That’s A Wrap: Bobby Capobianco

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our attempt to make some sense of the 2010-11 season. Sit back. Relax. Grab some popcorn. Get your read on. Today: Bobby Capobianco.

Final Stats (26 games): 1.0 ppg, 1.2 rpg, 47.4% FG, 50.0% FT in 6.3 minutes per game

On a team desperately seeking interior help, Bobby Capobianco’s 2010-2011 performance did little to inspire that he’ll ever become more than a depth player at the high-major level.

Tom Crean’s first recruit of the 2009 class saw his minutes drop from 11.9 per game as a freshman to just 6.3 during his sophomore campaign and he failed to get off the bench in six of IU’s contests.

And when he did enter the fray, it seemed a whistle followed almost immediately. Consider this statistic: Capobianco logged more fouls (44) than total points (26). Capobianco’s fouls adjusted for 40 minutes per game? 10.7, the worst average on an IU roster that fouled more than any BCS school.

The regression was disappointing because at times during his first season in Bloomington, Capobianco looked like a player that possessed the potential to develop into a solid backup. There was a sense that he’d made some strides from the beginning to the end of his first season and was perhaps ready to take that next step into a 15-to-20 minute player.

And when Guy-Marc Michel’s ruling from the NCAA came down, it was assumed that Capobianco would be one of the players who would stand to benefit on the depth chart.

But that opportunity never materialized for the 6-9, Loveland, Ohio native and his season ended at the Big Ten Tournament with reporters questioning him about his status for next season.

Shining moment: Three rebounds in 14 minutes in IU’s 60-57 win over Minnesota on Feb. 2.

Bottom Line: Capobiano’s battle for minutes will only get tougher with Tom Pritchard returning for his senior season and the arrival of Cody Zeller in Bloomington. Indiana also continues to evaluate and recruit additional frontcourt help for its 2011 recruiting class. If Capobianco is to reverse the course and get back into the discussion for playing time, he’ll need a brilliant offseason of conditioning improvement and significant strength gains. Otherwise, his minutes are likely to fall even further if he chooses to return for his junior season.

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  • ldiu

    Booby needs to do what is best for Bobby. Enough said.

  • Anonymous

    He said Booby. Ha ha. Seriously though, good point. If Bobby wants playing time, he needs to transfer to a mid-major. If he is happy with IU and is enjoying his time in Bloomington and he doesn’t care how much he plays, he should stay for the remainder of his career.

  • Anonymous

    Hutch is reporting that IU and Butler are going to play in an exempt tournament event in November in Assembly Hall. Both teams will host three games and then play each other in the final at IU. Games against the Dawgs and the Irish, wow. Should be a good opportunity to knock off NCAA tournament teams and good programs.

  • Anonymous

    Stay as a walk on hopefully…probably wouldn’t happen but hey

  • Anonymous

    My wife played roulette with Bobby’s mom in Vegas before that debacle. She didn’t understand why her son wasn’t playing more and was certain that he is better than what he had shown to that point in the season. I’m not sure why he and Elston both took steps backwards from last year, but they both have alot to make up for in the off-season if they hope for any playing time next year.

  • N71

    I don’t see much development going on with BC based purely on watching games. Therefore a transfer would seem logical. Invest the few minutes BC gets into DE and bring in a new team member that fills a particular need.

  • Jon

    If Bobby is 6’9″ then i’m a Chinaman. He’s a hair taller than 6’6″. He was a major disappointment this year, and along with Elston crappy performance all year, it’s abundantly clear that IU needs a major talent overhaul in the Frontcourt. Bobby Capobianco reminds me of a worse version of Sean Kline.

  • Anonymous

    Does Crean get any blame here for not getting more out of these guys?

  • Anonymous

    Great now the “Tom Crean can’t coach” stuff is making it’s way onto this site more and more. It has completely ruined the Hoosier Scoop and Crimson Quarry sites, that it’s ridiculous. You can go find a rock and coach it up all you want and at the end of the day it’s still a talentless rock, the bottom line is This is Indiana, and we should have talent from our first scholarship to our last and this team doesn’t and the help is on the way, it just takes time, this team was completely RAPED by Sampson Gate and even though the ’09 class was a top class, their games don’t really suit together as a team and all the recruits on the way have played with each other in AAU and know how to play together as a team and communicate on defense. I’m completely backing CTC 99% for whats gone on right now, the thing I wish he would have done so far is play a shorter bench, there is no reason for D,Moore or BobbyC to even be on the court, if we played with our best 7-8 players only every game and it would have forced them to play better as a group. I think we could have done better.

    Can’t wait til next year, as there is no point talking about last year because it done with. Alex and Co. keep up the great stuff and thanks for this site it’s the best, Go Hoosiers!!!

  • NormanHoosier

    We have been to one regional final since the day Calbert Cheaney last played in March of 1993. That is not the mark of an elite college basketball team. There are current IU grads that were NOT ALIVE the last time we won a national championship. I am personally very thankful to have Coach Crean. We can talk about Bigs till we are blue in the face but the truth is that Crean’s offense has always been point guard driven. I like Hulls. Nice player. Lacks the size and athleticism to play at the next level. Until; we get a legit point guard who can penetrate and set up shooters (Crean’s system) then we will continue to struggle. Hurry up Yogi. We need you badly…

  • Anonymous

    Yes, while obviously the coach can’t force a player to work hard & get better, ultimately it’s all on CTC. He is responsible for bringing in the players, developing them and the final product, ie wins.

    I think most everyone is disappointed in the front-court players production, but if by ‘blame’ you mean Crean is a failure and calling for his job, then I disagree. The next 2 yrs are important, though. If there isn’t DRAMATIC improvement in all facets of the program I think the seat gets pretty warm. For now it is still a work in progress.

  • MillaRed

    He just doesn’t fit in at this juncture from any angle. With the high level recruits joining “The Movement” this scholarship’s value is at an all time high. It’s best for both parties and is part of the process.

  • walt

    Have been torturing myself watching the NCAA men’s tournament. When there were 68 teams, I was amazed at the talent of the bigs, and just dismayed at our team, although prior to the big ten season I was very jubilant and hopeful, as were a lot of the posters here. I thought the strength conditioning had improved one and all, yet to see even CW get all tangled up everytime he was underneath the basket. My point being, I was a bit intimidated by Purdue and Michigan State, but the bigs on their opponents seemed so much better too. Want to say we’re Indiana, but just seems, well,it was a year that was. Had a lot of hope for BC too. VJ111, must not be allowed to drive and stumble, he has that great mid-range jumper and must be allowed to capitalize on that. Very pleased with future with Cody and Austin, and am excited about that great 2012 class. Coach, please help these guys improve and do not give us more of the same in 2011.

  • MillaRed

    When you look at our juniors to be, the one thing we are looking for that must help is increased strength (and a healthy Mo of course).

    They now have Big Ten experience and are upperclassmen. I am no longer buying the “they are not good enough players” philosophy when it comes to Jordy, CWat and Elston. These guys could contribute to any team and would be gobbled up by any D1 program in a heartbeat.

    So as you suggest, it’s time to “coach em up.” 2011 will be the year this either does or does not happen.

  • I think it’s on the players, don’t you. Crean is coaching his tail off. You can’t polish a turd, Bro.

  • Anonymous

    The correct answer would be… both.

    I have no doubt Crean is trying his hardest. But damn… Bobby got worse.

    You CAN polish a turd, its just still a P.O.S.. I just wish Bobby/Elston were more polished this year, thats all.

    I am not calling for Crean’s ouster. Maybe the dudes just aren’t good enough.

  • Anonymous

    We need to get Booby to “perk” up. No more “sagging” off defenders. I thought he was brought in to be a “knocker” under the basket. Looks like CTC “nipped” his playing time. 🙂

  • walt

    Completely buy in with your belief that “they are good enough”, I think they are excellent players. Some have said they are playing out of position, or not buying in with Coach’s system. My question to you is do you really think that the coach(s) can “coach em up”? There can be no more excuses about their youth and immaturity. Everyone of our players played like they would bleed crimson if coach and IU nation would ask, yeah, must be some “coaching up”, strength building for it to happen

  • stonaroni

    Maybe because he fouls 10.7/game???? Maybe because he fouls guys after they dunk and land on the court?

  • Anonymous

    “The Human Fowl”=The San Diego Chicken

    “The Human Foul”=Bobby Capobianco

  • stonaroni

    Sorry, but when DE and Bobby get worse over a season where there was a JUCO ruled ineligible, Cwat missed some games, and a extremely underachieving team, CTC has to get a look. No more free passes.

    DE and Capo practice daily with IU coaches, they are sophomores and getting worse. THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN IN HIGH SCHOOL, LET ALONE IU!!!

    The players may not be that good, but they will at least improve to be serviceable. When will this happen?

    CTC also coached the team that lead all major conferences in fouls and showed little ability to change. THAT IS A PROBLEM!!!!

  • No reason for all of the caps and exclamation points. You can make your point without them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not easy replacing Tijan.

  • I just don’t know how Crean can go into next year with the frontcourt the way it looks now. I’m not saying i want Bobby to transfer, but to me he’s the weakest link and if we could use his scholly to bring in a better player, then i’m sorry Bobby, but i’d do it in a heartbeat. I’m sick of coddling these guys and being all nice and cuddly, and saying well at least the play hard. I wanna win, baby.

  • Anonymous

    Scholarships are limited to one year, though renewable each year. And if Crean can’t see Capobianco playing I have little doubt that he’ll tell him.

  • stonaroni

    Sorry, the third season under CTC being more disappointing than the first two has me worried and fired up, especially when I see less talented teams play efficient basketball.

  • MillaRed

    The bajillion dollar question walt. We will have to wait and see.

  • MillaRed

    Ahhh Stonaroni, we’re getting Hollowell on Thursday man! Enjoy the news brother.

  • Hoosier Watcher

    Bobby has not been given the coaching by CTC or his staff. He fouls too much and needs to work on his offensive skills, but he is a great kid who loves IU. CTC offense is one of the worst I have ever seen. Bobby looked pretty good as a Freshman and he was one hell of a high school player. He played with alongside a ton of Div I major conference players in AAU and did just fine. CTC would be a weasle if he forced Bobby to leave!