HD Video: Etherington, Zeller at Derby Festival practice

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Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller will be Indiana basketball teammates next winter in Bloomington. They’ll also be teammates at Friday’s Derby Festival Basketball Classic presented by papajohns.com at the KFC Yum! Center.

The pair of IU signees arrived in Louisville on Wednesday afternoon and their first stop was Basketball Academy for media availability and practice.

On Thursday, they’ll visit children at Kosair Hospital, tour the Muhammad Ali Center and participate in the Night of the Future Stars at Bellarmine University. Etherington said he’ll likely participate in the 3-point shootout, while Zeller wasn’t sure if he would participate in the 3-point shootout or dunk contest.

Here are video Q & A’s with both players prior to practice for the Derby Festival Classic:

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  • oldred1976

    That’s our number one recruiter and the Hoosier responsable for the landslide of talent that we’re all so giddy about. Thanks Austin for the faith and confidence that needed to be tapped in Bloomington once more

  • Diesel

    He’s still at it. He was tweeting Jaquan Lyle today. Kid has an automatic GA position with recruiting duties following his graduation.

  • Anonymous

    And he can stroke the 3 at 6’7!

  • Anonymous

    Cody needs to get the better of his big brother and add a couple of NCAA championships to his resume… nice to dream, eh? Looking forward to watching him and Austin develop as players and hopefully contribute in a big way.

    Love ITH. Great site for IU b’ball fanatics.

  • stonaroni

    Interesting you say that because that is what vision from AE; become a GA, learn from the rebuilding of IU that he was involved in; and be a young NCAA D-I coach, and then land on the big scene by early 30’s.

    AE is a huge student of the game and has an impressive basketball IQ.

  • stonaroni

    I think this part of his game is better known by the coaches around the nation far more than it is here in Indiana. I think fans are going to be presently suprised with his stroke.

    This kid will easily fill the role that Roth carried last year at worst. I love Sheehey and VO, but AE brings a more complete game now than what VO and WS showed last season. This is a good thing because the 3 of these guys are going to be scrambling and working hard for PT. Throw Mo in the mix and if he isn’t healthy, Mo might be behind these 3 guys.

    Either way, we are finally 10+ deep.

  • stonaroni

    I hope these guys are room mates. Mr Basketball and 3 time state champ spending every day with AE, a guy who has led the charge on IU recruiting. These two guys living together, making an impact on the program and believing in IU basketball, both from Indiana and knowing what this program was and could be again.

    This is something that Purdue, Mich St, OSU, Ill, Wisc, etc does not have. No matter who these schools bring in, they do not have the heritage that IU has and they cannot grab the players from their own state that believes in this heritage.

    This is why if we keep recruiting the state and rebuilding, we will have the talent to be great but a purpose as well to restore the tradition.

    From here on out it is up to CTC to make it happen, the horses will be in the stable.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.

  • millzy32

    You have been touting AE for a while now. I am going to trust you and you will be commended if he does come in next year and show us some good things. A guy that can shoot from range and has a decent drive and is fairly athletic will be a great help.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you are right, stona. I have been pretty down on AE’s ability to find PT next season, but if he ends up being able to shoot like Roth AND play some D, he will find the floor!

  • RobD

    And if you are wrong, excommunication. Fair’s fair.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler would have been a big contributer his freshman year if he hadn’t missed 3 months with a broken hand. Hard to compare situations, but it’s a bit reassuring that Cody will be ready to play.

  • Anonymous

    I love the talent coming in over the next few years, but the only thing that worries me a little is the toughness that these players bring with them. Not saying that they aren’t tough (mentally and physically) but I think their overall basketball skill may overshadow it some. I would like to see more players emphasize bringing a physicality and toughness to future teams (a huge aspect IU has been lacking recently); we are in the B10 after all.

  • stonaroni

    He is 3 inches taller than Roth, stronger, quicker, and better defensively and on the boards.

    I would never predict 9 3’s for AE in a game ever, but he can shoot and has a very complimentary floor game.

  • stonaroni

    Fair enough

  • stonaroni

    The only way he doesn’t play much next season is if Mo is 100% on plays defense, WS and VO are far better with no Soph slump, and if Roth gets the SR treatment of seniority.

  • Diesel

    Yeah, this is a no-brainer. The athleticism AE has over Roth is just silly. A hot Matt Roth can outshoot AE, but I’m not sure we got to see a hot Matt Roth this season. When there are no talks of pursuing a medical redshirt, that should say enough.

  • Kantz0411

    This game Friday night will be on TV says it will be on FOX out of Louisville. Does anybody know if it will be on FOX in Indiana as well. I checked my local listings and there is a High School Basketball event on at 7pm but dont think it was this game.

  • Dtfree

    Did I miss Roth leaving?

  • Anonymous

    Great video Alex. I just watched the same interview from his left side on the L’ville site. Kinda funny. Is Rick your father or relative?

  • Jeremy and Ron are both extremly tough, Jeremy got hurt going over 2 defenders driving right down the gut, Elite was down 10 – 2 and he was going to get his, Kid is tough. Hanner on the other hand does not like contact and will have to get used to it if he is going to mean anything to his team in a big ten conferance year.

  • marcusgresham

    No, Stonaroni’s just anticipating that he won’t see a lot of floor time next season, given the fact that Etherington is supposed to be about as good a shooter with more height/speed/rebounding/defense. I think I agree.

  • marcusgresham

    Rick is Alex’s father. One of the best sportswriters around—I miss his radio show.