IndyBall Video: Collin Hartman interview, highlights

  • 04/11/2011 8:15 am in

2013 Indianapolis Cathedral forward Collin Hartman kicked off the AAU season on Saturday with the Eric Gordon All-Stars 16-and-under team, where he’ll play with fellow IU commit Devin Davis Jr. as well as Purdue commit Basil Smotherman, Zak Irvin and V.J. Beachem.

Inside the Hall caught up with Hartman after a pool play game at the Shootout for a video Q & A:

Highlights of Hartman, taken by Joe Eberhardt, are available after the jump:

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  • He grew an inch in the past month? What?! Did he mean since the start of the high school basketball season, not the end?

  • He grew an inch in the past month? What?! Did he mean since the start of the high school basketball season, not the end?

  • N71

    I’ve seem Hartman play a number of times and assumed he would continue to grow but an inch in a few weeks, that can’t be right. I’d guess he’ll end up at 6′ 9″ when he’s done growing and be much like Dunleavey, kind of good at everything but most confortable on the perimeter. Davis seems more comfortable on the interior so while they are similar in size they like doing different things is appears. As Davis puts on weight I could see him become a scoring banger, the type we all seem to want so much so go with the other guys we have coming. Hartman a 2-3 when he comes to Bloomington, Davis a 4, this is baring any growth spurt beyond a couple inches up and out for both.

  • Anonymous

    What number is Davis?

  • Anonymous

    15 according to their website (although I imagine Joe will put up a DD highlights package at some point anyway)

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen Hartman play but I’m really intrigued by what I hear. A kid with that size and such a high skill level will be hard to keep off the court.

  • Anonymous

    Me too. I am kinda a box score junkie, even though I understand that those don’t always tell the whole story of a game. Still, if you pay attention to his boxes, he doesn’t have to score a ton to be effective. I don’t think we will need him to score a lot of points, but his basketball IQ and awareness seem extremely high. I think the older guys will struggle to keep him from getting their minutes!

  • RobD

    probably. still. kyle singler was 6’8”.

  • Chromeburn

    I bet his mom isn’t happy about that. I had similar growth spurts and it drove my mom nuts trying to find clothing.

  • Speedway72

    The only potential issue I saw on the short highlights clip is that it seems like Hartman seems to bring the ball from an abdomen-level position on his way up for a jump shot. That would bring into play the ability of some of the shorter players to block his short or knock it away on the way up. That, though, can certainly be corrected. Anybody else notice that? Otherwise he’s got a lanky build and with added strength he’s going to be extremely versatile (like Sheehey).

  • BigRed

    Didn’t notice it on the first watch but you’re right, that will need to be worked on.

  • Anonymous

    i noticed that too. the first two highlights he receives the ball chest height and brings the ball down before stroking it. i hope someone points that out to him and with a little practice he keeps knocking down his shot with a slightly better shot. however, i like how he kept the ball high when close to the basket. the ball was caught at chest-should level and immediately went back up with it.