That’s A Wrap: Team Offense

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our attempt to make some sense of the 2010-11 season. Sit back. Relax. Grab some popcorn. Get your read on. Today: Indiana’s Team Offense.

Final Stats: 69.9 ppg, 46.1 FG %, 34.6 3PT %, 72.6 FT %, 51.6 eFG %, 12.9 turnovers per game

For as much as Indiana’s offense was criticized for a lack of cohesion at times throughout this season, there was movement in a positive direction in three important categories year-over-year in Bloomington.

Consider these numbers:

– Effective field goal percentage – defined as (FG + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA): 51.6 percent overall in 2010-2011 (48.5 percent in Big Ten games) compared to 46.4 percent overall in 2009-2010 (43.9 percent in Big Ten games).

– Adjusted offensive efficiency rating – defined here: 109.0 overall in 2010-2011 (102.3 in Big Ten games) compared to 99.9 overall in 2009-2010 (92.9 in Big Ten games).

– Turnover percentage – defined as turnovers / possessions: 19.9 percent overall in 2010-2011 (18.3 percent in Big Ten games) compared to 23.0 percent overall in 2009-2010 (23.3 percent in Big Ten games).

But with any good news, there’s usually a bit of bad news as well.

While Indiana progressed in two of the four factors to winning (eFG% and turnover percentage), the Hoosiers regressed in both offensive rebounding percentage and free throw rate, which isn’t exactly encouraging for a program looking to remove itself from the conference cellar:

– Offensive rebounding percentage – defined as OR / (OR/DR): 32.1 percent overall in 2010-2011 (29.9 percent in Big Ten games) compared to 35.0 percent overall in 2009-2010 (34.2 percent in Big Ten games).

– Free throw rate – defined as free throws made / field goals attempted: 36.9 percent overall in 2010-2011 (31.0 percent in Big Ten games) compared to 41.8 percent overall in 2009-2010 (39.8 percent in Big Ten games).

The dive in offensive rebounding percentage is concerning when you consider Indiana was the second best team in this area during Big Ten play a year ago and ended up ninth this season. Tom Crean has stressed the importance of offensive rebounding in his coaching philosophy and this team didn’t perform at a high enough level.

The decrease in free throw rate (from 2nd to 6th in Big Ten play) seems like a result of being too perimeter oriented (IU shot 77 more 3-pointers this season) and failing to attack the basket with enough regularity.

Shining moment: 80 points (74.4 eFG %, 131.0 efficiency rating) in a win over Michigan at Assembly Hall on Jan. 15.

Bottom line: As the current roster continues to mature and the talent improves with the additions of Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller, Indiana’s offense should move into the top half of the Big Ten next season. But just how far the unit progresses could hinge on bounce back seasons on the offensive glass and getting to the foul line at a far higher rate.

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  • drewyo7

    make more free throws that the other team attempts, it’s really a huge stat. completely agree with the bottom line. well done alex, as always

  • Joberiffic

    I guess I missed that Jordan was averaging nearly 70 points per game… he should go pro.

  • Larryphelps20

    How about these 2 atrocious stats (conference games only):

    Assist %——326th
    Free Throw Rate—–327th

    Those numbers reflect horrid offense IMO because there’s no passing/movement/screening thus we fail to get consistently good looks at the basket. And we are so poor fundamentally on defense we foul the opposition at just an alarming rate.

    Your numbers are good too, but Pomeroy numbers don’t tell the whole story.

  • AH

    Let’s hope Sheehey and Vic’s physical development goes well in the off season because they have much more natural ability to attack the basket than the rest. Need to get to that foul line. Need to have legit threats to get to the basket so it opens up looks on the perimeter. Not sure how we fell so far back in offensive rebounding. Rebounding in general killed us thought this year. Play reasonable defense for 25 seconds, only to squander it by giving up a big offensive rebound to the other team. Maddening.

  • millzy32

    Sheehey and Oladipo are both very good at driving but in the Dribble Drive the key is to have guys that can drive and shoot. We really do have too many one trick pony’s on the team right now. Either a guy can drive or he can shoot and we actually have some that can do neither. When one penetrates and then kicks to another that person is supposed to drain the 3. Vic and Sheehey can both get to the h hole but neither of them is a thereat at the 3 point line if the kickout comes. That’s the thing with a team like Kentucky. Every guy can drive and every guy can hit the open shot when the kickout comes. Until we get there this offense is going to struggle. One exception is that you can have one guy that pretty much stays around the paint area ala Harrelson at KY. We don’t have that guy either right now. I expect another frustrating year next year with some signs of progress. Etherington should be able to hit shots on kickouts as well as Hulls but we still don’t have enough effective penetrators to get to the hoop.

    Watching the Dribble Drive being run effectively by KY this year has given me hope for our future. I’ll say it again though I don’t like this style of play but it can be very effective if you have the right pieces. The problem is that Crean only runs this type of offense and we are all waiting for the pieces to get to Bloomington and run it properly. Count on more frustration as I said next year but maybe a glimmer of hope going forward. 2013 is the real year that we shall see this thing take shape. I just hate the wait.

  • MillaRed

    All numbers aside, I was not impressed with our offense. I am hoping Coach can run something that looks more like D1 basketball next season.

  • eph521

    For the most part, I totally agree Milla. However, we had that 3 to 4 game stretch where we had an offense that worked, good enough to beat Illinois and Minnesota and almost upset MSU in Lansing. Of course, that’s when VJIII was injured and Jordy took over the team with Sheehey in the starting five. Our offense flowed, there was better passing, more cuts to the basket… Coincidence? I think not.

    The moral to the story for me is that Crean needs better players on the court and perhaps different types of players on the court (ones who pass and don’t dribble, dribble, dribble) and then we’ll actually see a real offense on the court. With the players we have coming in the next few years, it’s time to put up or shut up… and I remain optimistic about our future.

  • Thomasalee

    Do you even read the title before you post a comment. It was on TEAM OFFENCE, not Jordan Hulls.

  • millzy32

    Addition by subtraction. Unless a certain someone can find a new role then I wouldn’t be opposed to it next year. I will not mention names as I don’t feel that it is necessary.

  • eph521

    Jordy would average 70 a game, if they’d just throw him the damn ball.

  • eph521

    The irony of you misspelling “offense” is hilarious. Your spelling seems to fit how many fans felt after some of the games this year.

  • INUnivHoosier

    Off the subject, but I love reveling in PUke’s problems. Looks like the students aren’t really that interested in showing their support for Painter –

  • Anonymous

    Per Crean’s twitter: Will and Jordan really brought the best out in each other in the training. They set the tone for the workout. Tom and Victor had the same opportunity but did not set a tone. They worked but did not set the tone that you need. This is where they both have to take steps for us.

    None of these things surprise me cause Jordan just has that kind of gym rat work mentality and that is the kind of thing you could expect from Will after hearing that he was the only one that wanted to guard a guy on the other team that was lighting us up and saying that as a true freshman at that.

    Said Jordan was working hard on his step back shot after one or two dribbles and that it is coming around really well. Again, no surprise, I’m really hoping that this, along with getting stronger, will help him take the reins with this team next year and be the leader that we have so badly needed for the last three years. Sorry VJ3 but unless you make some major changes this off season this has got to happen if you want to have a large improvement from what you have experienced since you have been here. This is the last go around for you if you want to see post season play, help make it happen.

    Said that TP is a good player when they really stay on him and push him and that he has got to get to the point where he plays like that all of the time and without the coaches having to stay on him to get that out of him. Says that that was the challenge that was laid out to him when the two of them met last week. He was told no more having good games only when they are all over him and that he has to show something resembling some kind of dominance and that that is what they have to have from him to be able to help Cody and that will let Cody help him in return.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I guess it’s a positive thing that we averaged less turnovers during Big Ten games against better competition than we did early in the year. That at least shows one area where there was improvement from the beginning of the season through the end.

  • Anonymous

    List me under the ” I think not ” heading also.

  • MillaRed

    That 3-4 game stretch you think of is puzzling no doubt. Makes you wonder if we otherwise underachieved or if it was a fluke, personnel?

    I am looking forward to a full season when our guys are standing around looking at each other and going, ‘Whuuuuuuut?”

  • MillaRed

    Painter to Missouri? Ummmm, good riddance. He can coach.

  • marcusgresham

    True about stats not telling the whole story. I know it’s an offensive story, but you also have to factor in poor team defense/rebounding as a contributor. If you get more steals and defensive rebounds you get more long outlet passes and lay-ups.

  • marcusgresham

    I’d like to see Jordy rekindle the old Steve Alford trick that led to a million free throws. Alford, never the fastest guy in the world, would use that lack of speed to his advantage in the open court by periodically coming to an unexpected dead-stop right in the middle of floor just about the time the trailing defender caught up to him. That defender would run itnot him, foul him, and you knew that was an automatic two points.

  • Ha ha ha ha haaaaa! I should’ve gone just to laugh at them!

  • agree – no big presence inside. That is why Guy was missed so much. Hopefully Traylor comes to town. With CWat bulking up, CZ, and Pritch Traylor could be a difference maker to get easy transition baskets.

  • We had no bigs that performed well other than pritch – and he is an adequate rebounder. However, no one could really get a rebound in a crowd at crunch time.

  • Miila – I like your synopsis. I do think Sheehey could develop into both a driver and shooter, and VO and Creek could fill that role also. If we got Traylor and CZ is the distributor that I think he will be we could be in the middle of the big ten pack. We went from 183 to 83 in the pomeroy ratings (which I used to some success in the ncaa tournament) so I think there was improvement and we should move up in the ratings to the 40-60 range next yr. If not even with the great 2012 class coming in you can be sure the pressure will be on to get Stevens in.

  • My guess at their first target to replace Painter: Stallings at Vanderbilt. He’s a Purdue guy, and he’s decently at Vandy (the Northwestern of the SEC).

  • Anonymous

    Most of the year the offense was..well “offensive.” First half..way to much time dribbling..and team continued to bog down. U can’t underestimate the problems of no post threat..and always having two players in the lineup who were no threat to score. Gave the defense too many options. At least Zeller will provide a threat..and should open up some kick backs for 3 pointers. Still no genuine point guard. Work to do…

  • Joberiffic

    No, I don’t read titles, thank you for asking, but I think it should be pretty obvious that I did not, in fact, read the title. Duh. Jordan Hulls is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    What really concerns me is that the player that thinks he is a leader on this team is never mentioned as a person that works hard. Hope he finds his role.

  • eph521

    Nice call Marcus. Damon Bailey was a master of the dead-stop too.

  • millzy32

    I think we may have two of these so called guys on the team and again I don’t think I need to mention the names.

  • millzy32

    Nothing official as of yet that I can find. My guess is that he stays at PUke but maybe I’m wrong and he is a chaser of the CASH