Spring Scouting: Trey Lyles

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(Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports)

Inside the Hall continues its first breakdown of IU’s 2014 commits today with Indianapolis Tech and Spiece Indy Heat forward Trey Lyles.  After scouting five games at the Spiece Run ‘N Slam and adidas May Classic, here are our thoughts on the 6-foot-8, 205-pound Lyles:

— Arsenal of moves: Most high school freshmen at Lyles’s size are still adjusting to their bodies and often lack coordination. But the IU-bound freshman is a smooth player with an advanced game. Lyles can excel with his back to the basket, where he overpowers smaller defenders and finishes with either hand. He showed off a very difficult turnaround jump shot on several instances that he’s still developing, but managed to knock it down a few times. He also possesses the capability to face up his defender and knock down shots all the way out to the 3-point line.

— Capable ball handler: This is one area where Lyles sets himself apart from other prospects at his size. While he was never put in a position to play the primary ball handler, he corralled several rebounds and started the fast break off the dribble. Lyles was also effective getting past defenders off the bounce (as shown in the photo above) from the perimeter.

— Solid defender: Lyles still needs to get stronger as a defender down low and that will come as his body continues to mature, but his length and instincts allow him to block a lot of shots without fouling. In one impressive sequence during a pool play game at Assembly Hall, Lyles made up significant ground as a trailer on a fast break and erased a shot that should have been a basket by his opponent.

— Lyles on what he needs to improve: “Probably just getting the mentality that I can score whenever I want, be more selfish, but I’m very much a team player. But sometimes I’m too much of a team player when it gets down to games where they really need me to score. I might be very passive at the beginning, but I need to work on being more selfish. Just playing against better competition and better guys will help me out a lot.”

HD video of Lyles from the adidas May Classic after the jump

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  • Anonymous

     Holy crap he is good.  These two ’14 recruits, if they continue to improve, will be amazing at the college level (and beyond).  And if he really works on that fadeaway, it’ll be unstoppable. He oughta watch some Nowitzki and Bird tape on how to get that shot off every time.  

    Man I just can’t get over how good this kid plays…

  • Anonymous

    I tell you…the Big Fundamantal.  He looks like a young Tim Duncan.  He will be very special at IU…Can’t Wait! 

  • RobD

     For as big as he is, for some reason Hanner seems bigger. Presumably because most of Hanner’s highlights are thunderdunks. 

  • Anonymous

     Like all have said, this kid is special, very much reminds me of Duncan, but man his form on those fades were picture perfect, smooth, and runs the floor good from what I saw. Very excited to see this kid in the candy stripes, I hope he ends up on campus for sure.

  • Anonymous

    I L-O-V-E his game.  He is amazing!  One thing I really like about him is that is seems very controlled and patient in his game already.  For a kid his age with his talent, that is very rare.  I would be shocked if he isn’t a top 5 in the 2014 class.  Even if the ’14 class is just Lyles and Blackmon, it would be a monster.  Adding some of the other guys would be unreal.

  • Anonymous

    Agree Calbert 40.  Love Zeller / Etherington / Abell and our 2012 class but the 2014 class is likely to be the program’s, and the country’s that year specifically, best recruiting class for quite some time.  Especially when you figure a good number of 2012 players will be around for thier freshman / sophomore year…unreal.  That’s when we really make a gigantic leap as a program to the tip top of college basketball…if all falls into place.

  • Anonymous

     I just knocked on wood and crossed my fingers for the both of us.

  • Anonymous

     I just want to be the first person on the site to report:

    CAPO IS GONE (according to Hutchens on twitter a few seconds ago)

    This changes things a bit in terms of scholarships, doesn’t it?