Indy HS Hoops Q & A: Jeremy Hollowell

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One of the state’s top uncommitted prospects could be off the board very soon. 2012 Lawrence Central guard/forward Jeremy Hollowell is closing in on a decision.

On Tuesday night, The 6-7 Hollowell announced via twitter that he would be making a college decision soon. Hollowell, who plays AAU basketball with the Eric Gordon All-Stars, has been a hot name for midwest schools since the end of his freshman season, drawing interest from literally dozens of schools.

On Wednesday evening I caught up with Jeremy to talk about his looming decision and more. A question and answer with Hollowell follows:

What schools are in play for your decision?

“Cincinnati, Indiana, Purdue, and Ohio State.”

Would it be fair to call those 4 schools your final four?

“Yeah, those are the four that I’ll decide between.”

How soon could your decision come?

“I wouldn’t say within the next day or two, but maybe by the time I’m on spring break. We are on spring break towards the end of March, so I could see myself deciding then. I definitely want to make my decision before the start of AAU. Our first tournament is Indy Ball. That tournament starts on April 8th.”

Why did you choose to make a decision now?

“I feel good with the decision I am going to make. It got to the point where I started to feel more and more comfortable with the schools and was ready to make my decision. I’m just ready to prepare for AAU season and try to have a big summer with my team. From there I want to come back strong for my senior year of high school, and then eventually go off to college. It will be nice to get the decision and distractions out of the way before AAU and the high school season.”

Do you know your decision now or are you still thinking it over?

“I think I have a pretty good idea of the school I want to choose. I’m still thinking about it a little bit, but pretty sure which school I am going to pick. Right now I’m just still talking it over with my family and keeping it quiet.”

What will factor into your college decision?

“Basically just what place feels best for me. I’ll look at the coach, the school, the program, and the players. I’ll look at everything and pick whatever school is best for me and my family.”

Will you take any more college visits prior to your decision?

“I think I have been on enough visits to know the schools well. I’ve seen enough of the schools to know what I need to know about all of them.”

How will Indiana’s current 2012 recruiting class impact your decision?

“It helps them having those four guys (Yogi Ferrell, Ron Patterson, Peter Jurkin, and Hanner Perea) headed to IU. I’m friends with those guys and I’ve played against all of them. It’s nice to know that if I go there I’ll know all the guys coming in with me.”

Did you enjoy the recruiting process?

“I enjoyed it but I’m ready for it to be over. There are some good and bad things about the recruiting process. Some people who don’t understand the process look at it and think it’s all glamorous, but they don’t understand some of the negatives about it. It can be stressful and I’m just ready to get it over with and focus on the AAU season.”

What are your goals, both for yourself and your team during AAU season?

“I just want to give it everything I’ve got and go hard every game. I want to try to win every game and every tournament we play in. It’s my last time playing AAU so I just want to enjoy it and try to win as much as possible. I also want to try to not miss any games during AAU season.”

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