• Hollowell’s old team, Eric Gordon 17’s. Ronnie Johnson (North Central), D.J. Balentine (Kokomo), Nick Osbourne (Muncie Central), Rhett Smith (Sullivan).

  • Anonymous

    wow yogi is gonna be fun to watch in the cream and crimson

    also hollowell’s missed dunk really showed off his surprising athleticism. pump fake, two dribbles and then flying to the rim. no doubt he throws that down in assembly hall with the crowd fueling his adrenaline

  • Msmith

    Haven’t seen much video of Yogi – does he come off quicker in person than on these videos?

  • RobD

    how ironic.

  • RobD

    what, this isn’t quick enough for ya?

  • Diesel

    Beating 2 players to the hole and finishing is not enough. When he can go 1 on 5 I’ll be impressed.