adidas May Classic: Day Two

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Inside the Hall spent the majority of Saturday at Assembly Hall and Cook Hall in Bloomington for day two of the adidas May Classic. Our Saturday notebook follows:

Picking up where they both left off a week ago in Ft. Wayne, both James Blackmon Jr. and Trey Lyles were impressive in a pair of pool play games. The duo helped lead Spiece Indy Heat past a formidable SW Illinois Jets team (led by 2013 standout Malcolm Hill) in a morning game at Cook Hall. In an afternoon game at Assembly Hall, Indy Heat fell to Dan Dakich’s Indiana Elite South squad. After that game, we talked to Dakich to get his thoughts on the pair of IU commits:

“I think he’s (Lyles) really good. I’ve said this before, all the guys they have committed, those two I guys I think are great. The rest of them are good and all that. If there’s better players than that in the freshman class, Blackmon and Lyles, I can’t imagine. Those two guys are great.”

Blackmon Jr. had 25 in the loss to Indiana Elite South and 12 in the win over SW Illinois Jets. Lyles had 13 points in the win and six points in the loss. Trevon Bluiett also continues to shoot the ball well from the perimeter for Spiece Indy Heat. The Park Tudor freshman had 28 points in the loss to Indiana Elite South.

It was our first in-person look at Indiana Elite South’s Mark Donnal and the big man did not disappoint. He poured in 23 points and came up with a key block late in the upset win over Spiece Indy Heat. Donnal’s footwork, motor and ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter will make him a sought after prospect. Donnal lists Michigan, Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State Wisconsin and Butler as schools of interest.

— It was also our first look at MBA Select and Mishawaka Marian guard Demetrius Jackson. The 6-foot-1 lead guard is out of the AMC after MBA Select dropped its first game in tournament play tonight at Cook Hall, but Jackson’s stock is steadily on the rise this spring. Jackson’s court vision, quickness and ability to score the ball probably put him close to the top of the list of 2013 point guards in the state. We’ll have more on Jackson next week.

Jeremy Hollowell admitted that his knee and wrist slowed him down a little in his return for Indiana Elite, but despite the layoff, Hollowell still showed off his ability to score the ball in a variety of ways. At 6-foot-7, the Lawrence Central wing can shoot over smaller defenders from the perimeter and overpower small defenders in the lane and at the basket. His laid back approach is sometimes confused with a lack of effort, but Hollowell will make an instant impact upon his arrival in Bloomington.

Hanner Perea seems genuinely excited about playing with his future point guard Yogi Ferrell: “I love playing with him. Now he knows me much better. I tell him a lot of times he’s not used to playing with big guys on his high school team. With me and Big O (Obij Aget), he needs to get used to it. It’s getting better every day.”

The evening ended with a surprise as the Gary Harris-led D3 Pride team fell in the opening round of the 17-and-under gold bracket to the Michigan Titans, 77-75. Harris finished with 22 points and led a furious comeback in the final minutes that came up just short. When Harris has his perimeter shot working like he did at times on Saturday, he becomes an even tougher cover because he can get into the lane almost at will. One of the highlights of the afternoon came in a pool play game when Harris and North Carolina commit J.P. Tokoto of the Wisconsin Playground Warriors traded a pair of finishes above the rim.

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  • After watching them both today, I think JH can do just as much as Gary Harris can. JH may not play with as much intensity, but he definitely can shoot the ball and ake it to the rack just as well. Adding Gary to the mix would still be great, but I don’t feel we need him anymore. 

  • Kelin Blab

    I think Yogi is going to make life ez for alot of people at iu….speaking of Hanner…this clip is just insane…

  • Alex, or anyone else for the matter, who’s number 22 on IE Team Indiana? With the long sleeves today? 

  •  Eron Harris of Lawrence North.

  • JCbasketball

     James Blackmon will be one of the few guys we have committed who goes down with the all time IU greats.

  • Bucky

    This is not against you personally, TM, but I cringe whenever I see anyone say we don’t need Gary.  From everything I’ve read and seen, he has the chance to be a special player – and I’m guessing he, or his friends, read these sites. 

    Would anyone walk up to a coveted recruit and say to his face that we don’t need him anymore?  Yet that’s what some people are doing a lot of lately. 

    I’m very glad we have JH.  But if Gary or any other elite player wants to be here, then I’m all for that, too.

    (Again, I’m not trying to start anything here with anyone, let alone you personally, TM.  And you did say adding Gary to the mix would be great.  But then there’s the negative at the end of your last sentence, and I bet I’ve seen 20 other people say nearly the same thing.  So I’m reacting to all of that, not just you.)

    I think we all want the same thing:  pound other teams so bad they’re afraid to come out for the second half.      

  • Kelin Blab

     I agree with that 100%. I think because he is in the same class with Lyles he may get over shadowed some but the kid is a stud player and I hope the pursuit of his brother has begun…I have read he is even better.

  • BFowler

     I do not like comparing, but he kind of reminds me of AJ Guyton, with that build and the shot.

  • mrhoosierboy

     Aj is sending me a autograph in the mail!!! My buddy played in a reunion game in Peoria with him last weekend….He told Aj I was a big IU fan and he ask for my address and said hes gonna send me something in the mail..Chris Reynolds didnt show up or I would be getting something from him too…LOL!!!

  • mrhoosierboy

    Buss just tweeted..I need a new aau team asap!!!!!!  

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i was wondering the same thing as i was lucky enough to take in IETI vs Shooting Stars in AH. Here’s my spin on things:

    + Eron Harris reminded me of Calbery Cheaney on the offensive end..nice shot with crazy range..drives well in the paint. He was caught out of position a couple times though on D and had to give up the basket or foul. Why is he only 2-stars from Scouts? He’s gonna make a lot of guys look bad. I was hoping IU was on his short list, but we’re not.

    + Yogi is someone for us ALL to get excited about:) He’s got a motor that doesnt quit and his D is tenacious…anticipates what his guy is gonna do and beats him there. He needs to keep his head during competition though when he doesn’t get calls his way.

    + I wanted to see some insane dunks by Perea and i wasn’t disappointed. SICK! That kid is a special athlete. Needs to keep his head too though. He and Yogi need to run more plays to set up stunts at the rim.

    + JH seemed a little slow at first, but somehow kept putting the ball in the hole. Good 3pt shot surprised me a couple times (with about 3 sec left in 1st half from 40ft). VERY good athlete who will challenge at any spot on the floor.

    + wish i could have seen Ron Patterson play:(

  • Anonymous

    Between that tweet and Alex’s tweet about him leaving the floor without meeting with the team, I’m curious about what’s going on.  Hopefully he’s just upset about something small and it’s no big deal. 

  • Anonymous

    here we go….

  • Anonymous

    After watching IE play, and dominate, every game yesterday I left very impressed with most everything they were doing.  Kind of figured it wasn’t a big deal to miss their first game this morning and catch up later… whoops .  You add Buss to the group and would assume they would at least perform as well if not better.  Now it sounds as if he apparently has some kind of frustration with the situation.  Was this in regards to coaching or being shorthanded?  Anyone see the game and have any insight as to what the difference was against this Baylor team?  I guess I’m just baffled after they consistently played so well the day before. 

  • eph521

     Let’s hope it’s just a heat of the moment situation. Buss has lots of passion, drive and determination to be the best… and that’s why we love him and why he’ll be such a great player for IU. We’ve all thrown a temper tantrum before.

  • Anonymous


  • Yeah, I agree with you, I never took into the account the recruiting part of it, but it seemed to me that people were saying it’s Gary or Bust, and I just didn’t feel that it’s the ase. JH is very talented, and can produce just as much as GH can, IMO.

  • Southport 65

    You are absolutely Correct!! Buss loves defense and plays with great heart. Defensive effort is not always there in AAU games. Kids are out to show off and 
    shoot 3’s, make fancy passes and dunks. If I was to guess( I don’t know for sure)
    I would say Buss did not like losing and if he is looking for AAU to be what High School and College are about he won’t find it. Best stick with his team and maybe that winning spirit and defensive boldness will have an effect on his teammates next time they play.