• Anonymous

    I don’t know what level of talent he was facing, I’m assuming there were a couple of other NBA guys there, but it seemed like his ball handling has really improved. He’s always had a good crossover, but he showed a bit of in between the legs, even in traffic, that looked very effective. And as Bill Simmons knows, he’s had one of the sweetest shots in the league since his first game, basketball people recognize him for his game even if he doesn’t get the national credibility he deserves.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Mr. Bird, make sure that you bring this guy to the Pacers. Thank you.

  • Casey B.

    I love this guy. Saddens me that his brief stint at IU was unfortunately tainted by a hand injury and Sampson’s shortcomings. Great to see him doing well, nonetheless. And yeah, go ahead and bring him home, Larry. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t the score like 170-167, or something like that.  Not taking anything away from him, but that looked like some crappy defense.  I also wonder how DJ did in the game.  Cool to see all these guys still representing the state of Indiana.

  • MPmike

    Agreed. Eric Gordon realizes where he comes from and appreciates where he grew up and started playing basketball at an early age. He exemplifies this by having his annual summer basketball camp hosted at the Jewish Community Center in Indianapolis. I enjoyed watching Gordon at IU and really enjoying him playing in NBA. Just think, he and Derrick Rose played on the same AAU team they made up one of the most dynamic duos in high school basketball. Imagine if the two played together in Chicago. All can say is Wow! Hopefully, DJ White will be and continue to a have long and successful NBA career. I really enjoyed watching him too. Thanks for the memories fellas!