Cody Zeller named to Wayman Tisdale Award watch list

  • 10/20/2011 9:48 am in

The United States Basketball Writers Association announced the watch list for the 2012 Wayman Tisdale Award, which honors the country’s top freshman, and IU freshman forward Cody Zeller was among the 12 preseason candidates.

Here’s the complete watch list, per a USBWA press release issued on Thursday:


Bradley Beal, Florida (G, 6-3, 207, Fr., St. Louis, Mo.)
Chane Behanan, Louisville (F, 6-6, 245, Fr., Cincinnati, Ohio)
Khem Birch, Pittsburgh (F, 6-9, 220, Fr., Montreal, Quebec)
Anthony Davis, Kentucky (F, 6-10, 220, Fr., Chicago, Ill.)
Andre Drummond, Connecticut (C, 6-10, 270, Fr., Middletown, Conn.)
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky (F, 6-7, 232, Fr., Somerdale, N.J.)
Le’Bryan Nash, Oklahoma State (G/F, 6-7, 230, Fr., Dallas, Texas)
Austin Rivers, Duke (G, 6-4, 200, Fr., Winter Park, Fla.)
Marquis Teague, Kentucky (G, 6-2, 189, Fr., Indianapolis, Ind.)
Adonis Thomas, Memphis (F/G, 6-6, 222, Fr., Memphis, Tenn.)
Josiah Turner, Arizona (G, 6-3, 192, Fr., Sacramento, Calif.)
Cody Zeller, Indiana (F, 6-11, 230, Fr., Washington, Ind.)

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  • Geoff

    It seems like Zeller will be the most important player to his respective team, though I’m not really familiar with OK State’s squad this year. Cody has a very good chance to win this award. Of course all that really matters to me is that this team is relevant enough to make a postseason tournament. HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!

  • Jmfriedman

    Yet another reason Cody is so valuable to IU..  I can’t even imagine what the state of our team would be if he hadn’t decided to come.  Thank God…. Go Hoosiers!

  • eph521

    Great to see Indiana kids in this list and a few other names that Coach Crean was recruiting…

    From this list I think a few kids will be considered the “favorites”, simply due to the schools they play for, the success those schools tend to have, the media coverage, etc. For instance, Austin Rivers and Marquis Teague come to mind.

    However, Cody has a great shot at winning this award in my opinion. He could be part of the “comeback” story for IU, making it to the NCAA tourney again, helping turn a program around… none of the other candidates are in that type of position. If IU has a great run this year, CZ will definitely be a big reason why and that could catapult him into winning this prestigious award.

  • Anonymous

    Time for CZ to make a statement that’s he’s as good as advertised.

  • Anonymous


  • MillaRed

    As I mentioned last week, we do not have to anoint him our savior. The media is doing just fine with that.

    Big Ten FR of the Year
    Tisdale Watch List

    There are many one and done’s on that list, and Cody is not one of them. The fact he is going to be here a while means everything to me.

  • Yeah it seems like, in terms of their imporatance to their respective teams, Zeller and Nash should be at the top of the list, though it should be interesting seeing how the pUKe freshmen come out.

  • Anonymous

    He”ll get more love after head to head matchup with pUKe

  • Anonymous

    that’s some impressive company he’s with

  • kristheboss

    You heard it hear first, but Drummond is by far going to make the biggest difference. 

  • kristheboss

    Drummond, I’m going to keep saying it until I guess national media decides to catch on, but this kid is NBA Starting material ready already, AS A CENTER, now the country will get to see what it would of been like if Dwight Howard would of had to go to college. 

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Basketball season is upon us!!!!!!!!!! I believe we will have great joy this year with our team. No heavy expectations here but great optimism is present for this season and the next several years. It is great (as always) to be a Hoosier!!

  • JerryCT

    I agree , I don’t think it is even close.

    BUT we get a top 10 kid for 4 years IMO while UCONN gets a one & done

  • Anonymous

    OK State wasn’t great last year. Le’Bryan Nash will get nearly as many opportunities as Zeller and as a guard he may transition to college a bit easier. Josiah Turner is another one to look out for, but Arizona has more talent around him than IU has around Zeller or Okie St has around Nash. Rivers could very well lead Duke in scoring, if it turns out he’s good enough, and whichever of those UK freshman ends up being the most prominent scorer will be a competitor for the trophy as well. Zeller has a great shot, but so do about half of the other kids on this list.

  • IUeconAlum

    More noteworthy, I hear Zeller is on the Kelley School of Business awesomeness list.

  • Anonymous

    This is a talented list, amazing Kentucky has 3 guys on it! They are going to need them. I think we will give them a tough tough game in AH this year. Anthony Davis is really good, I think better than Drummond, but Andre’s body type might be more suited to dominate early at this level. I wonder if Davis and his skinny frame will get pushed around some nights (wonder the same about Zeller)     James McAdoo didn’t make the list bc he’ll likely have to come off the bench behind Carolina’s upper classmen, but he looked incredible at the McDonalds All American game.            Since Alan Henderson 20 years ago, we have only had about 3 all big ten front court guys (Patterson, DJ, and JJ)  it’s about time we have a dominant big man again…………no pressure CZ!

  • jacobdetroy

    Slightly switching gears:

    There has been several comments in other posts on how Zeller will make other players around him better. I am wondering who on our team, now, makes Zeller a better player? Thoughts? 

  • MillaRed

    Oh man I have to agree with you? Ehhh, I hate that.

  • MillaRed

    These one and done’s are IMO to be avoided. I don’t mind one in the Eric Gordon mold but otherwise no thanks. How many of them truly make a significant impact? Before you know it, “POOF.” They are gone.

    I grew up watching nearly every IU star stay for 3-4 years. We had our ups and downs but we really got to know the players and that counts for something.

    I just don’t get what is going on in KY. They don’t know these kids. They never will. The players don’t care I mean come on. It just isn’t what I thought college basketball was all about. You won’t see John Wall in Lexington any time soon.

    We are currently building an amazing base of talent. Might see some transfers in a few years. But hey, don’t hate the players, hate the game. These recruiting juggernauts created this mess 10 years ago. Just let them go straight to the pro’s so we don’t have to deal with it anymore.

  • MillaRed

    Jordan Hulls. He is the one that will make sure Cody is in the right place at the right time. The coach on the floor. And his ability to drain three’s will open up the floor.

    Watford is a close second because he will demand attention.

    Something has been missing since Crean arrived. A total of five threats on the floor at the same time. When we go small, Jordy, VO, VJ, CWat and Cody will be that five. They are going to cause some problems. And I think this lineup will be on the floor more than people think.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you, and would argue this should be our starting 5, unless Sheehey outplays Jones for the 3. If you look at our schedule, only OSU has a dominating big man that Pritchard, will need to start against.

  • Anonymous

    or if Teague decided to play for the Hoosiers too.

  • HoosierFromCt

    Being from CT, this is the millionth time I heard this….

  • MillaRed

    No one is disrespecting anyone. It’s just an opinion. That’s what ITH is for. No one is talking about Etherington starting. But it’s not for a lack of respect. We are pondering what the best 5 will be on the floor.