That’s A Wrap: Jordan Hulls

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our attempt to make some sense of the 2010-11 season. Sit back. Relax. Grab some popcorn. Get your read on. Today: Jordan Hulls.

Final Stats (32 games): 11.0 ppg, 2.3 rpg, 2.9 apg, 48.2% FG, 91.2% FT in 31.2 minutes per game.

Improvement. The one word that best describes the sophomore season of Jordan Hulls.

His numbers were up across the board and for a while, Hulls was leading the country in effective field goal percentage, which speaks to how well the Bloomington native was shooting for a good majority of the season. It got to the point where if Hulls was open and got his feet set, the shot was going in.

Hulls also showed a better knack for creating his own shot off the dribble. Injuries to Maurice Creek and Verdell Jones, coupled with a torrid shooting pace, forced him to become more assertive offensively. It was a role that Hulls admitted was tough to embrace initially due to his unselfishness, but ultimately, he became a more well-rounded offensive player for it. By season’s end, he’d developed the ability to knock down some crafty shots in the lane, something he rarely exhibited during his freshman season.

But the decision to move Hulls off the ball was not met without consequences. While it did give Hulls a chance to score more, the move put Jones at the point guard and the junior guard coughed up the ball close to three times per contest. It certainly seemed like the offense was more efficient with Hulls directing the plays. And it will be a storyline heading into next season if Indiana doesn’t add point guard help this spring.

The sophomore guard also set a school record for consecutive free throws made, finishing the season with 41 straight from the charity stripe. (Pat Graham, who made 38 straight in the 1990-1991 season, previously held the record.)

Shining moment: Eighteen points, including four of five from behind the 3-point line, in Indiana’s 52-49 upset over Illinois on Jan. 27 at Assembly Hall.

Bottom line: Hulls’ improvement from his freshman season and work ethic offer encouragement that he might be in line for a leap into the upper echelon of Big Ten guards next season. Defensively, he is still overmatched by stronger and quicker guards and needs to improve in that area. But perhaps the most important storyline heading into the summer for Hulls is this: Will he emerge as the leader of this team and program? Reading between the lines, it’s clear that Tom Crean is looking for a leader to stand above the rest, but will his teammates respond to Hulls in that role?

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  • Simply put. Jordan Hulls just keeps proving everyone wrong.

  • Jordan Hulls will no doubt be the leader next year. He seems to care the most, he has the ball in his hands the most, he’s an Indiana kid so he gets it, and so on and so on. I love Jordan’s game and think that next year he will be one of the best P.G.’s in the league.

    While i think that getting a point guard would help him out next year, i would much rather IU get frontcourt help. I think that adding size, rebounding, and toughness specifically in the frontcourt will improve our Defense and in turn give IU more possessions to showcase Hulls abilities. A lot of people mention we need more point guard help, but if you think about it we need help everywhere; and the fact that our defense has been the worst in the Big Ten for 3 years now, I would say power forward and Center help with help much more than another guard.

  • Anonymous

    More than probably anyone on the team, Hulls “gets it”. He knows his strengths; he knows his weaknesses. He addressed more weaknesses from last season to this season than anyone on the team (with the possible exception of Tom Pritchard.) With that precedent set, I’d expect that next year Jordan is, at the least, a serviceable defender.

  • Anonymous

    Hulls needs to be the leader of this team. He may not be. That is what scares me about this team next year.

  • MillaRed

    Jordy is my favorite player and he is a very good one. Put this kid on a good, balanced team and he will kill you. He’s the kid that hits the wide open three at the end of the game that buries you. He has been held back by this team that will not fast break or finish at the rim.

    He is a point guard and that is where he should play.

    Tom Coverdale as a soph, 10ppg, 4, assists and 3 rbs.

  • Anonymous

    If you look at this team, Hulls really is the only one from Indiana that actually gets minutes. He is the epitome of Indiana basketball. In athletic ability I think Hulls might just nudge out Roth and Capo to take 3rd from last on the team. I say that not as a knock on him but as a testament to how much he works and his basketball IQ, he always lays it on the line. You can see how hard he is on himself whenever he turns the ball over. CTC talks about toughness and he gets that from Hulls game in and game out. Honestly if you watch the level of passion between Hulls and anyone on this team out of state there isn’t any comparison. Moore has that same drive and so does Elston. (Minus the head to go with it) Zeller and AE will both have it also and so will the 2012 class. Its time for CTC to stop trying to push Jones into the leadership role because it’s not working and for Jones to stop thinking he’s the leader and hand it over to Hulls.

  • stonaroni

    By far, Hulls was the player on the team that brought max effort every night. I was glad to see him improve this season, especially when I feel he was misused almost all season. How can we have a shooter this talented and not run plays to get him open looks?

    Hull showed more ability to get seperation from his defender to get open shots as the Big 10 season evolved, however, I feel he was running out of gas by the end of the season. Not because he is weak, but because as the team continued to fail, he desperately tried to lead by example and effort.

    Kudos to Hulls on his work ethic and improvement. i think deep down, this kid gets what it means to play for Indiana. I think WS gets it, he came here for IU basketball. CZ and AE already get it. Howvever, I am not convinced by anyone else on the team that they see this priviledge of being in a Hoosier uniform.

    If Hulls had another in his class that worked as hard as he does, i would say there are your team leaders. but, since I feel it is obvious, that VJ III has beeen pressed into the team leader position by CTC, I think he will have to wait one more year. But, VJIII is not a great leader. Hulls plays with passion, disgust, joy, disappointmement and excitement, and it is all over his face and body. A fan knows where Hulls HEART is!!!!

  • MillaRed

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  • Anonymous

    +1 on the Coverdale. And although I’m no expert on TC’s career, Hulls feels like a better shooter to me.

  • MillaRed

    From a set shot I would agree. But the dagger Coverdale had is rarely seen in basketball today. That kid would go full speed on the break, stop on a dime and nail a three from the top of the key. It was, well, unstoppable. And it killed many, many runs. A true dagger.

    If we could get Tom in Cook Hall this off-season Jordy would benefit the most.

  • JerryCT

    No question Hulls greatly improved on both ends of the floor. Unfortunately the B10 teams learned to focus pressure on him mercilessly when he had the ball toward season end. Can he develop to overcome this ? It probably depends on who is exactly applying the pressure.

    I still feel he needs to be more of an assist man than he is at the moment in order to be among the leagues best. He has the skills . I wonder if we have the schemes.

  • MillaRed



    Zeller is an inside presence and hits the 12 foot pick and pop jumpers


    Mo is back to himself and is a major scoring threat


    Cwat gets stronger and more consistent

    Then……Jordy will be all of the things we think he can be. He will do what is necessary to get better. The others we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    Do we have any idea how Zeller is at the first part of the pick and pop? Obviously he can hit those jumpers with regularity, but I do wonder with his frame how effective he will be at setting the initial pick. It’s not all about girth/size and he certainly can be effective, but I doubt he had to do it much in high school. Hopefully he is more Pritchard than Elston in this regard (and hopefully he is an improvement in any other regard).

  • InTheMtns

    Hear, hear!

  • Anonymous

    Not holding my breath with Creek. It will be a very very nice surprise if he is healthy and playing like his old self, but I’m not going to put him in too many scenarios like this looking forward.

  • JerryCT

    Good “ifs” Millared, but why did you stop .

    I think HULLS could get tons of assists IF

    ………. VO and WS both develop improved floor games

    ………..our defense actually turns somebody over for a change .

  • Anonymous

    Hulls has improved greatly from his freshman to sophomore season, but he still has a ways to go.

    The only way to be a great shooter is to work really hard at it. Hulls’ ability to shoot the ball is based on talent to some extent, but he is no doubt a very hard worker.

    The injuries accrued this season forced Hulls out of his comfort zone and into more of a scoring role. He struggled with this at times. Though he has found a number of crafty pull-up shots off the drive, one of which is a short jumper in the lane that has a lot of potential to be a strong outlet for Hulls, he has also vanished offensively at times. If Hulls is going to be one of the leaders of this team he has to be a guy that breaks us out of scoring droughts and is part of getting key stops. Leaders aren’t always the best players on the floor, but they almost always find ways to contribute on both ends. He has improved a lot and learned a lot but must continue to become a more aggressive player offensively and a better leader on the floor. Part of leadership is developing the desire to take the shot in crunch time or being capable of finding a good look when the offense bogs down. Jordan’s biggest flaw as an offensive player is his inconsistent aggressiveness and if he improves in this area his skill as a shooter should allow him to really distinguish himself.

    Hulls will have much better support around him next year, as he and the members of his class get stronger, VO/Sheehey develop, Creek returns in some capacity, and we add at least two freshman to push our walkons down the bench. Losing a non-threatening offensive player like Rivers should help the offense flow a lot more smoothly in general. I think Hulls should be a top 10 guy in efg% in conference at least.

    On another note… this team needs more than one leader. Look at the four top seeds in the NCAA tournament. Is it ever one guy? These are TEAMS, after all. Creek can be one of those guys for us, even if he’s coming off the bench early. Watford has so much ability that he needs to develop into one of our leaders, even if he doesn’t seem to have the personality to be THE guy in that respect. VJIII, for all his faults, really does make an effort in this area but has to continue to improve as a player on both ends. I think VJIII is likely either a bench player or a starter in name only(starter who is 6th or less in minutes) next year so his willingness to come in and take shots could be more beneficial as a change of pace sort of thing. The minutes Hulls plays and the time he spends with the ball in his hand point to him as a natural for a top dog kind of position, but he has to seize it.

  • Diesel

    I met Jordan and his dad this weekend. They were at a high school girls event to watch his sister play and I was working. I introduced myself and just shared how much we love and support the Hoosiers. There were several things about our conversation I felt interesting and appropriate to share:

    1) The Hulls are fantastic people and were more than welcoming
    2) Jordy was sporting the IU gear proudly
    3) Mr Hulls said that Jordan brought a ball just in case he could get a few shots up. He might have taken 10-15 (yeah, I interrupted them), but it just speaks volumes to me about why this kid continues to improve so much
    4) They both shared how much they felt Austin and Cody would help our team next year
    5) Jordan said we need more Indiana kids who will work hard all the time

  • Diesel

    Great post. Fits to a “T” what I just posted to MillaRed about my encounter with Jordy this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Hulls did show a lot of improvement this past season but if you want IU to be a contender for a B10 title in the next two years then he needs to be your 4th, 5th or 6th option.

    I’d prefer to see Crean let him handle the ball and make the decisions on the court if he has to play major minutes instead of playing off the ball. This would, hopefully, make his assists go up and the team turnovers to drop. He’s proven that he can shoot but as we saw this year, there is a point of diminishing returns with him in terms of scoring. He’s always going to struggle defensively because of his size but we already knew that.

    I like the kid and I appreciate his effort but on a good team he’s probably the point guard for the second unit.

  • cooper

    He is a nice complimentary piece. He still is not a very good defender and struggles getting his own shot. The hope is Zeller draws doubles and can kick to Hulls for open shots

  • cooper

    Coverdale was 100x tougher than Hulls was. He didn’t take crap from anyone and made up for being slow not very talented and over matched with toughness. No one intimidated him and he played good defense

    Maybe he will be but Hulls isn’t close to what Coverdale was

  • MillaRed

    I like your answer better than Coopers!

  • Casey B.

    Wow. That last point is extremely interesting. Really hits home.

  • Diesel

    Yeah, I felt so too. I didn’t bring up anything about recruits or other players, so it wasn’t baited. Made me feel like maybe we don’t need better leaders, maybe we just need better followers. This kid gets it.

  • Anonymous

    Jordan had a great year. His improvement from the Ole Miss game as a freshman was nothing short of incredible. Watford was better this year, so was Rivers and Moore. Will and Victor showed real potential to be serious Big 10 players. But that was it folks.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone fix Disqus? I have tried for two weeks to sign in, log in, etc. My pop-up blocker is off. It used to work, but no longer. Is it only me?

  • I’m not aware of any problems. Try going to and logging in and then come back to the site.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious about the last part as well, Alex. Leadership can’t be forced or appointed, and depends as much on the followers as the leader/s.