HD Video: Ron Patterson at Spiece Run ‘N Slam

  • 05/10/2011 11:57 am in

2012 Broad Ripple guard Ron Patterson is known as a lockdown defender, but the Indiana commit can also light it up from the perimeter and finish at the rim.

The 6-foot-3, 195-pound Patterson put together a solid weekend of play at the Bill Hensley Memorial Spiece Run ‘N Slam All-Star Classic and Inside the Hall has compiled video from two of his pool play games with Indiana Elite. Watch high-definition quality clips of Patterson (wearing jersey No. 34) at the Run ‘N Slam in the embedded video player below (Note: You can expand the video to full screen by using the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the player):

Watch Patterson’s dunk on Michigan State commit Kenny Kaminski from City League Hoops TV after the jump.

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  • Vlad the Inhaler

    That first highlight is so dirty. Clean rip and pull up for 3. Looks like he is playing NBA Jam.

  • Anonymous

    Love Patterson. He is a player, works hard, competes, improves and does all the little things. His offensive game will continue to get better as well. I think he will be a key to character to IU’s future and I am happy about that.

  • Hoosier Clarion

    He was the most fun to watch of all players at this event. You just do not want to take your eyes off him because he makes plays everywhere on the court.

  • eph521

    Amen. I think Buss represents so much of what we all want in future IU players: he’s an Indiana kid, defensive minded and a top 100 talent who most would consider underrated. I can’t wait to see him on the floor in Bloomington.

  • eph521

    When he threw down the dunk over Kenny Kaminski (take that former IU recruit!), what I like the most is that he knew in mid-air he was about to dunk in poor Kenny’s face and already started letting out his scream.

    This from a kid who excels on defense. He’ll bring an attitude to IU for sure.

  • “Horrible shot … It’s good!”

  • Anonymous

    buzzer beater

  • Anonymous

    unless there is no one in the lane he is going to draw contact every time he goes to the rim — if he can make his free throws then he’ll be averaging NBA scoring numbers in his time at IU

  • Anonymous

    “But he didin’t realize that the ref knew Portuguese?”…..sounds like an interesting coversation

  • JerryCT

    There is something about his aggression and defensive play that makes him my favorite recruit. His dunk reminded me of VO attempting to jam on Tisdale ………….. fearless.

  • MillaRed

    You read a lot about how Buss needs to work on his jump shot. But every time I see him on film he is knocking down threes.

    Love this kid.

  • He did that in Denver from about 35′ and yes the bank was open.

  • I dont think he is tries much more than anybody else on D. at the AAU tourneys. I cant wait till some lights a fire under him, it is going to get ugly down in B-anner town

  • CreamandCrimson

    Every national recruiting “expert” seems to write that Patterson is an underrated prospect because of his toughness and defense. If they are all in agreement, why is he not moved up the rankings?

    Oh well, as we have discussed, the ranking is just a number. Buss is going to add so much to the Hoosiers as soon as he steps on campus. He clearly has a commitment to playing defense and attacking the basket to draw contact, two things we desperately need. Outside of the obvious things he adds (athleticism, quickness, a nice shot, defense…), I really like the idea of getting some opposing big guys into foul trouble because of the driving ability of Buss, Hollowell and Yogi. I hope Will and VO can do some of that next season and Zeller should be able to get some bigs into foul trouble as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to shooting significantly more free throws than our opponent and testing their frontcourt depth?

  • base

    I was in disbelief when I saw All Iowa. They looked like a Wisconsin team. All Iowa wins tournaments and have 4 D-1 players and their pg is committed to North Carolina. They play a zone and that stopped Yogi from getting into the lane.
    IE’s coach just stood there befuddled for about the first eight minutes of the game. Before you know it we were down 19 and 15 at half. We tied it or was within two points with plenty of time left, but we couldn’t close them out They went on to beat Terry Porter’s team for the championship.

    We didn’t have Hollowell due to injury and our bench is very suspect, but it’s just AAU and nothing to worry about. Our 2012 and 2014 classes looked better than advertised.

  • Diesel

    Ron has been well coached with Basil and Hicks

  • Brklynhoosier

    I love the fact that we say “we” when we’re talking about an AAU team. Go Indiana Elite!!! Someone needs to start a chant: we want 2012, we want 2012….

  • Anonymous

    + Underrated…yes

    + Defensive minded…yes

    + Excels at many things…yes

    + Team player….yes

    + Will do whatever he needs to do to help his team win….yes

    But I think another thing that I like just as much or more about this young man is that he committed to IU before any of the others in the ” movement ” and before he knew that there was more than likely going to be a flood of talent to commit to CTC and IU over the next 3 years or so. I think he ” gets it ” and that it truly means something special to him to play for IU.

  • Anonymous

    Agree. I have watched him play two-three times live this year versus good competition. He almost relied on his jump shot too much when I saw him, especially against Cathedral.

    That said, his shot looked really, really good. He has great form. He can pull up from very deep. He seemed to hit his shots with pretty strong consistency. There is room to improve but he is by no means bad. I think he could be a dangerous shooter his Jr / Sr year (maybe soph).

  • Vlad the Inhaler

    I saw that it was a buzzer beater. Still an awesome highlight. You would have to question his sanity if it weren’t the end of a quarter.

  • Matt Lee

    That’s good to know. I just always wish we’d be winning these tourneys. Maybe when Jurkin joins up and Hollowell is better…

  • Anonymous

    Making the steal and then getting downcourt for a nice 3 with barely any time on the clock was very impressive. Great time awareness on that play something we were lacking last year.

  • JCbasketball1

    Get ready for a major slide down the rankings for Ron. Definitely out of the top 100 IMO. I don’t agree whatsoever, but it sounds like it’ll happen.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Why does a major slide down the rankings sound like it is going to happen? Who is saying that?

  • Hoosier Clarion

    Evan Daniels newest rankings out last week down graded him from 63 to 80. The only changes he made during that time was improve his outside shot and handles and commit to IU. Go figure which of those changes Daniels did not like.

  • Hoosier Clarion

    All Iowa Attack plays good fundamental team basketball. They are extremely well coached. Yes their pg is going to NC. But RP’s D ate him up. Their combo guard Mike Gesell plays a total game much like Patterson does and makes them roll.