HD Video: Trevon Bluiett at Spiece Run ‘N Slam

  • 05/12/2011 9:25 am in

We conclude our HD video collection from last weekend’s Bill Hensley Memorial Spiece Run ‘N Slam All-Star Classic today with footage of 2014 Park Tudor forward Trevon Bluiett. The 6-foot-5, 185-pound Bluiett scored 21 points in Park Tudor’s state title win over Hammond Bishop Noll back in March.

Inside the Hall compiled video of Bluiett from three pool play games with his Spiece Indy Heat Team at the Run ‘N Slam in Ft. Wayne. Watch high-definition quality clips of one of Indiana’s early 2014 offers (wearing jersey No. 35) in the embedded video player below (Note: You can expand the video to full screen by using the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the player):

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  • unclekerfuffle

    Someone who understands the mechanics of shooting please help me here.

    I really like what I saw of TB in the state championship game but does he have a bit of a problem in having a low release on his jump shot? If so, how easy is that to correct?

  • At least he didn’t attend the John Shurna School for Kids Who Want to Learn How to Shoot Good and Do Other Stuff Good, Too.

  • JerryCT

    Agreed. I worry about that shot. Hulls/Roth for example need a lot of space to get off their shots compared to Yogi and Patterson

  • IU_Fan_99

    Do you guys think Mr. Crean and his staff watch these videos to assist with their recruiting?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, one of the things I can’ figure out yet with Trevon. He has a lot of hype around him but, again, that’s why I get scared we offer so many early prospects. Trevon plays like a 4 for Park Tudor. Here is does show him with some range but, like you mentioned, a low release point. Furthermore I have not seen a lot as it relates to ball handling, play-making and getting into the lane, which all makes me wonder what position he really is.

    Sorry, but after not seeing Hartman or Davis on Scout’s top 50 for 2013 maybe I am just a little spooked…at then end of the day every chief needs some indians (five 5-stars ussually doesn’t make the best team).

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Hartman and DD Jr. are going to be excellent college players and DD is a very good athlete so don’t panic. Same thing as usual . . . they committed early and lose their hype. Don’t worry about it.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Hartman and Davis are both underrated. I keep hearing how high Hartman’s basketball IQ is, and I love having guys like that. DD is a banger, and if he adds another inch or two, look out.

    If you compare the 2013 class to the 2012 or 2014 classes, you will be disappointed, but I believe the ’13 kids are going to be very important to the rebuilding process.

  • Iustudent

    I have had a chance to see Trevon play many times and he never fails to impress. By the time he graduates from Park Tudor, he will be a top 50 (Nation) player and the 2nd best in the state behind Trey lyles. His bball IQ and overall skillset is off the charts and he is 6’5 and still growing into his body. As long as the shot goes in, it doesn’t really matter.

  • Kelin Blab

    One thing with Trevon I don’t worry about is the release of his jumpshot. The kid can shoot it and is a solid solid player. He won’t wow you until you check the box score and realize he went to work

  • Anonymous

    Fun to poke fun at old Shurna but I wish we had him. Just saying.

  • I’m not saying I wouldn’t take him on our team, but I would still wince and cringe every time I had to watch him shoot… uglier than a truck-stop waitress.

  • Q95

    could not agree more. he starts the ball low, but his release/follow-through is very good. i think as he starts playing against bigger and more athletic kids, they will force him to elevate his ball position. also, study some film on great shooters like ray allen. certainly not too late or difficult for a kid with his ability to make refinements.