Indiana self-reports secondary violation involving Gary Harris

  • 10/11/2011 8:23 pm in

From ESPN’s Pat Forde:

Indiana has self-reported a secondary NCAA rules violation by the men’s basketball staff involving blue-chip recruit Gary Harris, according to multiple sources.

The school acknowledged to that coach Tom Crean committed the violation while recruiting an unnamed student-athlete in Indianapolis last week.

In a statement released Tuesday, the school said, “Coach Crean immediately reported an inadvertent recruiting contact violation to our compliance office, and we are following our normal procedures.”

The school says in its report that Crean visited the unnamed student-athlete at an Indianapolis-area high school on Thursday, Oct. 6. According to the NCAA recruiting calendar, the contact period ended Oct. 5.

Even though the program is still under probation until Nov. 24 of this year from the Kelvin Sampson era, IU’s report also notes it docked itself two days of recruiting as a self-penalty. Add this to the fact that the contact is a secondary violation, and it’s likely no further penalty will stem from this.

You can view the complete secondary violation report here.

Crean also commented on the misstep late Tuesday via his Twitter account: “We take the rules very serious and work very hard to stay compliant with them. We made a mistake. In reality there are no excuses and I am glad we realized it when we did so we didn’t repeat it that day.”

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  • IUJeff

    Got some extra quality time w/ GH huh?

    Whatever. Give me a break. I am as big an IU fan as anyone. But this is definitely a strike with CTC and staff in my book.  

    I put important dates on my calendar. If the contact / no contact period was really important to the staff, this wouldn’t have happened. 

    It is especially weak given the fact that IU is STILL ON PROBATION with the NCAA therefore should know the rules (and adhere to them) as well as any coaching team.

    Crean needs 2 weeks off w/ out pay IMO. Bad coach. I also call BS on his explanation on the Dakich show just now.

  • Anonymous

    Strongly agree.  Nearly every school slips up, rule book just too big. 

    This type of stuff happens all the time.  Heck, happened to me when I was recruited.  It’s a non-story if it wasn’t a high-profile recruit with a high-profile program.

  • they’re docking a extra visit with Harris. Instead of 3 like everyone else they only get 2. There is no advantage to doing this and then self-reporting. Zero, none. 

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    It is driving me nuts how fans are blowing this off as no big deal(which it might be in the end) because it is a secondary infraction. My understanding of probation is that it is sentenced so you cannot commit even small infractions.

  • Anonymous

    If the Harris family needs an excuse to move on out of state..they just got one

  • Anonymous

    I am probably nieve for believing it was a accident but I know the article said no more is expected of this but is there a chance there will be more probation by the NCAA or worse since we are still on probation

  • MillaRed

    Exactly. CTC mentioned this in his Dakich interview.

    Unfortunately “It’s Indiana” has more than one meaning. If a bunny breaks wind on campus the mainstream media is faxing the local humane society.

    It’s part of who we are. Fans, opponents and media love to hate us. And there are 5 reasons for that hanging in our rafters.

  • MillaRed

    Do you recall Crean having a violation last year? Because he did. Guess what happened? Nothing. Guess what will happen this year? Nothing.

    This is no……..big…….deal. Period.

  • Devout Hoosier

    No sweat.  A minor mistake, nothing more nothing less.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering how long on minor infractions such as this one does it take the NCAA to rule on sanctions?  Is it as long as with larger ones because those seem to linger on forever.

  • stonaroni

    I appreciate that CTC reported this immediately.  That was the right thing to do after making his mistake.

    From that point on, all of the excuses for CTC and silver linings many posters are trying to convey are just ridiculous.  Whatever the case may be, a rule was broken.  No one should lose their job, no one should expect a major fall out, no one should suggest that CTC did this on purpose, and no one should suggest that this was an attempt to be the last contact for Gary Harris during the open contact period. 

    These “secondary” violations are becoming broken frequently among all of the major D-I programs across all sports. To me it is an NCAA problem.

    The NCAA needs to get a handle on adjusting these rules.  It is crazy that Notre Dame or any other college football team cannot have peanut butter for their players during tow a days because that would count as a meal and that is illegal.  The trainers can have nuts for the players and some fruit, but peanut butter is damning.

    Let me say this before I get on this tangent, Bruce Pearl should not have lied the first time or the second time to the NCAA about having Craft at his house.  That was cost him his job.  However, I do not see the harm in coaches inviting the family and the player over to their house for dinner or meeting. If my child was deserving of a scholly, I definitely want to have a good feel for a coach.  I will not get that from phone calls or a 2 hour visit to a college campus.  It is about building trust and relationships, pure and simple.

    I wont even go down the road of how the player commits to a college and receives a $100,000 scholarship over 4 years that helps the university net millions of dollars and the crooked, monopolistic NCAA millions above and beyond what the universityies make off of their basketball program.

    We are in a rocky landscape these days with AAU, the NCAA, conference realignment, boosters cheating, players accepting the money, etc.  It is very refreshing to know that CTC did the right thing!

  • Anonymous

    what an idiot!!!!! are you kidding me??