IndyBall Video: Trevon Bluiett interview, highlights

  • 04/14/2011 10:27 am in

Fresh off a 2A state championship at Park Tudor two weeks earlier, freshman Trevon Bluiett took to the floor with Spiece Indy Heat this past weekend at the Shootout.

Inside the Hall talked to Bluiett about what he’s looking forward to this summer, what it’s like to be coached by his dad, his performance in the state title game and his recruitment in a video Q & A:

Highlights of Bluiett are available after the jump…

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  • JerryCT

    “over the years my dad prepared me to get through anything ”

    ANother great attitude kid. I really hope he lands at IU to keep the streak going

  • Anonymous

    Very SHARP kid! Especially when you condiser he is 15 years old. Pile on his performance and demeanor as a freshman in the State Championship on top of it. He is a very talented with a ton of character. He could be IU’s Grant Hill! I hope he continues to improve, become more of a wing player and commits to IU. A class with Lyles, Blackmon and Bluiett would make two #1 classes and three years…love it!

  • MillaRed

    Agreed. Coaches son, well-spoken, loves the game. Should be ours for the taking. Hoping dad is an IU fan.

  • RobD

    who does Trey Lyles play for in AAU? has he not bee in action so far?

  • They are on the same team

  • He plays for Spiece Indy Heat but played up with the 17’s at Boo Williams in Virginia last weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Recruiting Services Team Rankings 2014:

    1. Indiana
    (Trey Lyles, James Blackmon, Trevon Bluiett and Jaquan Lyle)

    2. Who Cares?

    A class like this IMO would top our 2012, maybe even rival Michigan’s Fab Five as one of the best ever. If we are lucky, by 2014 the NBA will have a 20 yr old age limit because a couple of these guys could easily end up being one and dones.

    Consider this, including current talent and future commitments, no team in the nation can compete with IU with the exception of possibly North Carolina.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I really, really like this kid! I think he’s going to end up about 6’7″, which is big enough for a small forward to use his knack for being in the right spot, and he’s improving in every area of his game. If he keeps working on his jumper he could end up being a dangerous dual threat and he is going to be a great rebounder because he is always in position!

    Nice kid and a great attitude like Jerry pointed out! He sure would make that 2014 class a complete class – Guard, Wing/SF, PF!

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best thing about all of these recruits…not only are they great players and good kids, but they are Indiana kids! Davis and Sampson couldn’t recruit Indiana at all. I’d LOVE to get Bluiett. I think he could be amazing.

  • Plane1972

    The team I hope we out-duel for talent is OSU. Matta’s presence and pilfering of Indiana’s elite talent has to end. Huge step in that direction in 2012 and hopefully by keeping Blueitt and Lyle in 2013, that river of talent leaving for Ohio will be but a small trickle.

  • RobD

    Dakich will probably call him “Just a Guy.”

  • RobD

    well, eventually the logjam will set in. you can’t satisfy the playing time desires of 4 top flight kids per year. I think Butler will take more of a piece of Matta and IU’s action in coming years.

  • Diesel

    Hasn’t it already ended? Thomas gave his verbal several years ago, who else is seriously considering OSU? As far as I am concerned, the doors have been closed shut for a couple years already.

  • Diesel

    IMO, Butler will need another 2 year run of final four participation for this to happen. Their recruiting style has not changed even with recent success, and why should it?

    There’s no logjam at Duke, Kansas, UNC, etc, there will not be at IU.

  • Diesel

    Sure plays well alongside PJ. Joe/Alex, will PJ get featured as well?

  • Kelin Blab

    First thing comes to mind about his game and attitude…’Polished’. Very effective, team focused, and tough. You need kids like this on your team.

  • Not sure if we’ll run any video on PJ from IndyBall. Might do that later this spring or summer.

  • Anonymous

    Agree! And thus probably a big part of why Matta has had somewhat of an attitude towards Crean. Crean at IU = Harder for Matta to automatically reload every year at O$U with the help of poached talent from Indiana.

    I thought I noticed Matta’s nose starting to look even bigger than normal a couple of years ago (which is quite the statement in itself) and I think it must have been a result of a couple of years back Matta thinking it was business as usual when it came to signing some of the top Indiana kids only this time Crean was waiting at the state line and just so there would not be any doubt how things were going to be from here on out in Matta’s mind he slammed the talent door shut hard up against his nose as it met the state line.

  • Anonymous

    To put it all in a nustshell when giving my opinion about this kid is, there is not one thing I can find to dislike about this well spoken young man. His is the exact kind of player we need and should all want in the candy stripes representing IU. Something tells me he will be far from a liability on the team GPA as well.

    If he signs on with the others that have already verbaled it would be shaping up to be just as good if not better than the 2012 class IMHO. Now that is scary fun to think about.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of great talent in Indiana, and a lot of that talent interested in IU. What a nice combination.

  • N71

    Matta should be fine recruiting Ohio with Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinatti, Dayton, Toledo, etc. The state has 11 million people and 1 Big Ten school. Indiana on the otherhand has 6 million people and 2 Big Ten schools. So Thad, stay the heck out of Indiana. If we loose a recruit it should be to Purdue, Butler or Notre Dame…NOT O$U. Loosing Teague to Kentucky is just not right and where there’s smoke there’s surely fire. How long can Calipari hold on at Kentucky until the NCAA finds his trail?