Pittsburgh Jam Fest HD Video: Mitch McGary highlights

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Thanks to our friend Dylan Burkhardt of UMHoops.com for passing along the following HD video of 2012 Brewster Academy big man Mitch McGary from this past weekend’s Pittsburgh Jam Fest.

Dylan compiled over seven minutes of video of the rapidly improving McGary, who is still being pursued by Indiana for its 2012 recruiting class. UMHoops also has an in-depth scouting report on McGary from the Jam Fest which you can read at this link.

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  • Anonymous

    Probably not the best hightlight film I’ve ever seen (lots of missed shots, especially ft’s), but I thought it gave a more true view of what he can do than most highlight films. He showed a lot of versatility (how many times did he lead the break), and a pretty polished post game. He made some nice passes, and played off the bounce better than I would have expected. Works hard away from the ball, and rebounds hard. Not supoer athletic, but makes up for it with a big motor. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he chose IU.

  • My title probably shouldn’t have included “highlights” because it’s not a typical highlight reel. That said, it’s a very good look at McGary and gives you a good idea of the type of player he is.

  • stonaroni

    I can definitely see the potential in this kid, but I see a lot of misses from the floor, FT line and a lot of misses through contact.

    Good to see his floor game is solid for his size, looks like he has an above avg handle, but needs to work on finishing strong.

  • JerryCT

    Very impressive. I liked his :

    + ability to handle the ball in open court
    + passing
    + ability to use either hand
    + quickness getting up in the air

    Not sure why he would choose us however.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he can work on a few things if he does choose IU. 1.) Give the ball up to a point guard. 2.) Choose Substance over Style. (too much showboating around the rim) I think if he is a coachable kid and learns to make the simple play, especially in the post, he could really be a solid addition to the 2012 class. If Gary Harris doesn’t decide to come to IU, I think he would definately be my second choice. He is definately an upgrade from the current big men on the staff and probably more Big 10 ready than Peter Jurkin will be right away.
    Thanks Alex for the video!

  • Casey B.

    Impressed with:

    – shot blocking
    – mobility

    Not blown away by:

    – offensive game
    – free throw shooting

  • Don’t thank me. Thank Dylan.

  • It’s just you.

  • Hoosiers1111

    Apparently Jerry Meyer from Rivals was watching a different kid. I don’t see NBA potential at all nor do I see even the slightest bit of Kevin Love. Love is a workhorse inside who can shoot the ball outside and makes great outlet passes. From this video I see a kid who is 6’11” that thinks he is a point forward. He looks to shoot, at best, 50% from the FT line, but still drifts to the outside alot on offense. He’s definitely active and runs the floor well which is nice, but even though he is big I don’t think I would take him over Harris. He just doesn’t seem to be fundamentally sound. I don’t know, maybe its just me, but I don’t want my big man bringing the ball down the floor and making jump passes.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think this kid has the potential to be a very good college basketball player. I understand and see what others are griping about in regards to his game but understand that he has a lot of tools at 6’11” you can’t teach. If he continues to improve and can mold his game he could be a great pickup for a man his size.

    I actually do see some Kevin Love in his game and maybe a little Draymond Green. Not saying he will be that good but, in my opinion, is a great role player at worst and an incredible presence at best.

    I agree that with Zeller / Watford / Hanner and Jurkin we take Gary if we can get him. But after that he wouldn’t be a bad pickup by any stretch.

  • MillaRed

    Oh man, I laughed through most of this vid. This guy is officially my favorite player. He is The Pritch on steroids. The crossovers and running the break had me cracking up.

    Obviously, this guy really needs to slow down on the floor. But there is really good talent here. He has good hands, a great dribble for his size and sees the floor really well.

    However, he went to the TP free throw academy and needs to lay off the jumpers.

    Otherwise, he is a bulldozer. Love his energy and the dude is just a man. We could use a guy like this. Elston could learn a lot from this kid.

  • Did you see Mitch dribble the ball and start the fast break? I don’t think Pritch has ever done that.

  • MillaRed

    This guy had more blocked shots in one game than Pritch has in his career. They are both left-handed. The comparison stops there.

  • MillaRed

    It’s AAU right? These games are put together to allow for kids to work on many aspects of their game. To include being a point forward. I doubt he ran wild like this at Brewster.

  • N71

    My intent was more a compliment to Tom versus a slam on Mitch. Tom, when he’s not in foul trouble is rather effective in my opinion and with the addition of Zeller should have a strong season this next go around.

  • Casey B.

    A lot of 6′ 11″ kids look like beasts in high school and AAU, though. There just aren’t a lot of kids his size to go up against.

    I’m skeptical about how his game will translate at the college level.

    However, I don’t know quite as much about basketball and talent scouting as Tom Crean, so I’ll leave this one up to him.

  • Youngin

    His game reminds me of Josh McRoberts when he was in high school

  • jcris

    I’m so so on this kid. Loved the vid though because a lot of times a highlight vid makes kids seem unreal, and you want to see the mistakes too.

    Positives- Very good rebounder and shot blocker. Definitely a game changer near the bucket. Runs the floor well and seems to go up strong, he needs to start making more but still attacks the basket instead of just looking for a foul. His post moves were strong, but seemed to never give the ball up.

    Negatives- Black hole, from this vid it seems no matter where he gets it he thinks he is the best option. He passed on the fast break but thats about it. I think that he shoots from the outside to much, where I saw him make maybe 1 15+ footer. Also not a fan of the elbow drive floater, that should really be taken out of his game.

    All in all I think that he would be a good role player because I think that all the negatives I listed are something that he will do once or twice in a summer practice, get chewed out, and never attempted again. I like his potential but I do not want another Marco Killingsworth, who thinks he is much better than he is.

  • brklynhoosier

    I think you give him another yr of high school + 4/5 yrs of college ball and he could be a really nice Jarad Odle-type post player — maybe even Matt Nover-type. Has good hands and good vision. And does seem to be improving…

  • guest

    Reminds me of a young McBobs. AAU shot selection made me question his ability at first, but once he gets in a program where he plays a specific role, he will do a lot better.

  • MillaRed

    Actually it looked like Mitch hit 50% or better. TP notched what? 38%? Only kidding. Fact is this guy would score points and Tom just doesn’t do it that often.

  • MillaRed

    Look at this kid on film and look at Zeller. Totally different styles. Every team needs a Krabbenhoft type guy that will throw his body around.

    This kid is unique. He can go to the hole with a strong dribble. Yes he needs to settle down but there is a lot to work with here. And it’s not just because he is 6’11”.

  • Casey B.

    As I think about it more, given the class that would surround this kid (assuming he ended up here), it certainly seems opportunities for him to score would open up a lot. There’s no doubt Crean’s also fond of his ability to step outside.

    Crean loves a big who can shoot a mid-range jumper.

  • Casey B.

    The Killingsworth who averaged 17 ppg and 8 rpg his senior year at IU? Weaknesses aside, if McGary comes to IU and ever does that, I’ll be happy.

  • Anonymous

    Another concern is all the kids flopping all over the ground when he’s near. Not sure the refs had their whistles working right on a few of those games. He might foul out in the first five minutes if he’s not careful. I did love the effort on rebounds. He WANTS the ball. I think he would be a perfect fit for that 2012 class. A little coaching and he will be solid!!
    Go Hoosiers!!

  • It also looks like he’s got 20-30 pounds on Cody. With another year of high school and an intense lifting regiment in the off season, Mitch might come in with a body to contribute his frosh season (it didn’t look like he shied away from contact — not that Cody does, but Mitch looks like he’s built to take more of a pounding than CZ).

  • MGDC

    You are kidding, right? This kid has 1,000 times more natural talent than Odle or Matt Nover. What is he 17 or 18 years old? He can already handle the rock much better than a lot of college kids his size and is already a relentless rebounder. Great upside. TC-Get him!

  • Anonymous

    He’s all over the place — both good and bad.

    I watched that segment at 1:33 three times. Blocks the shot, gets the rebound, goes the length of the floor (was that a behind the back dribble?), drives the lane thru traffic and scores.

    Then misses lots of free throws. Almost falls down when his shot’s blocked. He’s a guard! He’s a forward! He’s a center! If he could pass to himself, he would.

    He seems to get a thrill out of playing and that makes him fun to watch.

    I’ll take videos like this any day over highlights, to get to know the real player.

  • Dannon Brown

    This will be the first kid we have discussed on this site since i have been on here that i am saying No thanks to. I like alot about this kid, but there is alot i dont like also. IMO he is not a good fit for what i think Crean is putting together. To me he falls in that semi athletic big body catagory that hasnt done much for us in the past few years. He doesnt look like a bad player just not enough there for me to want him in IU uni. I would like to see the guys like Traylor and Pitchford, the guys with supreme athletcism that when they get to college and put on some muscle will become a challange for other teams.

  • MillaRed

    Keep in mind, this is AAU basketball. They don’t run anything. Are these videos really any different than the McD’s All-American game? The best talent in the country looking like a bunch of idiots for two hours?

    I don’t look at games like this and judge too much on decision making. What I look for are basic abilities. The kid moves very well, runs the entire game and has a nice touch around the basket. In other words, he does things that no big has done at IU since DJ graduated.

  • McGary is a much, much better player than Walter Pitchford.

  • MillaRed

    I’m not sure what the lack of interest is on this kid but I for one am digging his skill set. The guy has a lot of talent and would be a great addition to this class.

    He’s the guy that will punch someone in the grill when Cody is getting hammered.

    If no Gary Harris, get Mitch!

  • Dannon Brown

    You have seen them in person perhaps so i trust your judgement. I dindt say pitchford was specifically good, but his athletecism in my mind was much higher and with that you can create a better player in the long run. I see alot of missed shots both from point blank and from the floor. I would like to see him finish around the rim and get the ball to fall. I love his ability to block shots and rebound, but i just dont see the potential there for me to like this guy. With the talent we have coming in i think we can start to be choosy about our guys and i dont feel a need for Mitch in 2012. I am going off a film clip which i know never tells the whole story, hopefully if we get him i am wrong and he will be a stud.

  • Dannon Brown

    so is Capo but no one wants to see him on the floor. I was excited about Bobby after watching highlight films and that is what this film feels like to me.. Remember when Capo was a frosh and he would get contact around the rim and throw the ball 6 feet over the basket…. i see a few of those in here, he doesnt appear to have the touch around the glass.

  • Anonymous

    That is the whole point of the Odle/Nover comparison. Natural talent loses to incredible workers with some talent. Brian Cardinal is STILL playing in the NBA!

  • Anonymous

    No one would take McGary OVER Harris. But if IU can’t get Harris, is Mitch the next choice, or Bail, or Hammons, or a FL 6’11 kid named Joell James (Rivals #148, but a beast in person).

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Looks like he would be very frustrating to watch in his early years, but his ceiling seems very high. I would advise him to put away that jump shot and focus on finishing around the rim. Love his mobility and hustle but I kept thinking that he was saying “Raindrops!!!” on a few of those shots.

  • Kelin Blab

    I like McGary alot, didn’t think we were still on him but glad we are. I think he fills more of a need at IU than Gary Harris, would not be upset if we got either. Him pushing the ball up the floor is no big deal to me and if he can get a break started with a few big bounces I am all for it……
    I love his activity and ‘involvement’.
    Could you imagine the lumberjack post players from Wisconsin trying to chase him and Cody up and down the floor.

  • MillaRed

    McGary makes Capo look like he is standing in mud. Give them 10 games of 21 against each other and I bet Mitch every game, by 7.

  • MillaRed

    He reminds me of youth hoops when all of our bigs thought they were point guards. He just needs coaching. One to three dribbles to get a break going is good stuff. But I doubt he will ever move the ball past half court at a D1 level.

  • Anonymous

    Big body. Kinda reckless enthusiasm. Talent and improving. Another year to get better. I like him.

  • Anonymous

    McGary would be a mistake for Crean and IU. I suspect that if he came to IU he would make it maybe a season before transferring. Maybe. That’s just his personality/mentality.

    As for his game, if he got A LOT better then he could be Jason Collier. It would take a very patient coach and fan base along with a lot of hard work by McGary to make that happen.

    Count me in the camp that says let him go elsewhere.

  • Nope, not a fit IMO. It’s Gary Harris or bust I would think.

  • Anonymous

    I like this kid, I like his swagger and his style. However, I don’t think he is a good fit with what we will be having come on to campus 2012. I would say Gary Harris or nothing for that year. Pick up another talented guy in 2013 or save it for our next super stacked class in 2014.

    If he continue to improve on the offensive end, making his freethrows, the contested layups, stops the jump passes, and plays a little bit smarter I would be happy with him coming into the 2012 class or reclassifying to 2013 if Jurkin doesn’t.

    Love the way he controls the paint with blocked shots and rebounds tho.

  • Hoosier

    I think a serious coach would be able to harness some of that spastic energy and mold him into a productive big. I’m guessing he’s not much fun to practice against everyday.

  • Anonymous

    I tend to agree. When you have the opportunity to sign a guy like Harris, you make room for him. I really like McGary, but I don’t know if I like him more than some of the guys we are looking at for 2013. If we sign either of them, there will be a scholarship crunch, but I’d take Harris over some of the ’13 guys like Irvin. I don’t know if I can say the same about McGary.

    Good player, and if he were a 2011 player, I’d say sign him, but he isn’t. I don’t think I’d be upset if we signed him, but I kinda hope we don’t.

  • Anonymous

    These are highlights? Let’s pass on Mitch.