Video: James Blackmon Jr. at John Lucas Midwest Invitational

  • 10/12/2011 8:25 am in

Class of 2014 commitment James Blackmon Jr. was among the Indiana players in attendance at the John Lucas Midwest Invitational this past weekend.

Inside the Hall was there for all four of Blackmon’s contests at the camp and has compiled over four minutes of video of the sophomore guard (wearing jersey No. 33), which is available in the embedded media player below. (Note: Expand the video to full screen by using the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the player.)


– HD Video: Trey Lyles at John Lucas Midwest Invitational (October 9, 2011)

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  • Anonymous

    He’s going to be a hellavu player for us whenever his time comes…Look forward to seeing him progress these next couple years…Have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of highlights from his camp

  • homegrown

    He has one of the best looking pull up jumpers that I’ve seen.He is gonna be a dandy!!!
    Who is the big kid # 101?

  • CreanFaithful

    Agreed. Love the way he gets to the rack first, but then shows he can get off his jumper whenever he wants.  Good court vision.  The only thing these highlights never show us is defensive ability… Excited about Blackmon Jr.

  • Anonymous

    He reminds me of Mo Creek a little…but did anyone notice how his defenders would try and block his shot way before he actually went up for the shot?

  • Anonymous

    He looks quicker / more explosive than he has in past videos, which is great.

    I love that jump shot.

    He is going to tally a ton of points at IU.  I can’t wait.  He will be able to score day 1.

  • Anonymous

    Geeze, that kind of player is impossible to guard.  As everyone else is saying, his jump shot is beautiful so you can’t give him space, but if you get up on him, he’ll drive right by you.  IU basketball is just going to get better and better…

  • Man his athleticism is coming along. I love the way he takes it to the rack, too. Always goes hard and straight at the defender. So smooth and scores in so many ways.

  • SirEric

    He is just a pure scorer. Very impressive. His passes could be a little crisper though.

  • Anonymous

    I remember reading about him being billed as one of the best shooters in his class, but he didn’t settle for jumpers despite being silky smooth on that pull-up – awesome to see!  Definitely excited to see him in 2 years – if he keeps up the pace he’s progressing at, he’s gonna be scary in college!

    Also, how tall is that kid with the blue and orange shorts?  He towers over everyone out there…

  • Tanveer Bhullar 7-3 

  • base

    JBJ’s shooting mechanics are perfect and you can tell that because of the effortlessness in his flow. He and the ball are one. Ray Allen is the first person that comes to mind when watching JBJ. If you can, you ought to treat yourself and watch him play this year. He might be as good as Alford and Cheaney.

  • Brklynhoosier

    So smooth…  Maybe it’s just me, but most of these clips, it doesn’t even look like he’s trying that hard.  Like he could give another 20-30%, if he really had to…

  • Anonymous

    This kid is smooth!!! He hits a couple really tough step backs, hits on the catch, hits off the dribble, and attacks the rim hard.  His increased athleticism added to the level of skills that he has already developed should be phenomenal.  He is taking a backwards route where most kids are athletes first and try to become more skilled.  He is ultra skilled and trying to take good athleticism to a higher level.  Very excited to have a kid that can score in a variety of ways.   

  • He is confident with a great stroke.  Quick as well.  Liked the steal, and also the fact that he can go to his left hand.  Solid player.  Can’t wait to see him develop under Calbert’s tutelage – another smooth stroke.

  • Anonymous

    Sim’s brother?

  • Anonymous

    this  kid is money from  the outside and has great upside.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Once JBJ gets to IU, some stat nerd should record the percentage of his jump shots that are nothing but net.

  • Who is number 93?

  • Yessir

  • Hudson Price, son of Mark, I do believe. 6-6 2013 kid out of (not 100% sure on this) Georgia.

  • Anonymous

    Found myself saying, “silk” out loud watching Blackmond shoot. ha. How about this nickname, “Pillow.”  Why? Because he’s cooler than the other side of the pillow.