IndyBall Shootout player evaluations: 2012 class

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Inside the Hall hit the spring AAU trail in Indianapolis over the weekend for the Shootout, which featured several IU commits and recruiting targets. Here are notes on prospects in the 2012 class from editor Alex Bozich and recruiting analyst Joe Eberhardt. (Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports)

Hanner Perea, La Porte La Lumiere, Indiana Elite Team Indiana

– Bozich’s take: The Colombia native was somewhat limited by a sore hamstring, but still managed to display that elite athleticism that is responsible for his rise up the national recruiting rankings. Offensively, he’s far more dangerous at this point hovering around the paint and looking for lobs and putbacks. Playing with a point guard like Ferrell that will drive into the lane and look his way should produce plenty of opportunities for easy buckets. But in order for Perea to become more well-rounded offensive threat, he’ll need to develop a more consistent post game and continue working on his jump shot out to 10 or 12 feet. Defensively, Perea changed a number of shots with his tremendous length.

Jeremy Hollowell, Lawrence Central, Indiana Elite Team Indiana

– Eberhardt’s take: A late addition to the Indiana Elite team, Hollowell didn’t appear to miss a beat. He looked great all weekend long, scoring by knocking down perimeter jump shots and attacking defenders off the dribble. Hollowell looks to have improved his athleticism heading into this weekend, finishing several dunks in traffic and pleasing the crowd with his bounce. He also played a big part in Indiana Elite’s defensive game plan on Gary Harris, helping to hold the fellow 2012 star to just four field goals in the Indiana Elite vs. D3 Pride matchup. This weekend was a solid all-around performance for Hollowell, showing off the versatility that makes him so impressive. As long as Hollowell continues to assert himself, he should be one of the most productive players on the AAU circuit this summer.

Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, Park Tudor, Indiana Elite Team Indiana

– Bozich’s take: It will be hard for Indiana fans not to get excited about a Ferrell-led team taking the court in the winter of 2012 in Bloomington. The future Hoosier point guard is a natural leader that should have no problem taking on that role for Indiana Elite as the summer moves along. During a Saturday pool play game, Ferrell was lights out from the perimeter, but also managed to share the ball and keep teammates involved. The Park Tudor junior has a complete offensive game that includes a jumper with plenty of elevation, a solid mid-range game and the ability to make difficult shots in the lane.

Gary Harris, Hamilton Southeastern, D3 Pride

– Eberhardt’s take: The Hamilton Southeastern junior was impressive all weekend, showing his versatile scoring ability from game-to-game. While Harris shot the ball well from deep in spurts, it wasn’t going in each and every time. But when his perimeter shot was not falling, he drove hard to the hoop and either finished or got to the foul line. He showed that he doesn’t fall in love with the jump shot and was very willing to accept contact in exchange for free throw opportunities. Harris threw down multiple jaw-dropping dunks that brought fans to their feet and served as a reminder of his remarkable athleticism.

Ron Patterson, Broad Ripple, Indiana Elite Team Indiana

– Eberhardt’s take: Patterson was streaky with his jump shot this weekend, but looked to make an impact in other ways. The 6-3 junior was very active on defense, defending the wing well and blocking shots when opportunities arose. Patterson also finished very well around the rim, throwing down dunks both in traffic and on the break. He was also the recipient of multiple Yogi Ferrell lob passes and turned a couple of those passes into finishes at the rim. When shots aren’t falling, Patterson could look to be more aggressive off the bounce with the ball in his hands.

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  • I know this is just me being anal, but Hannel Perea is from Colombia. Colombia is a country in South America. Columbia is a town in SC. Columbia is a part of the name District of Columbia.

  • N71

    I think Dan Dakich needs to see Jeremy Hollowell play a few more times. He has been selling him sort on his radio show saying he doesn’t go all the time which was the word on the street before the high school season started. I saw him play several times during the year and this most recent AAU event and I don’t think the old tag applies anymore. He’s become an excellent player.

  • Noted.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that I am itching with anticipation to get these guys on campus. All of them. I want harris. Call me selfish, but that team with Zeller, Oladipo and Sheehey! I feel like the championship will be coming to BTown! I really am impressed with Hollowell. And have always been impressed with Yogi! Hanner as noted, needs some improvement, however he should be sick once he gets it. And he still impresses me already. And I love patterson. Reminds me of Ronald Nored, but he can score.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that I am itching with anticipation to get these guys on campus. All of them. I want harris. Call me selfish, but that team with Zeller, Oladipo and Sheehey! I feel like the championship will be coming to BTown! I really am impressed with Hollowell. And have always been impressed with Yogi! Hanner as noted, needs some improvement, however he should be sick once he gets it. And he still impresses me already. And I love patterson. Reminds me of Ronald Nored, but he can score.

  • Anonymous

    What a great time to be a Hoosier fan! These kids coupled with our Seniors in 2012 make us prohibitive favorites in the Big 10, I think if we land Jaquan Lyle in 14′ along with Trey and James, that will make the #1 recruiting class that season as well…….3 and a quarter seasons of misery coming to a close folks…….

  • Kelin Blab

    I would like to know what any of you, including Alex and Joe think of this. But I think Hollowell right now is more polished offensively than Harris and is as good of an athlete. He may not show it, other than posterizing a kid this weekend but he showed me he can offer a ‘buffet of buckets’ with the best of them. It think Harris is a better defender but not a better shooter.

    Hanner has to develop offensively.

    Patterson worked too much on his jump to the point, he relies on it too much…but he hits em’

  • Diesel

    Yes on Hollowell. Wasn’t sure what to think, but after watching some video of this weekend I was very impressed. If you can call it a steal, might be the steal of the class. Has 5 star talent for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the above picture again. Focus on the length of Hanner’s arm.


    What is that dude’s wingspan?!? Can he dunk flatfooted?

  • MillaRed

    Not sure, but I saw a vid of him touching a ball hanging 12 feet 6 inches in the air. And the arm you speak of had a lot to do with it. By the way, he needed one step to reach it.

  • I know that talk is cheap, but this class seems to be the best one i can remember coming to Bloomington. I’ve never been so giddy for a group of kids coming in to play basketball at IU. The last three years have been so awful, and while i do see improvement each year, I’m still so sick of being an after thought in the Big Ten. I’m not a greedy man, but i really want another Big Ten championship, and i don’t wanna share one like we had to in 2002. These guys along with some of the guys currently on the team will be the ones to bring us back.

    I ‘m really very excited to see how it all plays out. Which kid turns out to be the best, which kid turns out to be better than expected, do we get Garry Harris, do we bring in an additional recruit this upcoming year, does anyone transfer? LOL, all of these questions go thru my mind on a daily basis. Anybody else like that.

  • Anonymous

    Kelin, i definitely think he’s more polished offensively, but I still think Harris is a little more athletic.

    I’ll admit though, that I was pleasantly surprised by how good Hollowell was this weekend. It would no longer kill me if we didn’t get Harris (though I would still love it) because I now have more respect for Hollowell’s game.

  • Dannon Brown

    I would agree on the fact that Hollowell is more polished on offense. I would disagree strongly on the athletecism part. I have been to many of Gary’s games but only seen Hollowell this once. Gary is physically sronger and at 6’4 i would bet my life savings Gary can get higher at his top point than Hollowell. I do think he is vary good athletically but i think you are cutting Gary short, he is EXPLOSIVE. The one other thing i give gary the edge on is his passing ability, Hollowell is nothing to complain about in this department, but harris is a pretty darn good distributor being he is the focus of most defensive stratagies.

  • JerryCT

    Alex : In the All Star game Perea got blown by on drives at least 2 times maybe more.

    + I am wondering if this showed up in these games or if the competition was good enough to attempt a drive on him ?

    + Did his desire to block shots make him chase shots or go for shot fakes ?

  • N71

    I don’t like going there as I see them as very complementary players versus one over the other. I think Harris is a perfect 2 and Hollowell a perfect 3. I tend to compare Harris and Buss instead. Harris initiates things with his athletism where Hollowell uses his to respond to a problem. Hollowell will score when the opportunity presents itself but suddenly explode off the floor for a put back rebound for example. Harris on the otherhand will jump into the lane and leap over someone for a layup or dunk. They’re different players, different styles, and play different positions. That’s why they would be very good together.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Yeah, sometimes he can look like he’s coasting because the game comes so easily to him, but it appears that he’s playing hard all the time, not loafing.

    I think Dakich is just trying to be “the voice” of Indiana when at this point people have really forgotten about him. I like the guy and I think he’s very pro-IU but he better realize that in a couple years when all these recruits have IU in the Final Four that people aren’t going to be putting much stock in his opinion.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ll give you one thing . . . that would be one freakishly athletic team if GH signed up.

    Creek (if healthy)

    That’s one ATHLETIC team . . . by far the most athletic IU has had in quite some time. BTW, I don’t include CWat and Jordy because I don’t think either one of them are athletic at all. They are talented but they aren’t athletes!

  • Anonymous

    Good questions. As highly ranked and athletic as Perea is, you still have to wonder if it will take him an extra year or two to put it all together in college.

  • Anonymous

    All the time. Ussually witha follow-up thought of whether or not its immature or wierd…and then I think hell no! I love Indiana Basketball and when we get back on top it will be soo, soo, soo, soo sweet.

  • CreamandCrimson

    You are absolutely right Ace. I like Dakich and he does a nice job on his show. However, I don’t put much stock into his opinion of these players. When would he have time to watch and evaluate them? Between the radio show, television broadcasting and coaching AAU, I don’t think he has the time to evaluate these recruits. Not a knock on him, it’s not his job. I think he is terrific breaking down what is happening on the court as it happens but you can’t evaluate a player based on bits and pieces of a couple of AAU games.

  • Anonymous

    I think Hollowell may well be the “sleeper” of this entire class. I love his smooth style (think Keith Wilkes)..he has a nice touch and is not afraid to play defense. He needs a harder edge and a little attitude..but this kid is going to score a lot of points off Yogi’s passing.

    Yogi far surpasses what I expected. I wish he were 6-2..but he can find people with the ball..hit the shot and is actually quick enuff with the ball to make Crean’s dribble/drive offense effective..especially with post players and 3 pt shooters to convert the kickouts. Perea is a 6-8 Oladipo. He’s an athelete..but not a player yet..nobody in today’s game can survive without an outside or pull up jumper. If he’s just a will make him more effective. Patterson looks like the kind of defender we won’t have next year (unless its VO)..the fact that he also has the potential to be a scorer will help. We still need that 6-8 250 pound enforcer…but this class is really something…Harris or not.

  • Pollwall

    Patterson is Roderick Wilmont similar size both athletic but tand to fall in love with the three ball despite the fact that theyre streaky shooters

    I loved Rod and am excited about Ron

  • MillaRed

    It’s an all-star game Jerry. Everyone gets beaten on a regular basis in these things. People aren’t paying to watch defense.

  • Well my girlfriend already thinks that I’m a weirdo, but oh well. My life is a lot better when IU is good at basketball.

  • Plane1972

    I didn’t know Dak was coaching AAU. Who is he coaching, what level?

  • IU_Fan_99

    hopefully it’s just his sore hamstring…

  • Plane1972

    Could they be the second coming of Cal Cheaney and Greg Graham? Yeah, I know, unfair expectations, but dreams can come true.

  • Anonymous

    I constantly dream about that mid-October 2012 night when these youngsters usher in a new, exciting brand of basketball and success at Hoosier Hysteria. Get in line now because AH is going to be standing room only with all this athleticism and talent on the floor.

    Oh, I just get giddy thinking about it…

  • JerryCT

    “Everyone gets beaten on a regular basis” . Sounds like IU doesn’t it. Aren’t you tired of that ?

    I am looking to find out if he can play defense with his FEETS and not with his hands after he or somebody else is beaten.

    Also at his position on the floor it may take longer as it will CZ to hold position against some grown men when he gets to college.

  • Joe B

    Yogi.. a little Kemba Walker-ish?? Small, but strong guard who can blow by defenders at will, take contact, and finish. However, I see Yogi being more of a balanced pass first kind of a guy. And Hollowell, man how easy does this game come to him?!? Only 19 months until November, 2012; only 19 months until Nov…..

  • I am a big fan of Patterson and Ferrell. They have the tough attitude to make others work on the defensive end….Yogi is the consumate leader and he’s not here yet! Quick, quick and smart with an attitude. Can’t wait till he comes. Surround him with talent and good things will follow….

  • Diesel

    Pretty sure he coaches Indiana Elite South, which is 16’s. Think they lost to Hartman and Davis in the finals by 6. His son is on the team.

  • Diesel

    I would guess he has seen most of them play either against Zionsville H.S. where his son plays or on the AAU circuit between games of his

  • Anonymous

    I think this website (and others) “deal with the here and now” plenty. In fact, during the season, that’s most of the coverage. Now it’s the offseason and we can talk about the future.

  • To add onto that, we spend the three weeks before AAU recapping the entire team player by player and breaking down the season. During the offseason, much of our focus is given to AAU and recruiting.

  • Anonymous

    The here and now is that we will be better this coming season than we were last season. We will add two Indiana players, one of which is one of the top bigs in the country. I’m excited to see them come and play.

    The thing is that in 2012, we have one of the greatest recruiting classes in IU history coming in to Bloomington. It would be hard NOT to be excited even if we were coming off of three straight 20 WIN seasons. The fact that we have had little to cheer about over the past three seasons makes this type of class even more exciting.

    I for one am happy to discuss “the here and now” as well as the future of this program. I don’t know how any Hoosier fan could grow tired of discussing the bright future of IU basketball. The fact that this is an article discussing future recruits makes this type of conversation very appropriate.

  • Dkcfitz3

    With all of the talent we have on the way we need to be running and pressing the entire game. Put any group of 5 out there for five minutes then replace them with the next 5. Not many teams will be able to run an entire 40 minutes. We should have the horses run them out of the gym.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Patterson – I’ve seen him play a little bit in person and had the same thought. He’s a good shooter that settles for 3’s at times. With his size and athletic ability I think he could attack the basket a bit more often and get to the free throw line.

  • stonaroni

    I like the 4 inch height advantage that Hollowell brings over Harris. I also think the lack of effort 24/7 by Hollowell is a thing of the past. He is a major prospect and has chosen a school in IU where there will be mass talent.

    Why are we so crazy about Harris? Is he crazy about IU? We have 5 players who will be on the 2012-13 team that are very good players who love IU basketball: Mo Creek, Sheehey, VO, AE, and Buss. All can play SG or a hybrid SF.

    We do not need Harris. We need more bulk.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Yeah, it might take a case of canned goods in 2012 to get in!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    In 2014 it’ll take a truckload!

  • Bucky

    I agree, BC.

    We once had 7’0 Richard Mandeville and 6′ 10″ Robbie Eggers – and we still didn’t have a center, even when they were on the floor at the same time.

  • MillaRed

    Yes let’s talk about the last three years! They were all great and I could talk about them all day long!

  • RobD

    you don’t think Watford is as athletic as Zeller?

  • RobD

    um, Cody Zeller? Tyler basically played center, all Cody needs is the bulk. What do you want, a slower, fatter guy as center?

  • Anonymous

    not at his position, Zeller is an athletic 6’11”, Watford is not an athletic 6’8″ wing

  • Guest

    In regard to the ‘here and now’. . . . On this and several other sites, I am hearing that Hanner needs to improve. Also, it’s obvious that adding Cody makes our frontcourt better, but we will still need to develop him and the others. Is anyone hearing about any possibility of CTC actually looking for someone to add to his staff that can develop our bigs, both now and in the future? I still see this as a major deficiency going forward, regardless of recruiting class quality/ranking. I’m really happy to see us getting quality guys (especially quality In-State guys!!), but it’s clear that we don’t currently possess the ability to improve/develop post players year-over-year.