• Q95

    watching a white guy trying to move with the beat reminds me of mark masden trying to do his best john travolta impersonation at the 2002 laker celebration. he set us back 200 years…

  • Stratman1986

    that was an odd choice to get the crowd into Hoosier Hysteria… I’m not sure what the crowd knew what to think.  Hopefully the overall feel of hoosier hysteria will be much more organized and full of energy next year.

  • indianamorris

    Is there a recap for the Gary Harris visit coming soon?

  • IUeconAlum

    I’m so happy b-ball has arrived. Hoosier nation is behind these guys 100%.

  • CTC is developing a strategy that really empowers his players.  They were the center and having fun.  Combine that with the crowd – how could new players not want to come…..VO is great – that is a tough solo to do….infectious energy….great atmosphere sorry I could not have attended this…..

  • Sam

    The introductions were so much fun to watch.