick off the 2013 intros today with Germantown (WI) forward Luke Fischer, who is expected to visit Bloomington for IU’s game with Ohio State on Dec. 31.

Essentials: 6-foot-9, 210-pound forward from Germantown, Wisconsin. Plays AAU with Wisconsin Swing.

Schools: Boston College, Creighton, Dayton, Drake, Indiana, Iowa, Marquette, UW-Green Bay and UW-Milwaukee have offered scholarships. Butler, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Washington State and Wisconsin have expressed interest.

Numbers: 11 points and seven rebounds per game as a sophomore at Germantown High, which finished last season 23-2.

Rankings: Scout.com ranks Fischer a 4-star prospect and No. 96 overall in the 2013 class. Rivals.com ranks Fischer a 3-star prospect and No. 140 overall in the 2013 class. Fischer is a 2-star prospect according to ESPN.com.

Fischer on where Indiana stands in his recruitment: “They would be high up (on my list). I enjoy going there. It feels like a great place to play. I don’t think you can get much better than Assembly Hall and the past that they have had. And hopefully, a good future, too.”

Fischer on the strengths of his game: “Probably the post game is my favorite. Jump hooks. I’m looking to face up more and take jump shots when I’m open. I’m really evolving my game to the outside.”

Scouting Notes:

“The whole puzzle isn’t put together yet for Fischer, but all the pieces are there and he has the chance to be a very good player down the road. Fischer can step out and hit the three, rebound, block shots and showed competence down in the paint, where he scored on a nice looking hook. He has to keep adding strength and improving his skill level but the potential is definitely there.” – Josh Gershon of Scout.com on Fischer in July.

“Fischer was a player who really stood out during the high school year, and it is easy to see his potential. At 6-foot-9 with long arms, Fischer runs the floor, has a decent touch with either hand, and is a good athlete. Still he didn’t have a great game, though there were flashes. He needs to be tougher finishing through contact and on the glass. Consistency has been an issue with Fischer, but all the tools are there for him to be a big time player.” – Brian Snow of Scout.com on Fischer in April.


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  • Anonymous

    He’s such a Wiconsin prototype that I almost prefer to see him go there just to fulfill his destiny.

  • Gbrink

    he reminds me of an underdeveloped Cody Zeller (#40 and all).  He seems to run the floor well but struggles finishing around the rim at times. I think  his biggest issue will be consistency and putting on lbs.  CTC can make this kid into a premier player though

  • Anonymous

    From looking at this I’d say he needs to get stronger, but boy does he pass well for a big.  Don’t sweat the outside shot kid.  

  • Dagwoodsupreme

    Not very polished but good nose for the ball, above average passer for his size, moved well without the ball, and crashes the boards well. Strength is an issue and I would like to see more explosiveness on his finishes especially for his size. Awkward follow through (almost like a push) caused him to miss his shots. The one time he followed through correctly he missed short but the ball had the right trajectory (1:32). Not elite but with the right DEVELOPMENT he could be a major contributor. He fits the Bo Ryan mold… Also had a less aggressive Matt Howard feel to him with his knack for the ball.

  • Anonymous

    Todd Jadlow was from Wisconsin.

    Todd Lindeman was from the upper peninsula of Michigan.

  • MitchellBMitch

    I am not sold on Luke yet, I see potential, I see the comparisons to Cody. However, I think he is a long ways away from being at Cody’s level…

    I know this is a highlight clip, but I just don’t see the determination needed to be an exceptional rebounder (like Cody is) that CTC would require him to be in our system. I also think that his shot is not great and it is evident by basically missing everything from outside and some shots around the rim.

    I will admit he is a great passer from the looks of it, but I just think that in the 2013 class we need a bruiser down low, like BeeJay, who is just hard nosed and will do the dirty work (as cliche as it sounds)…

    And at 6′ 9”, I would rather have Derek Willis, who I believe has a greater and more expansive skillset and game at this point. Thats not to say that Luke can’t put it together, I just think we need to be targeting higher/better/more evident talent (whatever you want to call it) moving forward in the 2013 class and beyond…

    Interested in all your thoughts…

    Go Hoosiers…

  • Anonymous

    Todd Meier …1987 champion team…from Wisconsin

  • Kfdchev

    I agree with you Mitch. If we are going to turn this thing around then we need to get the best of the best in order to beat the best and be the best. I just don’t think this kid fits our needs. You called correctly, we need a banger down there.

  • Anonymous

    If he keeps improving, Bo will put on the heat. He looks like a prototypical Wisky big man. If CTC wants him then I hope we get him but he’ll probably be a thorn in our side in a few years.

    GO IU!!!

  • Anonymous

    My bad, Jadlow was from Kansas.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say Willis is on the priority list. There was definite placement on who amongst the recruits sat where at Hoosier Hysteria, and Willis was sitting in the front row, where it was basically current commits and Gary Harris.

  • Anonymous

    CTC realizes the success Wisco has had in recent yrs and respects the recruits of that state. I dig it. Overall, the kid is dripping potential, and yes he finishes around the rim just like cody did as a soph. #greatsuccess