Indiana Elite Team Indiana spring, summer schedule

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(Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports)

We’ve had several requests over the past few days for a spring and summer schedule for the Indiana Elite team featuring Yogi Ferrell, Ron Patterson, Hanner Perea, Jeremy Hollowell and Peter Jurkin.

Here’s a look at the schedule, according to Michael Fox of Indiana Elite:

April 15-17: Double Pump at Denver, Colorado (Yogi Ferrell will not play)
April 22-24: Nike Spring Showdown at Merrilville or King James Classic at Akron, Ohio
May 7-8: Spiece Run ‘N Slam at Ft. Wayne
May 13-15: adidas May Classic at Bloomington
May 27-29: Best Buy Chicago Classic at Chicago, Illinois
July 6-9: adidas Invitational at Indianapolis
July 9-11: adidas Summer Slam at Indianapolis (Tentative)
July 13-15: Best Buy Summer Classic at Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 21-26: adidas Super 64 at Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard talk that Gary Harris will play in place of Yogi at the tournament this weekend as a one time thing, is this true? If so, that would be awesome to watch!

  • Anonymous

    may 7 & 8! i’m there

  • Denver? i had no idea. I will be there. I dont know whether I am crying cause I get to go, or because Yogi wont be here.

  • Dont tease me

  • If you have a video camera, take it and grab some video. The ITH commenters will love you for it.

  • You Bet

  • Definitely serious about the video. Drop me an email at [email protected] when the event gets closer and I should be able to help you with schedule details.

  • Jon

    I just realized it was Mem Day weekend and I may be gone, but if not, I’ll definitely hit up a game or two. I’ll shoot you an email regardless. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Is it time for potential lineups for 2011-12 yet? I suggest Zeller, Watford, Oladipo, Etherington and Hulls as the starting 5. Then Pritchard, Elston, Sheehey, Jones and Creek as the next 5. With Roth, Moore, Capo and Howard as reserves. I say no additional recruit in 2011, but yes a 6 man class for 2012 with #24 Gary Harris 6’4 (and, if he says no, then in order: #13 Tarczewski 7′, #15 Bail 6’8, #56 Hammons 6’11, #92 McGary 6’10, #148 Joell James 6’10, #74 Dorsey-Walker 6’4, and #99 Marrero 6’5). Let the games begin!

  • walt

    When I first looked at your starting line-up (potential), thought that Cody and Austin need to be brought along a bit more slowly. And with the departure of so many good senior from other teams, think that Prith and Jones probably need to start: practice will probably be a big determiner too.

  • MillaRed

    Pretty good chance I will be at The Best Buy Chicago.

  • MillaRed

    Watford will have to make major strides on defense or Pritch is a necessary starter.

    Etherington would have to bring major DEF abilities too or we are looking at 2010 Part Deaux.

    Also not sure AE will earn a spot over Will.

    Either way, I like Verdell off the bench if he is the same player.

  • Pritch Needs to be on the floor. I think we are all in for a surprize with Tom next year.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s mainly because of both the injury and the fact that he’s all the way in North Carolina. He’ll be playing this summer.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t heard anything substantial, just brought up as a possibility. It’s fun to think about and if it IS true, I’m going straight to Colorado lol

  • Let me know when you land @ D.I.A. I will pick you up. Basketball royalty

  • Anonymous

    It is very hard to play with only 4 offensive threats against a good defense. Especially when the non-scorer is horrible at FT, about .348. So even if he is open for a layup, the opponent just fouls him and we get 1 point. IF Indiana had a 25-35 point scoring threat it might be different, but we don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Watford has made good progress each year so far. That is why I match him with Victor, who is good on defense. Etherington should play a lot like Will, with less “hop” but with more accuracy from the 3-point line. We will see.

  • Anonymous

    I just disagree. When you go 12-20 your freshmen need to be good enough to start on day one. Zeller will be the #1 player on the team on day one (with Watford and Hulls #2 and #3). Etherington should be the #1 3- point shooter on the team on day one because Hulls will have to be the ball handler as PG. He will be a much better defender and rebounder than Roth. If Will beats out Austin, I am OK with that. Pritchard and Jones have showed us what they have and it is not nearly good enough to be a 20 win team, and that has to be the goal!. However, each does have some abilities to add to the team and much experience. So they will get minutes.

  • I agree totaly but we have got to have some D from somewhere

  • InTheMtns

    Loop, Cody is rarely going to play the 5. Both he and CTC have said so. And even without that announcement, we can guess the same thing because he won’t be big/strong enough his Freshman year. In your lineup are you suggesting Christian, Vic or Austin will be the 5? Or are you suggesting we won’t have a 5? If you’re suggesting neither thing, then I think you’re going to have to rethink Tom Pritchard. I’m pretty sure he will be on the floor a lot in the 5 spot and I imagine he will be the starter unless CTC happens to land a better big in the 2011 class.

  • Diesel

    From what I saw at Top 60, agree with AE to WS comparison with better shot, a little less springy but still pretty athletic and long.

  • Anonymous

    My Lineup:

    Creek (depending on Creek’s health)
    Pritchard (defensive purposes)

    Oladipo (again, health dependent)


  • Anonymous

    I just have trouble seeing Etherington get much time his freshman year when Creek, Watford, Jones, Oladipo and Sheehey will probably lead him on the depth chart

  • Anonymous

    Starting Five:
    1) Hulls
    2) Creek/Jones (Pending Creek’s health)
    3) Watford
    4) Zeller
    5) Pritch

    Other playing time:
    1) Jones
    2) Creek/Jones/AE (Pending Creek’s health)
    3) VO/Will/AE
    4) Will/Elston
    5) Elston

    We are going to play 10 guys and every game will see different substitution patterns. I agree with the sentiment that we shouldn’t sell Pritch short this year. Zeller will open things up for him. Of this I am confident.

    Sorry about the Yoda like speech pattern.

  • Anonymous

    Cody is the closest player that IU has had to a 5 since Kirk Haston, and he was really a 4 as well.

  • Anonymous

    Pritchard was our post defense last year. It was not good enough. He will play but he will not often be on the floor in tight games in the last 5 minutes because he is horrible at FT’s and can not hit a 10′ jumper off of the glass.

  • Anonymous

    Cody’s size and length will be a difference maker.

  • Anonymous

    Most of you really like Pritchard in the starting lineup. I hope that he can do it, but I do not believe that he can do it. Many do not think that Austin will be a player on day one. I think that he is athletic, and will be a good rebounder and defender, and a great 3-point shooter. But I don’t know anything for sure. I am just thinking out loud. But Cody Zeller will be our best player from day one on!

  • Anonymous

    Imagine Will Sheehey hitting 40% plus from the 3-point line. Wouldn’t you want him on the floor a lot? That’s what I think that Austin will be.

  • Anonymous

    Loop. I agree and disagree. Zeller is very very good. Don’t get me wrong. He may even be the most talented, baring Creek’s health, however you must take in account he is still weak and he is a freshmen. He will open everything up for the rest of the team including pritchard. Pritchard was guarded by double teams, or by 7 footers. Now he will be one on one, and the best defender down low will be on Zeller. I think Pritchard has a freshman like season this year.

  • Diesel

    DJ was a 4, but a little closer to a 5 than Haston IMO.

  • Gustin

    I too believe that he who shoots from outside at a higher percentage will play the most minutes. We will need the points… And, I believe AE will win out here unless WS works really hard on his mid range and outside shooting this off season…

  • Sounds good. Not sure IE will be there, but drop me an email nonetheless and I can let you know some other guys to keep an eye on.

  • Anonymous

    I imagine that Cody will do some grinding against Tyler before school starts. Why you think that he will be weak is beyond me. Freshmen are drafted into the NBA every year. No one ever double teamed Pritchard last year. But I do hope that the addition of Zeller helps Pritch realize more of his potential.

  • Anonymous

    My view is that the hook shot, baby hook, jump hook, is what makes a 4 closer to a 5. DJ was (is) money on the 8-18′ jump shot. I don’t remember a hook in his game.

  • HoosierHysteric

    Don’t be so harsh, every once and a while he tried to put his hands up.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they really need to start pushing Gary harris to switch teams, because Hollowell unfortunately will be out for quite a bit of this I would imagine.

    If there is a bright side to this, maybe he can learn to really use both hands and come back even better than before. And I would like to see Patterson and Perea step up and take Hollowell’s points during his absence..

    Is it just Indiana? Or does every school have this kind of luck with injuries,

  • oldred1976

    I have two different lines of thought on some knuckle head under cutting some one (JH) extremely valuable to Hoosier Nation.Contacting my Cousin Quido and collecting on some favors!! Second one would be sneaking into this individuals High School and scrambling adjusting his grades.
    I prefer the first one (paybacks are H#@$). That way this person might think twice before he tries to end someones college career.
    But I’m sure there are others that might do a more effective job with the second idea.

  • Anonymous

    I’m down.

  • I dont think it was a undercut, i am grabing my video cam. right now and looking.

  • Nope, he was almost at sprint and went up w/ the ball and 2 defenders slaped his arms and he came down flat on his face. make no mistake this team played so dirty that the head ref walked off the floor and had to be perswaded to come back

  • Anonymous

    I hope you are right about AE, but from what I have seen of him, I agree far more with bigdawg. AE is a good shooter, but not 40 percent from 3. The biggest plus that AE brings, imo, is his competitive fire. He is a baller. We need some guys like that…even if it shows up in practice as opposed to the games.

  • oldred1976

    I was going on the tweet that Jeremy made saying he was undercut so bad he got stitches in his chin. I saw no film nor was i in attendance. thanks for the update

  • Anonymous

    Next year at this time we will KNOW!