• Localsun77

    Is it going to be televised?

  • BTN may have highlights at a later date.

  • Anonymous

    On that same note Alex, are you guys going to be putting up any highlights here on ITH?

  • We’re only allowed to publish 2 minutes of video, so I’m not sure on that.

  • K2

    Anyone playing well on defense today? 5 fouls from Zeller sounds troubling


    5 fouls ???? Are you serious ????

  • Anonymous

    ITH tweeted that Jones was:

    “Verdell Jones showing off the defense he talked about at Big Ten Media Day. Tom Crean seems pleased. #iubb”

  • Anonymous

    Who was the most impressive?  Cody Zeller 5 fouls?  

  • Anonymous

    Cody Zeller is a freshman and will make mistakes this year though I believe he will play well for us. People need to be realistic.

  • Anonymous

    Zeller did have five fouls in the first half, at least two of which were awful calls (flop by verdell and a clean stuff), also they didn’t ever take him out because of foul trouble like they would in a real game since you could not foul out.  He had 0 fouls in second half.