Gary Harris update: “Everything is still open”

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Gary Harris and his D3 Pride team competed in the 2011 Spring Showdown in Merrillville this past weekend.

Inside the Hall caught up with the 2012 Indiana target to get an update on his recruitment. A brief Harris highlight reel from the Spring Showdown follows after our Q & A:

What areas of your game have you been working on since the high school season ended?

“I’m just improving my game overall. I’m trying to improve my passing, shooting and ball-handling, and just improve in every aspect.”

Where are you at in the recruiting process?

“I’m just taking it slow still. Everything is still open and I haven’t trimmed down my list or anything yet.”

What schools watched you during the contact period in April?

“Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Illinois, Louisville, Tennessee, and Indiana. Those were pretty much all the schools that stopped by.”

Has anything further come from Kentucky recruiting you?

“Not really, we’re just talking a little bit, but it’s nothing too serious. They haven’t offered or anything like that.”

What do you think about some of the young players in Indiana that have made commitments?

“Those guys felt like it was the right situation for them, but I’m just trying to take things slow. I think it shows that Painter and Crean have done a great job recruiting the state.”

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  • There are some deep 3s in that footage, and the quickness and amount of elevation he got in the last dunk is impressive. Geez, I wish this kid was 2011 and IU bound! Would it take two Remy Abells to equal one Gary Harris?

  • stonaroni

    I think CTC has done a good job of recruiting the type of guys he wants, Harris may not fit into the plans. We may not need him.

  • Anonymous

    How easy does he make this game look? unbelievable

  • N71

    We may not need another banner either…just saying.

  • RobD

    just don’t see it happening. prediction: Michigan.

  • Won’t happen.

  • where do you see him going

  • Casey B.

    I know with the loaded 2012 class we already have, a lot of people are now adopting the “Harris would be a bonus” mentality, but let’s be real – he’s more than that.

    If you don’t think this guy would significantly bolster that class, take a few minutes to reconsider that notion.

  • Diesel

    If we keep guessing, we’ll know where Alex thinks he is going.

    prediction: Indiana

  • Diesel

    I don’t think Joe was referring to Painter there Gary…..

  • Plane1972

    I don’t think anyone is questioning what Harris would bring to the 2012 class, and I don’t think anyone is suggesting backing off on the pursuit of him. Some people, including myself, are just looking at him as icing on the cake. I’m also saying it would not be a devastating blow to lose him considering the pieces we have/will have in place by the 2012 season.

    I would be happy to be the first one to sign the “Bring on Gary Harris” petition. I just think having nearly half of your roster in one class may be a tad much and would hate to see one of the commits (namely Patterson) decide to reopen things if he felt his ability to compete for minutes was jeopardized.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think we’re looking at a six-player class who stay all 4 years though. My guess is Yogi, Buss and Jurkin are the only ones.

    If we add Gary, sure that cuts at Patterson’s PT early on. But if Hanner and Gary are 2-and-done players (or possibly sooner), then it’s no issue in my mind. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hollowell is gone after junior year.

  • Casey B.

    Yeah, I didn’t mean to suggest that line of thinking is incorrect or illogical — I’m happy with the class as is, too. Just pointing out that Harris would definitely provide an added dimension on offense that isn’t necessarily there right now.

    As far as anyone leaving because they’re fearful of how many minutes they’ll get, if that’s their mentality, I’d just as soon not have them join the Hoosiers. Winners embrace competition. And for the record, I don’t see Patterson as the type of player who would shy away because he’d have to earn his minutes.

  • IUeconAlum

    Lets say Mitch McGary or someone else committed for 2012. Wouldn’t that mean Gary couldn’t sign with the Hoosiers because all spots would be filled? I have never understood how that all worked. IU seems to offer scholarships to kids all the time. I guess it’s just luck who gives their verbal first as to who actually gets the scholarship right?

  • Anonymous

    For those of you that know HS basketball, is Harris better than Hollowell? To me Harris looks like a head of the class kind of guy, not a 6th guy in. I fear Izzo getting his hands on him

  • Kelin Blab

    Seen them both, long term Harris will be better but not by much. That is based on there physical build….however it is really close IMO. Hollowell is more polished offensively now, Harris is more explosive and a better defender.

  • walt

    First time I’ve seen Harris. Whew! If he is similar to a lot of the ones coming in ’12, still want him. He is good. We would be talking about a serious IU run. Still think we will be very good this year too.

  • Anonymous

    Prediction: Tuskegee State

  • Anonymous

    IU, MSU, Xavier in that order

  • Anonymous

    just seems like an Izzo guy

  • Anonymous

    I think they have very complimentary styles of play. Harris’ athleticism is amazing, and JH is so smooth and controlled. I think we needed someone like Hollowell more than Harris, but now that we have him, I think adding GH would be special. I think that both will be difficult to keep out of the lineup as freshmen.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t want him going to MSU and teaming up with Dawson. I think MSU is more of a threat for him than PU, personally.

  • I hear Leon Douglas has done great things since coming in, in 2006.

  • Anonymous

    Who do they compare to in today’s college game? I thought I heard Hollowell saying that CTC was going to try to use him like Watford in the 3/4 position kind of floating around a bit. Is CWat a good comparison for him?

  • Anonymous

    Who do they compare to in today’s college game? I thought I heard Hollowell saying that CTC was going to try to use him like Watford in the 3/4 position kind of floating around a bit. Is CWat a good comparison for him?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve thought that, too, but I also stop every so often and think, “he probably has it in his head that, ‘Damn, if I go to Michigan St. I have to play AGAINST these dudes two or three times a year.'”

  • Gary Harris’ facebook page has 51 groups. The first one listed in “Michigan State Spartans”. There’s also one called “Peace Out!!! I’m going out of state for college.”

    No groups related to IU or the Hoosiers. I don’t think that’s a good omen.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t worry too much about his Facebook groups. I’m not sure he comes here, but most of those Facebook groups mean nothing anyway.

  • Plane1972

    Patterson isn’t backing down from anyone, including Harris. Simply saying it will be the deepest position on the roster. Given Crean’s affinity for the combo guard skill set, and the points that b-side makes, perhaps it can work without much attrition.

    If there are enough minutes to go around, bring him on.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong…I’d LOVE for GH to join #themovement and play at IU….but i’m sorta getting that sinking feeling he’ll go elsewhere. Maybe (this kills me) Kenstinky. Truthfully, if he doesn’t choose IU i hope he opens it up a little and gives Brad Stevens a chance. For GH that would seem to make a lot of sense – not “the enemy” in HoosierNation, stack the stat sheet, take Butler to the Finals again, then go pro. Why not?

  • Anonymous

    prediction: Butler

  • IUfanToby

    I’ve always thought he would go to MSU…..seems like a good fit for Izzo’s system and hard to argue w/ the Final Four runs they make every few years. I hope I’m wrong, would love to have him at IU in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    I think he was really really close to committing right around Hollowell. Word on the street was Gary was going to join Elite and go IU shortly therafter.

    My gut is that he wasn’t 100% sure yet. He didn’t want to join Elite and start the rumor mill without commiting to IU. My guess is IU is his favorite but he is not sure. In his mind, there is nothing wrong with pulling a Zeller and seeing how things develop. He is confident he can play at any of the schools, he just wants to see what makes sense.

    If not IU, I would say Michigan St. as well. I think he sees writing on the wall at PU. I agree with Alex, no way Michigan. Maybe a Lousville or something like that. At the end of the day, IU will be really hard for him to pass up. He knows whats possible.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the same thing when I read it. I think he was being politically correct. But remember that PU has Bryson and the guy from heritage christian.

  • HSEinsider

    Honestly, I go to HSE with GH and the kid runs the school. Everybody in that school doesn’t have money, wealth, and smarts. Don’t get me wrong A LOT of kid do but at the same time there are kids that don’t.

    As for GH though I see him too going out of state. Everybody at HSE isn’t really hip with staying in the state for college but a lot do. HSE lies in Fishers, people in Fishers call it “The Fishers Bubble” everything in the town is nice, there aren’t very many crimes, and kids always seem to get the best of the best at the school. However with that “Fishers Bubble” comes roles, kids and parents know their roles in the school and outside of the school, because of money and careers of some of the parents in the town, this gives them more pull than others in the town. Its a very political town and everything is based on politics 99% of the time.

    That’s why I feel like he’ll be going out of state, he always says that he wants to stay close to home but I can’t see him staying in Indiana just because he’ll want to get away from all of the kids he was with in high school and to get away from the drama that comes with being a KNOWN SUPERSTAR in high school. He says he wants to stay in-state but isn’t going to want to go to a PU or an IU.

    Somebody want to tell me how far UK, MSU, or UofL are away from Fishers? because thats as close as you can get to in-state while still being out of state. UK (Calipari and his success with taking shooters from college and preparing them for the NBA, BBN, Tradition, Championships) and UofL (YUM center, Pitino and his success with shooters too, MSG for the conference championship) are the front runners in my mind, MSU has to be added just because he’s always looked to Izzo as a safety net if anything else doesn’t work.

    Unfortunately, GH ain’t going to IU people. He’s a PTP and a Diaper Dandy and needs playing time and nationally televised games.

  • my thoughts exactly – effortless….lots of talent here…hope he picks IU

  • my thoughts exactly – effortless….lots of talent here…hope he picks IU

  • The_Hall_Monitor

    christian watford is a good example but hollowell has much better ball handling skills and is quicker

  • If I were an IU fan, I would start getting uneasy about the “leading too long” syndrome. You’re right – there was a kind of “iron is hot” moment when you thought Harris might go for IU when Indiana players were committing like dominoes. Since he didn’t, does another school work its way into being the choice over the next 4-6 months?

    I’, sure Crean and staff will be as present as anyone in Harris’ basketball life this summer but he is Tom Izzo’s only 2011/2012 recruit and I’m sure he’ll get A LOT of attention from MSU too. Will it be enough to cut into IU’s apparent lead? Who knows.

  • Anonymous

    Michigan- no way. Perhaps MSU. Just not the anti-Christ (UK).