Spiece Run ‘N Slam Q & A: Trey Lyles

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Inside the Hall got its first look at 2014 Arsenal Tech forward and IU commit Trey Lyles on Friday at the Bill Hensley Memorial Spiece Run ‘N Slam All-Star Classic in Ft. Wayne. We caught up with the 6-9 freshman after a pool play win at Northrop High School for a Q & A:

On his mindset entering the Run ‘N Slam:

“Just to play hard every play. Every game, play hard. Just try to do within my capability for us to win as a team. Not try to go out there and show out as an individual, but score as much as I can, do whatever I can, but help the team win as a group leader.”

On what he’s trying to improve the most about his game:

“Probably just getting the mentality that I can score whenever I want, be more selfish, but I’m very much a team player. But sometimes I’m too much of a team player when it gets down to games where they really need me to score. I might be very passive at the beginning, but I need to work on being more selfish. Just playing against better competition and better guys will help me out a lot.”

On being able to focus on getting better rather than his recruitment:

“It helped me to commit early so I could get a lot of the pressure off me. I still got to go out there and play hard and perform as well as I can, but committing early kind of helped out in the long run.”

On why he decided to commit early to Indiana:

“Just the coaching. They’ve got a great coach and the recruits are great. We’ve got a lot good guys coming into play with us. I just thought that would be the best situation for me in the future.”

On the competitiveness between the 2012 recruits and 2014 recruits:

“It’s just a competitive spirit that we have as individuals. We’re all going to the same school. Hopefully we can get the 2012 guys playing against the 2014 guys in a game.”

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  • JerryCT

    I suppose there are rules against the 2012 class playing against the other classes but that would be a fun thing to see and a good idea

  • Kelin Blab

    Because trey is only a frosh I don’ think the hype machine has even scratched the surface around him yet. Could reach Gary Harris status, win a state title somehow or reach #1 in his class and he could approach Zeller status. Always seems like a very level headed kid….

  • Anonymous

    If Lyles continues at his current pace, he is fly past Harris and Zeller status. He’ll be arguably the best recruit IU has ever got out of high school

  • Anonymous

    The influential people around him seem to be very level headed as well from the little bit that I have read where they had some kind of input in the article or video clip which is probably one of the main reasons that he is that way. How important this aspect is tends to get lost a lot of the time in the recruiting hoopla that surrounds big time recruits these days. Easy to forget that a lot of the time these are still kids, sometimes as young as 14 or 15, that are being constantly told how great they are by a large number of people and just how easy and often they get ” bad ” advice.