Zeller among top 15 freshman according to CBSSports.com

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CBSSports.com: Top Freshmen: Davis, Rivers, Drummond head powerful class

13. Cody Zeller, F, Indiana
If Tom Crean turns things around at Indiana, getting Zeller to stay home and play for the Hoosiers will play a major part. The 6-foot-11 forward continued to expand his game late in his high school career, and his all-around skill set will be a tremendous asset in the Big Ten. If Zeller adds bulk, he is going to be tough to defend.

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  • Anonymous

    Sort of off topic, but this bit from ESPN’s blog reminded me of previous debates here:

    … Compare the Indiana and Arizona situations and it’s not even close. Indiana had NCAA sanctions to deal with while Arizona nearly had a roster overhaul before Tim Floyd’s departure at USC sent top recruits to Tucson and set the stage for an Elite Eight team to be delivered.

  • InTheMtns

    There isn’t any player on their list of 15 that I’d rather have than Cody.

  • Anonymous

    Reading this list, not sure how Zeller falls that low.  Only guys I see who have a bigger impact on their team are Davis, Rivers, Drummond, and Nash.  Heck, Kidd-Gilchrist (#4), Beal (#5), Thomas (#7), and Miller (#8) aren’t even certain starters.

    I see some guys who are likely the third or fourth option with the teams they’re on, yet are projected to have a bigger impact than Zeller? 

  • Rantool

    Cody hasn’t got much respect from some of the so called experts. I don’t know how a so called expert could list 12 guys ahead of Cody on the list of outstanding freshmen? But I don’t think that does anything but inspire him to work even harder to prove his critics wrong. Anyway when the dust settles, I think Cody will be one of the best big men to ever come out of I.U. Right now Indiana is everybodies whipping boy. But when they return to their winning ways, then  it will be funny to see all their critics come running back to enjoy the spoils. That’s not my idea of a true fan.

  • Anonymous

    rankings are meant for discussion for the fans and for the right players…motivation.  I think IU has some of those types on the roster and some on the way soon!  Right now Will and Vic are 2 top sophomores because of the work they put in.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I’m sure the coaches and players are reading the same material and this is only another reason for them to play their @$$ off this season and prove them wrong.

  • Anonymous

    This quote was directly copied and pasted from the referenced article.

    “We should note that this ranking is not based solely on talent displayed
    in high school. It accounts more for the ability each freshman
    has to truly impact his team”.

    When I first seen the ranking my first impression was that he should have been ranked higher than 13, how much higher is open to debate. Then when I read the article and seen that the rankings are base on what kind of impact they will have on their team and not pure talent I’m starting to wonder if this writer even knows where B’town is even at. There is no way someone knows what is going on at IU, has watched CZ play bball and has heard half of what CTC has said about him since he arrived on campus or hell even before he arrived on campus and makes that kind of decision. What is not really open to debate, for anyone that has followed what has and is happening with IU bball, is that if you are ranking these players based solely on what is in the quote only an idiot could rank him at 13 using that criteria. The words IMPACT and TEAM coupled with even somewhat of an idea of what is going on with IU bball tells a person that it for sure puts him in the top six or seven and after the season starts it should show that he will, more than likely, belong in the top 5.

    I don’t normally get fired up about rankings but this one, with the criteria that was supposedly used, has made me clinch my jaw a little bit. If the intention of putting CZ at number 13 was to stir up the IU fan base then it worked with this fan. I didn’t think it was possible to make me want the season to start even more than I already do but I just found out I was wrong…..just like the guy that did these rankings.

  • HoosierDadE

    Hey Alex, I have an honest question for you…

    In your time covering recruiting, regular season, etc…how much do these type of rankings (i.e. rivals, ESPN, AP Poll, etc) mean to the ACTUAL players?  Are they concerned with them?

    Or are they used for us “discussion board coaches” to debate?