HD Video: Etherington, Zeller at Night of the Future Stars

  • 04/22/2011 12:56 pm in

LOUISVILLE — Indiana signees Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller participated in the Kentucky Derby Festival Classic Night of the Future Stars on Thursday evening at Bellarmine University.

Zeller teamed with Seton Hall signee Aaron Cosby to win the 2-on-2 contest over Louisville signee Zach Price and Oklahoma State signee LeBryan Nash. Due to an uneven amount of participants, Zeller also played a game with Kevin Ware in the 2-on-2 contest.

Etherington was paired with Kansas commit Braeden Anderson in the 2-on-2 contest, but fell in the first round to Minnesota signee Andre Hollins and Western Kentucky signee Derrick Gordon.

In the 3-point shootout, Etherington advanced to the finals (to be held this evening at the KFC Yum! Center) with 14 points, while Zeller managed seven points. Video of both Etherington and Zeller in the 3-point shootout in the embedded media players below:

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  • Cody’s jump shot looks pretty good in that video. Sure, he probably shouldn’t be shooting it from the outside much (paging Derek Elston), but I wouldn’t be opposed to him taking a shot or two out there in a game.

  • stonaroni

    Nice to see AE make the finals; notice these are not high school 3’s they are shooting. AE showed a nice stroke with a high release and good follow through, this will help him shoot over his defenders.

  • Anonymous

    Love both of these guys. I feel like they’re both going to have a huge impact next year. AE can do what Roth did, but actually do other things.. Like play great defense.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Jody Demling tweeted we have a chance to “land” Remy Abell. A class of 2011 6’4″ guard from Louisville. I am just wondering why we are even pursuing him. Does anyone have any idea how he fits? In my opinion, Abell is a player we absolutely don’t have room for on this roster. I don’t think he is an upgrade over our current guards or swing players coming in. I truly hope this is smoke being blown by Abell’s camp to drive his stock up and CTC continues to focus on bringing another big in for 2011 plus another elite player for 2012.

    Just curious, does anyone believe Abell would be a good idea?

  • Unless he has an insane growth spurt, reaching 6’11” by October, or unless Creek is a 90000% no-go for next season, I say pass. The fact that Xavier and Butler are involved intrigues me, but we already have a logjam at that position, and it’s only going to get worse (for Abell) in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, no thanks. I was really hopin for Jamari, but if it’s not a big, then CTC should just save the scholarship. You’re right that he won’t make any difference for us next year, and would probably never contribute much because class of ’12 will come in and blow him away.