• Kelin Blab

    Dunk contest was pretty weak. Victor didn’t seem to have much new and ofcourse…we have only two dunkers. Will did a good job, you just watch those two kids and they make you enjoy the game….

    AH will be packed next year, lineup now….Hanner, Victor, Jurkin, Will, and Patterson in a dunk contest…they may charge money instead of can goods.

  • Kelin Blab

    A poster of him dunking on the guy from Iowa. Great poster.

  • Anonymous

    Dunk contest was pretty weak but the dunk by Sheehey with DMoore headbutting the ball back to him was pretty cool.

  • IUeconAlum

    I’m glad both these guys are on the same team. Athletic…

  • The dunk contest was good, but nothing like last year’s. Then again, the first dunk ‘Dipo tried to set up would have been very impressive if he had been able to make it.

  • jaywiz

    does sheehey just have his pants pulled up or is he bringing back the old school, bird man style shorts? I would love it if he did the latter. white boy wihth short shorts posterizing folks. Would be my favorite player of all time if he rocked that.