How to watch IU’s first exhibition game for free

  • 11/01/2011 9:36 am in

Indiana’s first exhibition game on Saturday against the University of Indianapolis at Assembly Hall will not be available as a live broadcast on the Big Ten Network.

It will, however, be available via streaming video on for a fee. Unless you use this coupon code: BTDN3FR33, which gives you access to the streaming service for free for one month.

No word on how long this offer will last, but here are instructions to redeem the deal and receive a free month of the service:

— Visit
— Click “subscribe” in the top right corner
— Follow the directions to create an account
— Select “Big Ten Digital Network Monthly Subscription $14.95”
— Enter the coupon code BTDN3FR33 and click “Apply Coupon”
— You will see a blue line of text above that says “Applied the coupon:BTDN3FR33, please choose a product or click Clear Coupon to start over.” Your product selected will now say: “Big Ten Digital Network Monthly. First month free, then only $14.95 per month.”
— Fill out payment and contact information, check the “I Agree” box and click “Subscribe” to finalize purchase process

As long as you cancel before the end of the 30-day trial, you will not be billed. IU’s meeting with Stetson on Dec. 4 will also be on as will the North Carolina Central game on Feb. 22.

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  • BulldogJT

    If everyone is smart they will wait to use this on Nov. 5th so they will still have it for the Dec. 4th game against Stetson.

  • Assuming the code still works by Saturday, that would seem to be the way to go.

  • unclekerfuffle


    Thanks for the coupon info. Let’s hope it is easier to cancel the subscription next month than it was last season.

  • Sstraubs1978

    Will the game be shown later on the btn?

  • damann67

    hey alex, if i already get on the BTN through brighthouse, will i be able to see the game that way on

  • No, it’s a separate service.

  • Anonymous

    Does this subscription allow one to see, by means of streaming, the games that are on the cable BTN during that month as well? 

  • No.

  • Anonymous

    According to LocateTV, it will be airing Tuesday Nov 8th at 2 pm on BTN if anyone is willing to wait and not put up with having to cancel.  My DVR set.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks very much Alex!

  • Bob Evans 44

    No doubt this will be deemed sacrilegious to many, but I’ve been very disappointed with the Big Ten Network – this seems like exactly what should be shown, live and without any additional payment required.  Honestly, at this point I’d much rather have my Nat Geo back.  

  • defendtherock

    Thank you Alex!  I am concerned with the amount of games that we have on streaming “pirate” networks.  Including the exhibition, I think it is five games that are on  I am hoping that when we are ranked in the top 20 again we will not face this issue anymore.  I’ll be subscribing saturday morning.

  • The game will also be on BTN nov 8th at 2pm.  Ill just wait and watch then!

  • You can stream games that are only available on (exhibition, Stetson, North Carolina Central.) For the BTN televised games, you’ll need access to a cable/satellite provider.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Code still works. 

  • Dschiller3

    Is everyone elses live feed isnt working!

  • NR7000

    Yeah, mine’s not either.  Just the blue BTDN logo and the current time where the video would be.  Hmm.

  • Jason Davis

    mine took a minute and then it came on… 

  • furman hoosier

    nevermind, i just kept pushing the apply coupon over and over again for like 5 minutes and it actually worked haha

  • Chad

    For anyone who used the coupon code and signed up, it’s likely your access was deactivated. I was told the coupon expired months ago and will not be honored.