ESPN on Indiana Elite, Hanner Perea and A-Hope

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We’ll have to dig into the meat of this later on because it’s a lot to digest in such a short period of time, but ESPN just published several investigative stories on A-Hope, the Bloomington-based non-profit that assists in bringing international players to the United States.

The first is an in-depth investigative piece on the A-Hope program that brings up several findings that ESPN says could raise red flags with NCAA investigators.

The second reports the following on Hanner Perea:

Treatment afforded him by A-HOPE and its president, Mark Adams, including roundtrip airline tickets to Colombia, appears to put Perea in violation of NCAA preferential treatment and extra benefits bylaws (

Also at issue are gifts Perea has received from A-HOPE and Adams, whose son served on the IU basketball staff from September 2009 until this month. Perea is a member of an AAU team — Indiana Elite — which Adams coaches and whose best players have in the last year begun committing verbally to IU in bunches. The NCAA declined to comment specifically on Perea, but a spokesperson said that generally, “benefits from the prospects’ coach other than basic living expenses are considered against NCAA rules.”

For now, we’ll leave it at that because as I said, a lot to digest here, but just a quick thought: There’s nothing here that indicates any rulebreaking by Indiana basketball, Tom Crean or the coaching staff. We’ll do our best to wrap our brains what’s been presented, but for now, read the stories (if you wish) and feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

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  • stonaroni

    These articles are completely one sided:

    1.  Who is ESPN to do a 5 month investigation?  Sounds like a reporter needed to cook up a good story.

    2.  No mention of the CZ committment and how that helped swing some committments. Interesting omission huh?  AE led to CZ who led to HP and JH; Buss pushing for friends to committ.  I guess the buddy system of recruiting counts for nothing.  Quick NCAA, banish the National Championship of MSU when the Flintstones ruled the court.

    3.  I smell Baylor fall out….sickening that Hanner is targeted.  I guarantee the Baylor staff was behind a lot of the “opinions” in this “investigation”.

    4.  An Ipod? Really? Plane tickets funded by an organization based on good will? That is the American way to help out those less fortunate.  Remember our rebuilding of Europe after WWII, earthquakes, tsunamis, Iraq, Gulf War, Afganistan, Pakistan, Somalia, etc.  So glad to know Adams had met and conferenced with NCAA and IU compliance on many of his actions too, funny how reporters pick and choose their angles and what they report.

    5.  Maybe Fish can report about the BILLIONS the NCAA makes off of college basketball and how that playrs are worth more than a plane ticket or ipod to the NCAA governing mafia they have become.

    This whole thing is based upon opinion and slanted views of pissed off coaches who are losing on recruits.  I do not see anything here that even slightly resembles the lies involved with the Conneticut or Univ of Tennesse basketball programs.  I just hope the NCAA doesn’t focus to closely on IU being 40 minutes away.

  • Matt21

    Every big time coach in the country has “connections” to aau programs.  What do these “connections” really mean???  Do these so called “connections” mean the aau coaches are telling kids where to play, who to listen to, which campuses to visit, taking money to steer kids?  Every friend, associate, teacher, coach, advisor etc… all have their opinions but 99% of the time these kids make their own mind up.  I DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND IU HAS SOME UNDER THE TABLE CRAP GOING ON.

    Now if Hanner is getting gifts from his AHOPE dude then that’s another story but linking IU to all this is a waste of time unless there is evidence which none was given. 

    It’s another example of journalism in this country going down the tube with most of the public holding negative opinions of these so called investigative reporters.  ESPN is turning into the sports TMZ.

  • MillaRed

    Alex forbids straight out name calling so I won’t go there. But you are a word that starts with a d and ends with a b, with “um” in between. Go troll another site.

  • MillaRed

    A-Hope Investigation:

    Day 1 – go to Indiana
    Day 2 – go talk to people
    Day 3 – talk about basketball
    Day 4 – ……………………..

    Man, this thing could take 150 days. Thank God I have the detective skills of Inspector Gadget.

  • MillaRed

    I’m getting a little tired of the “NCAA” supposedly figuring out what is right and wrong after watching it with their own eyes for years. They are entirely reactive instead of proactive. Such a joke.

  • MillaRed

    Disagree. As someone mentioned earlier, you can go after any program in this respect and find dirt. This has IU hate written all over it. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But I do have common sense.

  • Anonymous

    Haha ok i guess so.

  • MillaRed

    Sure has heck doesn’t do IU any favors. It’s in the eye of the beholder. We read it one way, our foes read it, interpret it and spread the word another way.

  • Anonymous

    And that’s what they try to do, provide a conspiracy theory without any perspective. They don’t want you to know how many other kids from ahope went to other d1 programs. They don’t want you to know that indiana elite sends kids to other programs. They want you to forget that liggins went to uk, that the older zellers went to unc and nd. They infer a connection, and allow you to fill in the blanks, which is far more damaging, because your enemies can invent all sorts of falsehoods.

  • Guest

    uh, McDonald’s is bad for you.

  • Hoosier Clarion

    In Hanner’s case the 501c3 is on mission.  IU is clean, no smell, no taint and not shaded in a shadow cast.  This article, while entertaining to read creates such a stretch that the Army Corp of Engineers could not design a structure to bridge it.  Mr. Fish should probably not plan an appearance in Indiana.

  • hoosierfan60

    bailey22 isn’t Damon. He would never make (or post) such ridiculous statements.

  • hoosierfan60

    bailey22 isn’t Damon. He would never make (or post) such ridiculous statements.

  • Anonymous

    Is it “news” that a really good AAU basketball team in Bloomington Indiana has “connections” with Indiana basketball people, like they eat at Michael’s, have a beer at Nick’s, walk on Kirkwood Ave., etc.? Or that if you have a foundation to help young African athletes come to America and get a great education and high level coaching you might provide them with used clothing, a hand-me-down i-pod, a share of an inexpensive computer, etc.? As the ESPN special on “The Decision” with LeBron proved, there is no “News” in ESPN!