Tom Crean to work as a studio analyst for NCAA Tournament

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Via Hutch and also, Indiana coach Tom Crean will serve as a studio analyst for the opening two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. A few details, via MediaBistro:

Indiana University head coach Tom Crean will join CBS Sports’ and Turner Sports’ coverage of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship as a guest analyst.

Crean will work in the Atlanta studio alongside host Matt Winer and analysts Seth Davis and Steve Smith during the First and Second Round games on Wednesday-Friday, which will air across TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV.

One would assume Crean will be back to Indiana in time for Saturday’s semi-state games at Seymour that will feature Park Tudor’s Yogi Ferrell and Washington’s Cody Zeller.

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  • RobD

    This is some pretty good news. High schoolers who watch the tournament will get a look at Crean. It’s free advertising, and about time IU got to do some of it.

  • Ssonner

    Would someone please get me times and ticket information for Saturdays games at Seymour? Thanks

  • IUeconAlum

    Go gettem’ Tom

  • Games start at 4PM ET.

    Tickets are available at the participating schools and then at the door on the day of the game as far as I know.

  • InTheMtns

    Wow, you wouldn’t think the network would chose a guy to be a studio analyst who the fraternity of college coaches notoriously think is a very poor coach and kind of a joke, would you? Oh wait . . . we decided that the Ballcoach poster was full of beans, didn’t we?

  • JerryCT

    CTC is a good at analyzing games and should do well. I like the exposure

  • Bryan

    If only Knight worked for CBS. It would have been interesting to see him in the same room with Crean, just to see if the elephant in the room would be brought up.

  • Scott W.

    They can both interview Mike Davis at the UAB game.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, I would like for him to take the three days to figure out:

    1. A defensive regiment that will get these players actually playing defense

    2. How he can best utilize the talent that he has on this team for next season

    3. Who can be the on-the-floor leader next season

    Or would be happy with anything IU basketball related. Who do we need to bring in that he needs to do this? Until we have a formidable team again I don’t think he has any place breaking down others’ games or critiquing anybody.

  • Glawton12

    Pro football is an entirely different beast when it comes to broadcasting. It would appear, on the surface anyway, that more of an effort is made to hire knowledgeable analysts for college basketball. Doug Gottlieb withstanding.

  • Casey B.


    It’s a few days. It’s national exposure. It’s an opportunity and excuse to study good teams from across the country (which could actually help with points 1 and 2 you listed). It’s an opportunity to keep IU and its coach on the national radar.

    Crean spends what seems like every hour of every day either recruiting, coaching, studying or appearing at IU-related events. I’m OK if he wants to take a couple days to have some fun, while continuing to learn and advance our program.

  • stonaroni

    I hope he does well, but I might be highly pissed off he suggests another team run a motion offense or a full court press. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander

  • Andrew

    Yeah, I’m sure he’s gonna be suggesting on live TV that a team that has run sets all season long should switch to a motion offense mid-March. He’s gonna say things like other analysts: Team X needs to attack the basket more, Team Y lost the game b/c they rebounded so poorly. Etc, etc, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Traylor and BJ Young —- long shots? Yes. But I’d be ready for the season to start immediately if we landed recruits like this at this point in the process. My excitement level would be renewed and high!

  • InTheMtns

    BHF, it appears that you are assuming that because CTC is going to be on TV several hours a day over a three-day period that he won’t be doing any of the things you mentioned. You know, some of us can chew gum and walk at the same time and I’m pretty sure CTC is among that group. Have you watched or listened to this man? You can bet your very bottom dollar that during the three days he is on TV, he ALSO will be working on everything that you mentioned, plus recruiting. He never stops recruiting. Relax, BHF, this TV gig isn’t going to hurt next year’s team. I’m thinking it will probably help.

  • IU_Alum96

    I hope this is Crean’s last stint as a TV analyst for the NCAA Tournament. My expectation is he will be coaching our Hoosiers in the tournament next year and beyond.

  • millzy32

    I hope you’re right but I think you’ll be seeing him again next year as our coach or as a temporary fill in until he finds work elsewhere. Sorry I am bitter after this season. As I said I hope I’m wrong I really do.