Denver Double Pump Video: Jeremy Hollowell

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Lawrence Central wing Jeremy Hollowell was playing at an elite level before he suffered both a knee and wrist injury a couple of weeks ago at the Double Pump tournament in Denver. The 6-7 Hollowell is expected to miss several weeks, but is planning to return later this spring.

Here’s a new collection of video highlights of the latest Hoosier commitment from the Double Pump tournament. Thanks to ITH reader Stephen for providing the film of all four Indiana Elite games:

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  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Okay, question for all at ITH, readers and administrators alike: Why hasn’t IU offered Obij Aget yet? He’s a legit 7 footer who plays with Hanner at LLM and everything I read about him says he underrated and improving. PJ obviously has some health issues and what’s wrong with making the last piece of the 2012 class another big man with tremendous potential? He’s looked good so far in all the highlights I’ve seen of Indiana Elite and in my opinion you can never have enough athletic, shot-blocking 7 footers!

    IU is still on his list at all the recruiting services so why hasn’t CTC pulled the trigger? We have an abundance of wings and guards so wouldn’t it make sense that if IU took 2 seven footers and just one of them turned out to be a stud that it would be more beneficial than taking a Gary Harris (although I love him) who ends up being a 1 and done?

  • Anonymous

    Rivals says he has offers from Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, and Mississippi; IU and Tennessee are the only other two teams listed on him.

  • Diesel

    I know this is just a highlight clip, but I just don’t see the comparison to CWat. Jeremy clearly keeps his head up as he drives to the hole, finishes around the rim with contact, and I never saw him once dribble off his leg. All jabs aside, he clearly has the foot speed and dribbling ability to be a 3 which are things that Watford seem to lack.

  • RobD

    That would make IU his northernmost school. Maybe he wants to head south for college.

  • I think the comparisons to Watford are more based on demeanor rather than actual skills. (Not that I agree with any of them, just pointing it out). Hollowell is much more skilled off the dribble than Christian was when I first saw him towards the end of his senior year.

  • Plane1972

    I’m telling you, he reminds me (and another poster on ITH) of Carmelo. So, we have youthful versions of Zeke and Melo coming in 2012. Not a bad start. Also completely unfair to JH and YF, but what’s a fan to do in these dog days.

    Alex, thanks for keeping this content flowing. Amazing job.

  • MillaRed

    Two words…….


    A shout out to Stephen for the vids. Good stuff man.

  • Anonymous

    He is melo without the attitude!!!! That is glorious!!!!

  • I’ve seen him play in person a few times at La Lumiere… he looks incredibly soft with almost no offensive skills. He consistently got lit up by smaller players. He can block shots.
    He would be a major project. Probably more so than a Bawa or Tijan in my eyes.
    He is BIG though…

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ll take your word for it.

  • Anonymous

    ITH readers tell me if you agree or disagree and why:

    Starting in 2012, there will not be a more talented team in the country, BUT in my opinion we still will not have a Kemba Walker, or Eric Gordon. The scoring guard that can take the game over, or bank in a three as the shot clock expires when the offense has broken down. This to me is why we need Gary Harris. We don’t need him to have a winning record, or even to make the tournament, but if we want to talk National Championship, I think you need someone the team recognizes as “the man” the guy that’s going to take the last shot.

    Maybe I’m wrong, and that guy will be Yogi, Ron, Maurice, or Jeremy, I don’t know. Yogi seems pretty unguardable, able to get a shot off against anyone, but he is very small. Look how many times Darron Collison left his defender in the dust in the Bulls series, but still had his shot blocked by a quickly rotating Noah, or Boozer.

  • I agree with you general premise that you need a go-to-guy or a guy willing to take/make the big shots. I don’t know that Harris is that guy or that Hollowell, Yogi or Patterson aren’t that guy. But, we do need that.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help but see some Calbert in JH. About the same size. The word to describe both was smooth…so smooth that they make the game look easy. However, both had/have sneaky athleticism. Great shot anywhere on the floor.

    I hate to compare these kids to former greats, but I can’t help but see Calbert in JH, and Zeke in Yogi.

  • Anonymous

    Every team needs a go-to guy…a “killer” according to Dakich. I think that Yogi or JH could be that guy, but we can’t forget CZ on the inside. His spring performances show that he is ready for the big time, imo. I think either Yogi or JH could play the part of EG and CZ could play the part of DJ White. Two-headed monster.

    I think Harris would help in that regard, but I think we may already have one or two in that class already. I’d still love to have Harris, though.

  • InTheMtns

    I agree that a team thinking about a National championship definitely needs one. I think it’s too early to know which, if any, including Gary Harris, of the 2012 guys could be “the man.” They have another year and a half before playing their first college game. Several seem to have that potential, though. As for Eric and Kemba, let’s remember that Eric did take those “as the shot clock expires when the offense has broken down” shots and missed some; and that Kemba is a junior. If Mo is able to fully recover and regain his game, I think he very well could be “the man.” He has the grit and the heart for it. That “if,”however, is still a big “if” at this point. Eager as we all are, fact is, we’re just gonna have to wait and see.

  • jmoney$

    man this kid has so much talent and i only see him getting better…..i truly believe that could be the most successful and accomplished player at iu from the 2012 class

  • Q95

    very weak competition. aau ball does more harm than good for most of these kids.

  • Not all AAU comp is week and when the compitition got stronger JH very agresively tried to take over. In on of the gamesElite was down at half and JH came out and stearted drilling threes and going strong to the bucket. In the game that he got hurt( or in imo was fouled way to hard by 2 deffenders) They where down 12 – 2 and he was going to ram the ball down their throught. Jeremy is the KILLER dont be fooled by his quite demeaner like I was.

  • He is good for offensive rebounds thats about it. I saw him block 2 shots in 6 games in Denver and when we played the team from Houston he was now where to be found. While the other boys where getting angry and really exherting effert, O was getting ghost. He has no shot what so ever. Elite only had 8 players in Denver(7 after JH got hurt) so he had more than enough playing time to prove him self, and did not.