HD Video: Haunted Hall of Hoops scrimmage highlights

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The 2011-2012 Indiana Hoosiers took the floor for their second public scrimmage of the season on Saturday night at Assembly Hall.

Inside the Hall has compiled over 20 high-definition quality highlights from the 30-minute “Haunted Hall” Cream vs. Crimson scrimmage in the embedded media player below: (Note: Expand the video to full screen by using the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the player.)

Editor’s note: Due to the BTN owning the rights to air the scrimmage, media entities were limited to showing two minutes of footage.

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  • ehh.

  • Anonymous

    Some of that was beautiful to see. 

  • jaywiz

    I like the unselfishness. Let’s hope that can carry on throughout the season. I just hope it was great chemistry and not crappy defense. I guess we will see. Can’t be worse than watching IU ftball.

  • jcopey

    It looks like we’ve finally got a basketball team again.

    I can’t wait until 11-11-11.  But then again, I’ve been waiting 3 years . . . Go Hoosiers!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sick and tired of hearing all the negativity from the so called IU fans over what’s happened the last three years. It doesn’t take one day to build a program from the bottom up and Coach has done an excellent job with recruiting the past couple of years and it get’s nothing but better all the way thru 2014. This team this year will prove wrong all of the “so called” fans who think Crean hasn’t done the job. They are the same fans who’ll be kissin’ his ass when IU is in a postseason tourney “barring any injuries besides Creek” for the first time in 4 years. GO IU 4 LIFE BABY!!!!!!

  • BTN did not air the scrimmage and I haven’t seen an announcement that they will, but they owned the rights which prevented us from showing more than two minutes.

  • Jsony

    at one point during the match Tom stopped play just to scream at them to get down and dirty on D.

  • Jsony

    I’m very proud of those young men. During the costume parade with my daughter everyone of them looked me in the eye and with an honest smile shook my hand (and EVERYONE else too). We are getting the right kind of commitments to represent IU bball!

  • Casey B.

    Overall, I think the fan base has been pretty patient and understanding. A 16,000 attendance average last year (after a 6-win season) would seem to indicate as much. Not sure where you’re witnessing all the negativity, but most of us have been more than supportive.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I was at the football game and this scrimmage, very enjoyable Saturday in Bloomington. 
    -Incredibly impressed with the physical progression these guys have made (the strength and conditioning program is working).  We actually look like a Big Ten team.  Will Sheehey, Verdell and Hulls really stood out as looking a lot bigger than last season.

    -There was definitely a concerted effort to push the tempo and there were more than a couple of very nice fast breaks. 

    -Watford, Hulls, Verdell and Victor were all really solid.  Sheehey is going to be a star.  He is playing with a lot of confidence and I can understand why.  Will was particularly effective from 10-15 feet.  He showed off a variety of moves and was very assertive.  Three or four different guys tried to guard him and he pretty much had his way.  He missed a couple of floaters that he would have been better served to bank in but overall, very impressive. 

    -I think many people who don’t follow the basketball team throughout the offseason as closely as ITH readers do are going to be very, very surprised by AE.  Austin is big (legit 6’6″ and well-built), more athletic than given credit for and has a great shot (not as good as Roth though) and was very active during the scrimmage.  Etherington will get some time this season, no doubt.

    Needless to say, I am looking forward to 11-11-11 to start this season and see how these guys look against an actual opponent (by the way, Stony Brook is a good test, consensus preseason pick to win the America East).

  • I believe Chattanooga is also picked to finish at the top of the Southern Conference. A couple of solid tests to start off the season before the Evansville road trip.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for posting.. very excited for this season.. question for ya alex, do you know if/where we will be able to watch the upcoming scrimmage on saturday?

  • BTN.com for a fee.

  • Anonymous

    Nice work with the editing.  Usually I get a bit bored of highlight videos, especially of a scrimmage, but I really found this interesting the whole way through.

  • Thanks. You can thank Mrs. Inside the Hall for the film work from the south end bleachers. I did the editing, though.

  • Rkjackson23

    Idk if anyone else here agrees but I think the reason you don’t see much defense is because we actually have more than 3 people on the team who are legitimate scorers and that’s something that we can take advantage of. Almost the whole core of the team can be relied on to score which is something we haven’t had since Crean arrived. Just another perspective to look at.

  • Indiana Red

    Judging solely by the show description (“University Showcase: A Campus Haunting”), it might be on BTN at 6 pm and 1 am tonight (Monday). Not sure, obviously.

  • CreamandCrimson

    You are correct Alex, Chattanooga is picked first in the Southern Conference.  This is going to be a challenging (not brutal, but pretty tough) schedule with a lot of good mid-majors, a couple of pretty good high-majors, a top-five team and a couple (should be) gimme games.  There’s not many games on the schedule that are going to really drag IU’s RPI down (the exceptions, at least coming into the season, being Savannah State and Stetson).

  • HoosierDadE

    Not scrimmage related at all…but…

    What are the extra white lines on the court for?  I know the semi-circle under the basket is for charges, but what is the “t” going down the lane?

    I thought volleyball played in another gym…maybe I’m wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time on this Monday)

  • Anonymous

    I agree completely.  I was at the game and scrimmage too and had the exact same thoughts.  Sheehey is going to have a breakout year, and Etherington is going to surprise people.  Having never seen him play before, I assumed he would struggle to see the floor this year, but I don’t think that anymore.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I was not able to go this year and I thought from the comments that I’ve been reading they look much better as a team that has gelled?  I’m curious as to why you say just 2 minutes of fun and not 30?  If you figure at 40 minute scrimmage it would have been 100 to 84 which is a high scoring game.  Now maybe D was not up to power and CZ didn’t get as much touches but it is still early and it seems that they are coming together?

  • Anonymous

    Crean likes extra lines/markings for spacing purposes in practice. I took a coaching basketball class this semester at Assembly and they explained some of them.  He puts an extra semi circle around the real one to make sure everyone is definitely outside of the real one. Line going down the middle is reminder to get at least that far into the lane when on help side defense. And horizontal line at FT line extended helps for offensive spacing esp. against zone. He also uses the NBA 3pt line to make sure shooter can catch ball there and still step into shot without being over college line

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Couldn’t agree more.  You have to keep in mind that many posters are young and patience is thin.   We live in a right now life style.  CTC said it would take 4 plus years and I don’t know how you can look at it any other way.  You also have to take into all of the injuries that we had last year…which could have been a totally different year.   And let’s not forget the lack of support from the zebra’s on the court.  I’ve never seen so many bad calls in the last few years since that I’ve been an IU fan. 
    When you have the other team attempting more FT than we do night in and out that has to be taken into consideration. 

    I can remember the days were IU would make more than the other team attempted.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Also not to mention that CTC has had excellent recruiting class coming in while being in the bottom of the league.

  • HoosierDadE

    Thanks for the response!

  • JerryCT

    The still photo kicking off the video tells me we have a long long way to go to use CZ, DE or TP. Notice that CZ screens and then rolls wide open ………… instead of a pass we take a contested shot …………. one of the defenders is CZ’s defender who is 6’9″ in this case and perhaps would be taller in regular season.

    WOuldn’t it be nice if Elston were Mrkovic , a pass to CZ instead of a contested shot, a drive to the basket by CZ and perhaps a foul by Shurna ( being played by CWAT in this case )

  • Anonymous


  • InTheMtns

    Think the “2 minutes of fun” was a reference to the video, not to the whole scrimmage.

  • Brklynhoosier

    Yes — sorry if I was unclear…

  • Tough D + aggressive to the hoop is the get free throws formula.

  • Casey B.

    Not to get too off topic, but let’s not stereotype “the young.” The 7,000+ season-ticket-holding students are all “young,” and have been more than patient. We may live in a “right now” society, but keep in mind that the fans who’ve been conditioned to expect championships are members of much older generations. Again, I don’t pick up on nearly the level of negativity you guys seem to. Maybe it simply doesn’t exist much in my circle, but I think the fact that Assembly Hall has been nearly packed the past three years, despite all the losing, reflects well on fans of all ages. There’s no need to attribute negativity to one sector of the overall fan base, especially when that specific sector is the one going nuts and creating an amazing environment at games night in and night out.

  • InTheMtns

    Perhaps so in the micro-moment caught in the still picture. But watch the video. AE follows the ball and quickly gets in position to rebound. VO beats CZ to the spot and blocks him out. It probably would have been better if it had been DE or CW blocking out CZ but CW and AE were in position to rebound if the shot came off the rim. I agree that we still must get better on defense, but this sequence for AE, and VO isn’t as bad as you described.