Decision on the horizon for Jeremy Hollowell

  • 03/16/2011 9:14 am in

Update: According to Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star, Hollowell will choose between Cincinnati, Indiana, Ohio State and Purdue.

One of the recruits that could push Indiana’s class into the top spot nationally for 2012 is Lawrence Central forward Jeremy Hollowell.

And it appears, via his Twitter, that the 6-7, top 40 junior is closing in on a decision:



The AAU season begins with the Shootout in Indianapolis on April 8, although it’s unclear if Hollowell’s 17-and-under Eric Gordon All-Stars team will participate in that event, which college coaches cannot attend.

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  • Dannon Brown

    Having seen Harris play in 4 games this year i would say the minutes dont have a whole lot to do with his decision. The kid is a flat out team player, you dont see gaudy numbers from him often because he isnt going to go in to a triple team and shoot anyway. He is the perfect example of what a team player is in my mind, and if playing 18 minutes vs 28 meant the chance to be a winner he wouldnt have a problem with that. (strictly opinion)

  • Rgold

    I don’t think we have to trade off….I believe both Harris and Hollowell will be wearing the candy stripes in 2012. This has been a work in progress for a long, long time….

  • Rgold

    If Hollowell goes to IU, it increases, not decreases, the chance Harris ends up in Bloomington. These kids are looking to something very, very special….

  • Anonymous

    I was reading a Cincinnati recruiting site today (nowhere near as good as ITH, btw), and they think there is no chance Hollowell is coming to Cincy. Not that their opinions matter more than any of ours, but the bulk of info on that site pointed to him going to IU also. Let’s hope they are right!!

  • Anonymous

    I read so often about why a recruit would even consider anyplace other than IU. Ohio State is ranked #1 and may win a national championship. We finished last in conference for the third straight year. At Purdue Hollowell would start from day 1 more than likely. IU has advantages and positives. But so do the others and at this point probably more. Try to be objective. I would not be at all surprised if he chose another program. Many fans talk about how great IU will soon be like it is a foregone conclusion. I hope so. But until we prove something on the court that talk is rather childish.

  • My prediction is that we get both Harris and Hollowell and Jurkin goes to prep school after being sidelined for most of the year this year. That may be wishful thinking on my behalf, but hey..I’ll be happy to get either of them.

  • I’m not sure where the “Harris is no longer listing IU” comments are coming from, but they are inaccurate.

  • Anonymous

    He very well could go to Purdue, but according to Rivals, it is between OSU and IU. I would say that of the four schools left, I’d give IU a 50/50 shot. Also, Harris has about 20 schools listed, and every one of them has the same interest level listed. Based on what I have read about him, I’d say it is between IU, Purdue, UL and MSU with each having about the same chance of landing him.

    I guess it depends on what each guy wants. IU is definitely on the upswing with some great recruits coming in. It could be a special few years in Bloomington with either of those guys committing. Purdue will be on the downswing after losing Johnson, Moore, Jackson this year and Hummel next. I don’t think they have the horses coming in to make up the difference. Remember, Purdue was awful before that class got to campus.