2011-2012 non-conference schedule: What we know

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The complete 2011-2012 Indiana basketball schedule won’t be released until late summer, but yesterday the Big Ten announced a small nugget in regards to next year’s challenge with the ACC.

For the second consecutive year, Indiana (along with Michigan) will receive a road game against an ACC opponent. Minnesota will play at the Barn once again and Nebraska somehow received a home game in the event. The full schedule for the 13th annual Big Ten-ACC Challenge should be released next month.

Next year’s non-conference slate is looking a bit more daunting than last year’s, which was the 325th toughest in the country according to Ken Pomeroy. The Hoosiers beat just two teams in Pomeroy’s top 250 in last season’s non-conference, Wright State (112) and Evansville (166), and only played one NCAA Tournament team (Kentucky).

Here’s what we know thus far about next year’s non-conference schedule:

At Evansville. This was announced last August and is the second game in a 3-game series which began last season at Assembly Hall. It will not, however, be the opening regular season game in Evansville’s new arena.

Notre Dame on December 17 in the Crossroads Classic at Conseco Fieldhouse. The Hoosiers get the Fighting Irish in year one of this event and Butler on December 15, 2012.

Butler at Assembly Hall. This will be the fourth game of an exempt tournament in which both IU and Butler will host three games at home and then meet in Bloomington.

Kentucky at Assembly Hall. Depending on which players decide to return to Lexington, the Wildcats could come to Bloomington ranked in the top 3 nationally.

ACC opponent on the road. Assuming the ACC swaps last year’s home and away designations, the potential opponents are Georgia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia and Wake Forest. As appealing at it might sound for storyline purposes to have Zeller vs. Zeller in Chapel Hill, IU would be better off going to Georgia Tech or North Carolina State for postseason aspiration purposes.

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  • IUJeff

    Definitely like your optimism Loop. If a couple of our 6′-8″ guys can remove the cinder blocks from their feet and play some D, then it should be doable.

  • JerryCT

    Its a small point to fans but a big point to the offense that we have no one capable including VJ3 unless they get a ball screen. Ideally the DD offense would only rely on spacing . Screens take the big away from the dish and clog the works.

  • JerryCT

    Loop: You are a stats guy. I think you will find a theme when you look at the box scores of close and won games vs poor games . A poor game is not always judged by the score (like the first PU game). The only consistent theme I can find is that when Pritchard plays more than 23 minutes we are a tough team to beat. Poor performances seem to correlate to him playing under 19 min.

    I would guestimate that 50% of his fouls are caused by others getting beaten to the rack or our guards driving before he is set on the pick

  • JerryCT

    This morning I did an analysis and found that the only theme I can see in IU playing well vs poorly is that Pritchard needs at least 23 minutes. When this happens we are tough to beat. No other theme sticks out to me like this one.

    The old ” we played so well when VJ and CW were out ” doesn’t work because we played well at times when they played .

    The consistency is that against IL, MSU, Minn, Iowa and PU Pritchard played 24, 32, 30, 26 and 32 minutes and another 25 in our win against UM.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jeff.

  • Anonymous

    But I think that Austin Etherington will be very good immediately (Deibler like good).

  • Is Bud Selig running the ACC-B1G challenge now?

  • And by “at least 23 minutes” you mean “the full 40 minutes,” right?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the insight Jerry, I will check it out. You are a great supporter of Big Tom. You may be exactly right. But how can we put him on the court until he can hit 60% of his FT’s, play 25 minutes before he gets his 4th foul, and develops some reasonable shot from 8-15′ out (off of the glass is the easiest) to present an offensive threat? How can he learn this between now and November when he has not gotten it in 3 years? I am hopeful that he can. What do you think that he needs to do right now to get there? He needs arch on his FT’s. I remember in the old days a sort of “hurdle” like metal pole that could be raised to different heights and placed between the FT line and the basket. You raise it up where you want it and you have to shoot over the bar and have the ball come down into the basket. It might work.

  • JerryCT

    I agree with you . If Rivers can do it he can. One of the things that has worried me is the mediocre progress on known issues with the players like :

    TP ==> FT’s
    CW ==> not explosive off the floor
    VJ,JH ==> slow first step, timid passing
    DE ==> slow feet
    Roth ==> less than automatic from 3pt

  • Anonymous

    It is the old “if I win I really don’t get much benefit from it”, “if I lose it is a really big loss” argument. Also, apart from the odd opening of a new fieldhouse in Evansville, you would want all of those games played in Bloomington or Conseco. But definitely include those teams, at least 2-3 each year, in the mix.

  • Anonymous

    Meaning that Liggins will not be playing for KY next season, because no one in the NBA will draft him. I am sure he could find a job in Europe and probably attend as many classes at KY as he does now.

  • looking fwd to the start of the season 🙂

  • IU_Fan_99

    any more Indiana Elite games going to be shown on ESPN 360?

  • Marsh21

    For IU to be tough to beat VJIII and CW must play defense and be able to get through a screen. Until then its a free for all from the 3 point line for other teams.

  • Anonymous

    we get another road game for the big ten acc challenge? actually hoping for zeller vs. zeller. why not?

  • Anonymous

    So yeah, Jeremy Hollowell just broke his wrist out in Denver according to his twitter.

  • JerryCT

    You are right. Folks forget we started DE, WS, JR, TP and JH against Minn and jumped out to a 12 pt lead . It is no accident that defense wins games ….. and loses them