Nike Spring Showdown Video: Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell

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One of great things about the ITH community is all of the tips we receive from our readers both via e-mail and Twitter. Such is the case with the following video of Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell that GBuc12 tweeted to us last night.

Here’s another look at Ferrell from the Merrillville Spring Showdown a couple of weeks ago, via 14judge on YouTube:

Inside the Hall also posted video of Ferrell from the event, which you can watch at this link.

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  • walt

    Bailey, either you are a bit negative today, or are you not much of an IU fan. Just askin’. Don’t you worry though–IU will be considerably better this year, thru improved team, incoming talent, and loss of a lot of 4 and 5 star senior players leaving from other teams. CTC is an excellent coach. A tired subject and a tired ESPN looking for something controversial IMO

  • walt

    Bailey, either you are a bit negative today, or are you not much of an IU fan. Just askin’. Don’t you worry though–IU will be considerably better this year, thru improved team, incoming talent, and loss of a lot of 4 and 5 star senior players leaving from other teams. CTC is an excellent coach. A tired subject and a tired ESPN looking for something controversial IMO

  • Anonymous

    I am a die hard IU fan and this is why I am so negative. I am glad we are getting these recruits as we should. While I am excited about the recruits that does not mean I will overlook what what I believe is our one major weakness, which I believe is, we have a coach that would be a great assistant coach because of his ability to recruit and charisma, but his ability to coach I am not sold on. As a coach myself I think it is very obvious he is not very good x’s and o’s. Second, we have not gotten any better in the last three years and we actually digress as the season goes on. Well coached teams get better as the season goes on and you cannot blame Creeks injuries because both of his have been early in the season. Also, good coaches adjust offensively and defensively with the talent so I dont buy the whole he is setting up for the 2012 recruits and if he is that is worst. I am just tired of the excuses… Like I said before Michigan should not be that much better than us…

  • Anonymous

    I agree with what was said above about this, but another reason I don’t believe CTC will be on the hot seat is that the university isn’t going to want to pay another coach not to coach for us. It gets expensive to fire coaches all the time.

  • IUJeff

    bailey, you are right to some extent. We are ALL hoping that we have a better coach this year than showed last. BUT, no coach was going to make last years team much better nor do we have a complete roster change-over that will instantly makes us an elite team this year. We have 3 new players coming in. 2 are freshmen. One new point guard that we don’t know much about. True, Crean has a lot to prove but he needs a full roster of Div 1 talent to try with. Until then (2012-2013) give him a break and let PU be the downers towards IU.

  • Anonymous

    1) I don’t think comparing IU to Michigan is a good comparison. Beilein is 67-67 in four years at U of M. Not exactly what we are hoping here at IU. At Michigan, he has done a good job, but we expect a little more here.

    2) How quickly some of us forget what happened to this program three short years ago. When CTC took over the program…wait…he REBUILT the program. He started over. Beilein didn’t have to do that. He had a foundation. CTC had no foundation. Two returning players and only one returning scholarshiped player.

    3) We have gotten better over the past three years. We were markedly better in CTC’s 2nd year compared to year 1. I contend that last year’s team would have beaten the previous team. The problem was that our record was not any better.

    4) On a normal team, Mo’s injuries would not be a justifiable excuse; however, since they have both happened on a team that has little depth due to the fact we punished ourselves to the extent that we did. I agree that this type of excuse won’t fly anymore, but I think it had a MAJOR impact the past two seasons. We seem to forget that Mo was the best player on this team two years ago, and was leading the country in Freshman ppg scoring. That is a major loss for any team. It was even more pronounced on that team.

    5) I get that you are frustrated. We all are, but piling on CTC and saying he can’t coach doesn’t help anything. I think he is a good coach who has had minimal talent over the past three years. We have probably the best 4 year recruiting window this program has seen since the late 80s and maybe ever. You don’t fire your coach in the middle of that unless he does something unethical or improper with the NCAA.

    Before CTC came to IU, his career D-1 head coaching record was 190-96, so he won about 2 out of every three games (.664). For comparison’s sake, RMK’s career win percentage was .708. Despite the last three years, he is still at a career .574 win percentage. You don’t win at that percentage if you stink.

    Many of us have said this is a 5 year job, and next year is Year 4. I expect a much better season than we had last year, but I don’t expect us to win the Big Ten and make the Sweet Sixteen. Those days are coming, but we have to make it through the “dog days” right now.

  • I understand how @bailey22:disqus feels.But I also agree w/ @calbert40:disqus That being said who honestly beileves there is more than 2 players on this team that could get minutes on another B1G school? I love all the kids that have been there the last few years giving us all they have and I have ENJOYED watching them play. But realty is that this teamhas been pieced together, Period. Year 1 take what you can get, anything to field a team. Year 2, Take the best athletes left on the board after the best players have been committed for a year allready. Year 3 Convince a 5 star baller to come and be a star allong w/ the first 2 years worth of recruits. Given the chance to recruit CTC did it but it took 3 years! Now we will have to give him the chance to coach those recruits. We all love everyone of the players that have come to Indiana U. to live the dream, all I am saying is That I beileve this certain group of players has overachevied at most times. I ask you, who is the 3 players on this team that get big minutes on another big ten team and who do they replace? CTC has done a great job and the third year chasing his true recruits will bring a national title to B-TOWN 2013 BABY

  • Plays w/ Jeremy
    Eron Harris6-3, 165 lb Indianapolis,
    INLawrence North High SchoolRecruiting interest from: Evansville,
    Ball State, Kent State, Illinois State, and Wright

  • Nevermind, 22 is Eron

  • Gary McGary

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Those moves at :54 and 1:06 are freaking amazing! We honestly haven’t seen anyone with moves like that since Zeke! AJ Guyton had some pretty good moves but even he wasn’t as quick and sick with moves like that!

    Gotta love the lob to Hanner as well. Hopefully PJ gets healthy and plays the role that #1 was playing in that video and we’ll be seeing lots of Yogi to those two and CZ for dunks for 3 years!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    That was a drop behind the back crossover as well! Un-freaking-believable!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I think McGary would capitalize on what we have currently and what we have coming more. I keep saying this but he is going to be an all-American in college!

  • InTheMtns

    Well said,Calbert. To point # 2, we might add that the one returning scholarship player was a former walk-on. We might also add that due to self-imposed sanctions, IU was limited to 10 scholarships CTC’s first year and he couldn’t go out and recruit. And we might add that CTC had to pull in baseball players, for criminy’s sake, just to get enough players to fill out the team. As you said, the comparison of IU’s situation and Michigan’s is not a good comparison. I do understand bailey’s frustration, though. Heck, we’re all frustrated. My bet is that the players and Coach Crean are, too. Good times are coming, though, and I bet we forget that we were ever so frustrated.

  • Anonymous

    I love how he hardly slows down when he goes behind his back. He is so quick, but completely under control. It is like the game is slower for him than other players. I hate to put unrealistic expectations on him, but it is hard not to see Zeke while you watch him play. It is going to be exciting to watch him play for us!

  • Dmglotz

    I don’t know. He looks a little slow and out of control. Not sure he will be able to distribute the ball againts Big Ten defenders.